Best Survival Watches 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Suunto 2. Casio 3. Timex
Suunto Best Survival Watch Casio Men's Imported Watch Timex Acadia Expedition

Whether you are an adventure lover who loves to go on hiking, biking, mountaineering and forest expeditions from time to time, or you just find yourself stuck in a survival situation, you can keep yourself prepared with some special tools, gears and equipment.

One of such tools would be a best survival watch. This is not an ordinary watch, but it has way more features than a normal watch to give you detailed information about your surroundings.


Here, we will give you complete information about the features of the best survival watch, what are the top picks to buy in 2020, and what factors you must consider while buying one.

The useful information given in this guide will definitely help you in making an informed choice that you can be proud of later.

Top 15 Best Survival Watches 2021

1. Suunto Military Watch

Suunto Best Survival WatchOne of the smartest picks from the Military watches’ collection from Suunto, this Core All Black Military Watch comes with a line of features, making it a perfect outdoor survival accessory. The watch has been crafted with a simplified and user-friendly interface distinguished in three distinct modes: Time, Compass and Altimeter and Barometer.

Apart from accessing features like the alarm, stopwatch, and countdown timer, your time mode display gives you accurate time of your current time zone, as well as you can view times of other zones as well. Suunto Core Black is not only integrated with Altimeter and Barometer, offering altitude and atmospheric pressure readings, but also show sunset and sunrise timings.

The watch has an operating temperature range from 5° F to 140° F. You can also receive weather forecasts and storm alarms with this watch.


  • The watch features intelligent storm alarm, which can sense sudden drop in air pressure and therefore alerts for an approaching storm
  • Smart ABC technology integrated
  • Great functionality
  • 100 feet water resistance
  • 2 years warranty


  • Buttons may stick in due to overuse

2. Casio Men’s Imported Watch

Casio Men's Imported WatchGuarded with stunning rugged looks, Casio’s Imported Men’s Watch from the Forester collection comes with a round dial. Arabic hour markers enhance the appeal, with date display unit improving utility. The watch has been designed with water resistance up to 330 ft.

The specialized EL Backlight helps to read the watch display in low light conditions, and afterglow also helps in darkness. The analog display withstands to accuracy to 20 seconds/month. White dial contrasted with tan leather belt, with Velcro fastening feature, this watch is designed to complement casual looks while you are on an outdoor venture.


  • The watch is designed with nylon fast-wrap band with added fittings option of hook-and-loop closure
  • Analog watch display with date display as well
  • 330ft water resistance enabled design
  • Highly adjustable strap


  • Not suitable for snowboarding

3. Timex Acadia Expedition

Timex Acadia ExpeditionTimex has designed this 165 ft water resistant Acadia Expedition Men’s Watch that comes with a casual look and appeal. Designed after Arabic analog time reading model, there is the date display window at 3’ O clock. It offers 24 hour military time, and is extremely easy to read and understand.

The dial is black and comes with a 40 millimeter resin case with decorative acrylic crystals. Integrated with Indiglo smart light up watch dial mechanism, even in the darkest places your hand will be luminous.

What makes the entire design more appealing and stylish is the 20 millimeter adjustable genuine leather and fabric combined strap, adjustable for wrist circumferences up to 8 inches.


  • Indiglo smart light up watch dial mechanism makes reading time in darkness easier
  • Arabic analog watch design offers military timing with accuracy
  • Available in a multitude of colors
  • 10 years battery life
  • Scratch resistant mineral glass


  • Water resistant design is suitable for short time like rain, recreational swimming, but not for long hours

4. Casio Twin Sensor Digital Watch

Casio Twin Sensor Digital WatchThe Twin Sensor Digital Watch from Casio is a uniquely designed, highly durable sturdy companion for all your outdoor adventurous ventures. Crafted with a display range of 14 to 140 F and a display unit of 0.2 F, it also has a stopwatch. This 1/100 second stopwatch is also easy to use, start and stop.

As a survival watch, this a great pick owing to its distinctive range of features, which include thermometer, graphic direction pointer, magnetic declination correction, bearing sensor correction, auto calendar pre-installed with data up to 2099.

Here the time display is digital, that is 12/24 hour format, with user friendly button operation tone on/off. Casio also offers additional storage battery CR2025 with an approx. range of battery life of up to 3 years.


  • Smart digital sensor technology
  • Sturdy and scratch proof built with mineral glass protection
  • Large and well-defined LCD display
  • Easy to read figures
  • 660 feet water resistance
  • 1 year warranty


  • You need to remove it from your body for 10-15 minutes to get correct temperature reading, as your body heat may affect the results
  • The watch is available in only one size and one color

5. Casio Triple Sensor Pathfinder Watch

Casio Triple Sensor Pathfinder WatchThe Triple Sensor Pathfinder Watch from Casio is a multifunctional solar-powered sports watch. The Triple sensor technology helps in seamless reading and accessibility of thermometer, altimeter, barometer, and compass. The watch offers easy access of times of 31 different global zones.

Apart from that, countdown timer, five daily alarms, stopwatch, full auto calendar and other features make this watch literally multifunctional. Along with being solar powered, you also have daylight power saving mode, and the battery level indicator keeps you informed about remaining battery.

Tastefully designed with a sturdy 51mm stainless steel case and easy to read digital display, the style of the watch is enhanced with titanium-built bracelet.


  • Smart inbuilt Solar Panel that derives power from Sunlight as well as UV Light
  • Auto LED Backlight illuminates display unit in low light conditions
  • The watch is water-resistant up to 330 feet
  • 6 months battery life on full recharge


  • Not suitable for deep under-water activities

6. Casio Black G Shock Mudmaster

Casio Black G Shock MudmasterAn ideal solution for all your rugged and adventurous ventures, this G Shock Mudmaster from Casio is built to take it all with a mineral glass scratchproof dial. The dial size is quite big than many other Casio survival watches and you can perhaps feel the weight on your wrist, but on the note, you cannot simply overlook its sturdy and durable built as well.

Double LED display enhances its overall utility as a survival watch, since it simplifies the reading of time, date etc. even while you are in action. Along with a clubbed time reading design, including both analog and digital display, you also have a Barometer merged into the functional tools within the watch.

As mentioned earlier, with a sturdy built, it is extensively shock resistant, 200m water resistant watch designed for all your water pursuits.


  • Highly shock absorbing design
  • Magnetic resistance
  • 200m water resistance
  • Enhanced dual LED lighting integrated in dial to enhance visibility in darkness
  • Integrated Barometer pressure detector
  • Mineral glass dial is extensively durable


  • The watch is good for heavy wrists only, for it is too heavy

7. Timex Scout Chronograph Expedition

Timex Scout Chronograph ExpeditionThe New Timex Men’s Expedition collection merges durability, functionality, and style into one package. This Expedition Scout Chronograph collection comes with an extensive range of options for durable straps with complete leather straps and double-layer fabric slip-thru straps. Integrated with Arabic dial style, the green dial has the date window designed beside the 4 O’ Clock. There is an adjustable 20mm genuine leather strap complementing the design.

The 30 minute chronograph functionality measures to 1/20th second. The watch comes with mineral glass protection which makes the display unit scratch proof, with inbuilt Indiglo light-up watch dial. The watch is also water resistant up to 330 feet.


  • Up to 5 years of battery life
  • Adjustable strap
  • Excellent backlight for easy reading
  • Strap made of genuine leather
  • Cheap price


  • Not durable build, as buttons and parts may pop out after a few uses

8. Timex Expedition Men’s Gallatin Watch

Timex Expedition Men's Gallatin Watch3Built to be an adventure companion in all your expeditions, Timex has crafted the Expedition Gallatin Watch with 22 millimeter durable and adjustable nylon double-layer strap, which easily fits any wrist size up to 8 inches of circumference.

Stylish black dial adds elegance and fashion statement as an accessory. You can admire the simple yet stylish Arabic dial and seamlessly placed date window within the dial.

The watch comes with a black 44millimeter resin case with acrylic lens. Reading the time from your watch in low light or complete darkness is a common challenge when you are trapped amidst wilderness, but with smart built tech support of Indiglo light-up watch dial, you can read time and date easily even in the dark.

The watch is also built with partial water-resistant strength up to 165 ft, which is suitable for short time water activities.


  • Integrated with Indiglo Backlight Technology
  • 10 years of battery life
  • Scratch Resistant mineral glass design
  • Light in weight


  • Plastic build

9. Casio G-Shock

Casio G-ShockTrusted and typically used by military personals, Casio is one of most trusted Global watch brands designing both digital and analog-digital watches, and Quartz Resin ‘G-Shock’ is one its finest collection lines. Seamlessly designed to suit all survival situations, this watch has 20 bar water resistance, which means a G-SHOCK can be used for skiing, surfing, swimming, etc.

Integrated EL light technology makes sure the watch face is visible even in extreme low light conditions. The watch comes with a wide range of inbuilt functionality, like countdown timer, pre-programmed calendar, etc.


  • Inbuilt Electro-Luminescent Backlight with Afterglow helps easy reading in low light
  • 660 ft Water resistance
  • Time signal every hour
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Shock resistant


  • The display is not sufficiently illuminated to read

10. Casio G Shock GA-700UC-5ACR

Casio G Shock GA-700UC-5ACRIf you are looking for a superior built, sturdy and shock resistant survival watch, then the latest G SHOCK Quartz Watch GA-700UC-5ACR 200 collection from Casio is meant for adventure freaks. Built with extreme 660 ft water resistant, you have your perfect companion whether you are into diving, amidst rainforests or jet skiing.

With an illumination duration of 1.5 to 3 seconds, powerful Super Illuminator LED Light with Afterglow minimizes visibility difficulties in low light conditions. Wherever you are, get instant World Time of 31 different world times zones that is across 48 cities UTC.

Casio makes sure your survival watch is competent enough for all situations, thus it is also integrated with daylight saving on/off, alarm setting up to 4 alarms, home city/world time swapping, hourly time signal, and much more.

One more thing Casio never compromises with is absolute stunning looks. Whether you are thinking of a party dress up or absolute adventure camping, this casual and stylish Casio G Shock Quartz goes hand in hand with almost all styles.


  • G-Shock comes with a mechanical shock and vibration resistant design
  • Designed with up to 33 ft free fall endurance
  • 10 years comprehensive battery life assurance
  • Extremely comfortable to wear all day
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Mineral glass dial
  • Anti-magnetic


  • Color fades over time

11. Men’s Military Digital Analog Sports Watch

Men's Military Digital Analog Sports WatchCaptivating Military Army Sports Design, this digital analog watch from Men’s Military is built to appeal. Attractive sporty dial design complemented with smart and feature driven military outlook, this watch is not only a good pick for self-use, but ideal as a gift as well.

Large watch dials are the latest craze among Men’s fashion accessories, and this watch comes with a large White dial. One of the uniqueness of the watch is the dual style time reading, analog as well as digital, offering support to two different time zones.

Multipurpose utilities like alarm, calendar, date, 12/24H format reading, LED back light and intense shock resistance adds to the functionality of the watch as a survival watch. The PU band designed with the watch is soft and comfortable to wear, making the watch apt for both outdoor and indoor use.


  • 3 ATM or 30 meters waterproof design
  • Shows military time 12/24H
  • Shock resistant
  • Durable and light weight
  • Supports two time zones with both analog and digital dual dial
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Not solar powered

12. Casio PRW-3510Y-8CR Pro Trek

Casio PRW-3510Y-8CR Pro TrekThe Casio PRW-3510Y-8CR Men’s Pro Trek is integrated with Solar Panel, which means no more depending on your rechargeable battery when your solar powered watch can derive power from Sunlight and UV Light. The watch is specifically crafted to help you survive through difficult situations with a water resistance of up to 660 ft.

Mineral glass protection offers a scratch proof dial. This is a vital condition for any survival watch, since wilderness and nature throw toughest and roughest situations in which getting a scratch can lessen the visibility of the glass.

LED backlight ensures seamless visibility in the darkness. Apart from these, the watch is powered with Triple Sensor of pro Trek Version where along with barometer, altimeter and compass, you also have up to 4 alarms, 1 snooze alarm, calibration signals, world time, thermometer, full auto calendar, etc. Whether it is a marine expedition, forest, or mountain adventure, this is a watch that can be your ideal companion till the end.


  • 31 world Time Zones reading accessibility
  • Enhanced atomic timekeeping
  • Solar power enabled technology for charging


  • The backlight is faulty with insufficient support for visibility in bright sunlight

13. Fire Eyes 350 Lumens

Fire Eyes 350 LumensSimple, regular wear accessory, superior functionality range and stylish looks are the basic things that complement the 350 Lumens LED Torch Watch designed uniquely by Fire Eyes. The watch is semi or partial water resistant one and is labelled as IPX7 Waterproof.

Though it is not suitable for extensive water activities, it can withstand rainwater. Multifunctional as per design, this watch can be used as a LED torch, Quartz watch as well as a compass to get directions.

The watch comes with an in-built rechargeable Li-Ion Battery and it is easy to charge with USB charging. The watch has 5 distinctive functional modes, namely Fast Strobe, High, Medium, Low and SOS.

Pick it as a gift, or for personal use like in fishing, camping, trekking etc. Undoubtedly, this is a worthy buy in an affordable price range.


  • LED torch is quite useful when stuck amidst low light conditions
  • Comes integrated with a compass
  • Affordable price
  • Light distance of 100m


  • Overall, the watch is a little bulky in looks and design, Not meant for sleek people
  • Flashlight battery is hard to replace

14. Cqd Zinc ParaClaw Survival Watch

Cqd Zinc ParaClaw Survival WatchThe CQD ParaClaw Survival Watch designed by OUTDOOR EDGE is crafted with exclusive survival tools, which can save you in odd situations. This watch comes with a paracord bracelet band, which is designed with 550 heavy duty paracord with adjustable size.

Next is the small and sleek designed knife integrated in the band. This is a built-in knife of 1.5 inch in size made from Hawksbill blade, with a protective lock system, securing contact from your wrist. The wristwatch is crafted of zinc alloy integrated with Japanese Seiko quartz movement.

Every part of the watch has been designed to enhance its looks as well as utility. It comes with a Titanium PVD Coated frame, which again is 100 ft water resistant, that means it can withstand short period of water contact.

Suitable for 6.25 to 7 inch wrist sizes, the internally built Lumi light helps to read watch even in low light conditions, making it a perfect adventure accessory.


  • Design integrates flexible and adjustable 550 military grade paracord
  • The lock includes a Hawksbill blade crafted knife with a protective lock system
  • Titanium PVD coated frame
  • Mineral glass dial


  • The paracord band takes a little time to adjust to the shape of your wrist

15. Casio MRW200H-4BV Neo-Display

Casio MRW200H-4BV Neo-DisplayA pick from Casio’s popular classic diver-look watch series, this one comes with wings of colors in Unisex MRW200H-4BV. However, the Neo Display is particularly black in color, a shade that complements every color, so perfect in terms of fashion, a great brand and a line of exclusive features make this watch an ideal pick amongst survival watches.

The MRW200 has a dial size of 44.6 mm and comes with a design of index, which is easy to read for anyone.

Day and date display along with enhanced index sizes makes it wearable for all types of users. A feature which adds to the freshness of features lined with this watch is a bi-directional rotating bezel.

Casio has made this watch 330 ft water resistant, which semi resistant or resistant for short period to water exposure.

If you are thinking of investing in a watch that will complement your style as well as be simple to use, then this is the buy you must be waiting for.


  • Bright orange indexes on black dial
  • Sporty designed ribbed stylish band adds to the appeal
  • Scratch resistant protective mineral crystal coating
  • Semi water resistant up to 330 feet
  • Mineral crystal dial
  • Glow in the dark


  • The band may turn flat and thin within a few uses

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Survival Watch

There are a few factors that you must check before purchasing a survival watch. Apart from just gauging the cost of a watch, it is important to note the features, brand, accuracy, and several other important factors as given below.

1. Durability

When you are picking a survival gadget, durability, sturdiness and tough built happens to be some of the primary criterions to stand the test of odds. In a survival attempt, you need a gadget that can withstand abrasion, absorb shock and be resistant to harsh weather, moisture, low or high temperature, etc. Thus, withstanding all such odds and performing at minimal maintenance is the true sign of the best survival watch.

2. Material And Built

It is important that the material of your survival watch is water resistant, sturdy, strong, and can withstand extremes of temperature, along with a range of adverse conditions. Now it can vary according to the factors you are looking for in your survival gadget.

If you want your watch to be handy, lightweight and moisture resistant, plastic as a material is perhaps an ideal choice. However, many survival watches in the market use stainless steel, which is indeed a sturdier and more durable material.

If you are a hardcore adventure freak, with efficient and strong adrenal ooze, you might need something even stronger like Titanium, which is 40% lighter compared to steel and 5 times stronger, but way pricey.

3. Sunrise & Sunset Times

If you are looking for a survival watch for any outdoor venture, then some of the most essential features to look for include sunrise and sunset times. If you are regular traveler to different regions of the world, or if you are a mountaineer, etc., knowing the sunset and sunrise timing can be extremely helpful.

In different parts of the world, these timings differ, and knowing the timing exactly can help you to chalk out your daily plans accordingly.

4. ABC Technology

ABC technology stands for a unique compilation of three essential features, namely Altimeter, Barometer and Compass, crafted into one gadget. These tri-aligning features can be one of the greatest defenses for you against odd challenges in difficult survival threats.

Altimeter: This tool offers your current elevation changes and altitude from sea level. This can be quite helpful in high altitudes if you are trying to get your way down to the valley.

Barometer: Being out in the nature can get difficult with weather changes, especially when you are lost in woods or stuck in a mountainous region. A barometer gives you the reading of the atmospheric pressure, which can help you predict the chances of precipitation, extreme heat, etc.

When there are drastic weather changes coming up, you essentially know the importance of finding a shelter, which means these readings can help you to be prepared.

A sudden drop in the pressure, for example, indicates chances of rainfall, and in such a case, you can find a shelter. You can also set a water collection system if you are running out of drinking water and need some.

Compass: A hiker, mountaineer or an adventurer knows the threats of wilderness, especially the challenges of being lost in the wrong place. This is when you need a compass. It one of the most basic survival tools you got to have. Knowing the magnetic poles helps you to get your direction, and this can save you from getting lost or treading on the wrong way.

5. Accuracy

Survival is a struggle against the odds when you thrive to get out of tough situations. Survival tools like a survival watch needs to be accurate, offering exact and accurate measurements. Faulty measurements of a survival gadget can always worsen the situation.

You simply cannot ignore the importance of accuracy for readings like compass, time, sunset and sunrise times, GPS, barometer readings, etc., which matters a lot in survival actions.

Though analog displays are believed to offer essentially accurate readings, yet with the technological advancements, getting one of the good, branded, and trusted survival watches can help you to acquire accuracy in these readings.

6. Battery Life

You surely would like to investigate a little on the battery life of your survival watch. A survival watch with poor battery life would be useless in a situation when you don’t have excess to charging ports and replacement batteries. This means that your expensive gadget will not be of any help when you need it direly.

Now when you are investing in a survival watch, it is important to know whether the watch has a lithium battery, if it rechargeable, what is the tentative battery life on a single recharge, etc.

It is really essential to have a powerful battery integrated in a survival watch, to avail all the range of features packed in the watch. Some watches are also solar powered, so that you can easily recharge it with sunlight.

7. Solar Power

For those who do not want to rely on batteries can get a solar powered survival watch. Moreover, nowadays it is not even essential that these watches can get charged only by solar power. Rather, these can derive power even from artificial lighting. The best part is that solar power chargeable watches can retain their power for longer and can be a good secondary power option as well in battery charged watches.

8. Shock Resistance

It goes without saying that survival challenges can be rough, full of wilderness, and natures challenges, and you cannot expect to have it light. Therefore, as a survival gadget, when you are picking a survival watch, you need to make sure that it is durable.

A shock resistant watch design will keep the watch completely guarded against the abuses of mud, water, dust and drops from height, etc. Check out user feedback and comments to know if the watch is truly shock resistant in real situations or not.

9. Quality Of Wristband/ Strap

Wristbands or straps of a watch are as important as it being packed with multiple features. A survival watch needlessly requires having a bountiful of features, but without a strong and quality wristband, it can go missing anytime. Besides, when your wristband is poor quality and torn out suddenly, it can be difficult to use the watch all together.

Nowadays there is a wide and extensive range of materials that are used to make wristbands or straps of survival watches, like fabric, titanium, stainless steel, silicone, etc. According to your area of use or purpose, you can choose a watch band.

10. Cost

The price range varies extensively for survival watches. It depends on your budget line that which watch can suit your pocket strength. But when you are trying to survey the market, you can find good, budget survival watches starting from $7 to those ranging above $199 to $300, and even more.

Therefore, instead of hunting after features, it is important to fix your budget in the first place. Once you know your budget, you can then search for best features in your price range.

FAQs on Survival Watches

1. What Is A Survival Watch?

A Survival Watch is a gadget integrated with some useful survival features like sunset and sunrise time readings, barometer, compass, altimeter, alarm, stopwatch, etc. These watches can be exceptionally useful in surviving odd escapes. Designed with unique features and great looks, with water resistant and durable built, you can wear them always, anywhere, and everywhere.

2. Who Needs A Survival Watch?

Adventurers, campers, hikers, fishermen, bikers, all can invest in survival watches, since these people need to travel in the wilderness and explore nature. At times, they may confront emergency situations that put them into survival challenges.

These watches are not only competent to show you time, atmospheric pressure, directions, etc., but also your current elevation, atmospheric pressure, temperature readings, etc. These can be extensively helpful to survive through most difficult natural challenges and make out your way from the wilds.

3. What Is Triple Sensor In A Survival Watch?

Triple sensor is also popularly termed as ABC technology, which one of the finest and basic survival features integrated in survival watches. This technology together stands for Altimeter, Barometer and Compass.

An altimeter shows you your current elevation or altitude changes in respect to the sea level. The role of a Barometer is to offer you reading about changes in atmospheric pressure around you as well as the current atmospheric pressure. Knowing the pressure changes helps you to predict and be prepared for weather changes. Compass obviously helps you to know the directions.

4. How To Maintain A Survival Watch?

Maintenance of a survival watch includes some basic steps, like keeping it moisture free, cleaning the display dial with microfiber cloth, etc. Even if your watch is water resistant, cleaning it after use with a dry piece of cloth helps to avoid water marks or bacterial growth on it.

Besides that, regularly charging your watch is also important, so that the battery is not left for days without charge. This can not only be detrimental for the battery, but even bad for the performance of the watch.

Survive The Wilds With The Best Survival Watches

Some of the basic misconceptions that revolve around buying and using the best survival watch is that these gadgets are designed only for outdoor and adventurous ventures. But life challenges can knock you anytime and anywhere.

When you are buying a survival watch, you can even think of using it regularly. This once again means you need to focus on features, comfort, utility, price range, as well as durability. There are some popular and trusted brands in the market, however at the same time new brands are also making their footprints stronger in this new decade with light weight watches, unique line of features, simplified usage, etc.

If you are thinking of gifting someone a survival watch, you need to keep in mind their age, body, style, etc. Accordingly, you can buy a watch that is heavy or light weight, too stylish or formal, etc. Whatever you buy, the top picks of best survival watches given above are crazed in 2020 and can help you a lot in picking up your choice.

Although you can find a wide variety of brands, features, and price ranges of survival watches, one key point would be to read through user reviews and feedbacks of the products. The ones mentioned here are some of the most bought and searched products in the market. You can find them easily online or you can also check out your nearby retail stores.

Thus, if you already do not have a survival watch or you are planning to get a new one, this is the best time to grab on to some good deals.