Best Survival Shovels 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. SOG 2. FiveJoy 3. Antartica
SOG Folding Shovel Best Survival Shovel FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel ANTARCTICA Military Folding Shovel

We don’t give shovels the attention they deserve, but since ancient times, they have helped our survival. If this gear didn’t exist, agriculture wouldn’t have been possible.

It’s modest equipment, but it’s one of the most useful ones. In ancient times, it acted as an entrenching tool, especially during World War I and II. In fact, it even acted as a slashing weapon in close combat.


Today, the shovel is a tool we use in our gardens. However, that is not the only work it is limited to. It also has found a way into our backpack when it comes to camping. After all, digging a trench without a shovel would be really challenging.

As such, we will discuss the various uses of shovels along with the 15 best survival shovel you can find. If we can learn a little history along the way, even better!

Top 15 Best Survival Shovels 2021

1. SOG Folding Shovel

SOG Folding Shovel Best Survival Shovel

This entrenching tool, if you fold it, would be the slightest bit bigger than your own hand or even not that. This folding shovel can be useful for multiple occasions, from camping to digging out the snow or for your regular gardening work. This small tool is capable of taking any kind of big task you through at it.

At its full length, the shovel is about 18.25 inches. The total weight of the shovel amounts to 24.5 ounces. The handle of the shovel is strong and comes in E shape. This military shovel has an edgy bit which can be used as a saw. The shovel blade also rotates and can be thus used as a hoe. The construction for it is high carbon steel which makes it really durable. It comes with a carry case so you can fold the shovel and carry it inside it.

While the shovel doesn’t come with guarantee or warranty, the company does consider legit requests regarding repairing and replacement.


2. FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel

FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel

For the blade and knife, carbon steel of the highest quality and of solid material is used. The knife is also made with Aerospace Grade Aluminum. This survival tool actually does a lot of work. From acting as a hammer and axe to a saw.

Of course, it does the most important thing, which is its job of being a shovel. Basically, in one folding shovel, you have everything you could possibly need to deal with the scary outdoors. No one wonder it has made it into the list.

This multi-tool also has a rescue knife, bottle opener, fire starter, and emergency whistle. For a multi tool with so many advantages, this only weighs 1.2 lbs. Pack it in the carrying case and you can even attach it to your belt so you can take it out any time you need it. It also has a locking mechanism, making it easier to adjust all the tools. The angle of space can be adjusted to 30, 85 or 180.


3. ANTARCTICA Military Folding Shovel

ANTARCTICA Military Folding Shovel

Another military folding shovel that has everything in it. You can easily dig trenches with this one. Along with it, the multi tool has other things like a fire starter, bottle opener, knife, an emergency whistle and a saw to offer.

The parts of the shovel can also be removed like the magnesium rod. You can also replace it if you don’t find the previous one useful anymore. The detachable rod can be used for plenty of things, including breaking down a window. It also acts as a screwdriver and can act a whistle in times of emergency.

The handle is slip and sweat proof which means not only will you be able to hold the handle comfortably, it won’t slip out of your hand due to the sweat forming in your hand from hard digging. This folding shovel can be used for any kind of occasion, from camping to acting as a garden tool. It’s also quite durable and lightweight. Aviation aluminum alloy and high carbon steel is employed to create the shovel.


4. Mempa Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel

Mempa Multi-Purpose Folding Shovel

We have multiple reasons to consider Mempa’s multi purpose shovel as one of the best choices. For one, the multi function tool doesn’t just have one but 23 functions packed into one single tool. Among the assortments, we have an axe, hex driver, serrated knife, wire cutter, hoe, harpoon, saw, rescue knife, bottle opener, safety hammer, Phillips head bit, flathead bit, and fire starter.

When you have this multi purpose tool, there is not one situation in the wild that you won’t be prepared for. In fact, you might be a little over prepared but never under.

For a shovel that has so many things to offer, it is as lightweight as it is compact. The shovel barely has a weight of 1.94 lbs. When stowed into its small form, the shovel is 9 inches in length, 6.5 inches in height and 1.8 inches in width. In its full form though, it’s about 29 inches. That is, when in its full form, you have all the length you need to dig dip if the situation so requires.


5. Zune Lotoo Tactical Shovel

Zune Lotoo Tactical Shovel

This survival shovel is so strong that the company proudly proclaims that it’s unbreakable. Not to mention they are so sure of the quality that the shovel comes with a lifetime warranty. Right from the casting craft to every part of the shovel that’s treated with carbon steel of the highest quality, the shovel simply does not have a part that can be termed weak in any shape or form. The parts all joined together are 10 mm thick. This means this shovel has three times the strength of a regular shovel. The bearing is about 486 kg in weight.

Only, there is a slight color difference between the extension tubes, which have a lighter gray color. There is just one button you can use to lock or unlock the shovel. Unlike other survival shovels, you don’t need to wrestle with the shovel to lock it in properly.

The shovel head can be adjusted to a total of about 6 total angels. The angels are 30°,45°,60°,115°,135° and 180.


6. wufang Camping Shovels

wufang Camping Shovels

While the rest of the shovel is made with alloy steel, the handle is made with aluminum alloy. Rubber and nylon is also used for some parts. The length of the shovel is 10.6 inches, while the height is 7.1 inches and the width is 2.6 inches.

The military folding shovel has multi functional tools. In total, this has a total of 16 tools. The tools are Magnesium rod, helps make fire easily, snow excavators, scoops, saws, axes, picks, mulberry, bottle opener, rescue whistle, magnesia rod, fire ice cream, fish knife, hammer, nail pullover , Ruler, wrench, and hammer.

The alloy steel ensures rust won’t form on the tool easily. The thickness of the shovel board is about 0.25 cm. This means the shovel will prevail even in the toughest of situations.

The shovel can be locked into three different lengths. It also comes with a storage bag in which you can store the shovel in after you fold it to an acceptable length.


7.OutShovel Entrenching Tool

OutShovel Entrenching Tool

Well, for one, from Outshovel, this is one portable shovel. The shovel is perfect for camping and hiking trips. There is a bag available with the shovel which you can carry it in.

The shovel is multi functional so it can be used for many things along with just some digging. For one, it can act as a hammer, screwdriver, knife and saw. The size of the shovel can be adjusted and can go up to a total of three heights. There are 15.27 inches, 22 inches and lastly, 28.35 inches. The angle of the rod can be adjusted to 45, 90 and 180 degree.

The company also offers a good guarantee period. If during this time you don’t find the shovel to be satisfactory, you can return it. They will pay you back the full amount. The shovel can be assembled in three different ways.

The handle of the shovel is made of hardwood. It also weighs about 1.3 pounds. All in all, the shovel is quite lightweight for all the functions it has.


8. Iunio Folding Shovel

Iunio Folding Shovel

The shovel is about 38 inches in length. Just one look at the design and you will be able to tell why this shovel has made it into the list. It’s practically produced for all people who simply can’t stay at home and need the wilderness to breathe freely.

While it’s like any other folding shovel where you have to flip it to get it to its full length, you can actually make the shovel longer by using the extension bar available with the package. The bars can be added one after another until you really do find the length of the shovel comfortable enough for digging properly.

This folding shovel also has other functions such as Shovel Board, Hexagonal Wrench, Saw, Bottle Opener, Nail Extractor, Hoe, Pickax, Fish Scaler Tool, Emergency Whistle, Fire Bar, Ice Ax, Flashlight, Wire Saw, Compass, Safety Hammer, Screwdriver.

The shovel board is extra thick so it can persevere under dire situations. The extension bar and head of the shovel has also been blessed with carbon steel to make it durable.


9. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel

There isn’t a part of the survival shovel that isn’t made of metal. The carbon steel used for it is military grade, ensuring the shovel is truly strong and durable. Any kind of emergency situation can be dealt with if you have this shovel at hand.

The shovel also comes with 12 functions such as hovel, hoe, saws, bottle opener, cleaver, whistle, knife, fish scaler, emergency hammer, flat-blade screwdriver, and 4 size wrench. Camping is simply easier when you have one tool to take care of everything.

A storage bag is sent with the package in which you can carry the shovel in. It’s extremely suitable for camping trips.

The company also provides lifetime warranty on the shovel. The guarantee also allows for return of the shovel and zero hassle in giving back the money. They are simply confident over their product.


10. The Adventure Co. Folding Shovel Multitool

The Adventure Co. Folding Shovel Multitool

You just have to look at the folding shovel once and you will be able to see why we couldn’t help but include it. The 25 inch length shovel is made of high quality steel and aerospace anodized aluminum. Even though it’s lightweight, it’s also hard and firm and will keep its durability for a long time.

It can be adjusted to a total of three lengths. The angle can also be changed into 45, 90 and 180 degrees. So, functionality and comfort is prioritized before anything else.

The handle is made so that it’s sweat resistant and your hand doesn’t slip out easily. It also has a good knuckle slip mechanism. The shovel can be used in multiple ways like Stick, Chopper, wrench, cutter, Saw, Hoe, Bottle opener, COMPASS, Fire starter, Ice piton, Scraping fish scales, hammering.


11. LIIIHOOO Outdoor Survival Shovel

LIIIHOOO Outdoor Survival Shovel

The shovel can be detached and made into a 15 inch one. From a shovel, it can turn into a spade. It’s entirely for your convenience and you can carry the spade around in your backpack without any worry.

The spade can rotate up to 180 degrees. The degree of the handle and the spade can be adjusted depending on what you need to use it for and what condition you are in. The spade head is quite hard and hardened metal has been used to guarantee it.

A 6061 aluminum grade is used for the handle. The shovel has really sharp edges which makes it easy to cut, dig, and saw away at any given situation. The military grade quality of the shovel simply can’t be disputed with.

The company also allows customers to return the shovel if it doesn’t meet their needs with no questions asked.


12. OAKVUE Folding Shovel

OAKVUE Folding Shovel

The folding shovel is especially made for those who love outdoor adventures. You will see why the shovel simply had to be placed as on this list. For one, the material used for the shovel is 3CR13 steel. While the material can be really heavy, it’s also extremely durable and can get you through the worst of conditions.

Chromium and carbon are mixed together to create something truly rust resistant. The extension bars are also lightweight and made of aluminum. The bars are extremely helpful for adjusting the height of the shovel.

The shovel carries the function of an axe, hex spanners, saw, multifunctional knife, window breaker, screwdriver, fire starter, whistle along with simply being a shovel. Since the design is collapsible, the tool can be made really small so you can carry it around easily.


13. DIGGOLD Military Shovel

DIGGOLD Military Shovel

This is a harvest shovel made with the use of stainless steel. This means it won’t rust easily compared to all the other kinds of shovel you can find in the market. The steel blade and gold colored handle also makes the shovel look quite appealing. People don’t really pay attention to the design of the shovel but if you can get a shovel with such a good design along with good functions, there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

The length and angle of the shovel can be adjusted. It also comes with a total of three assembly methods. In other words, the shovel is simply fit for all situations.

The company also promises hundred percent customer satisfaction. If you don’t find the shovel to be good enough, you can return it without any hassle. The company will give you the amount you paid for it back and they won’t make any big deal out of it.


14. EST Gear Survival Shovel

EST Gear Survival Shovel

There is no question as to whether this shovel is useful or not. As the company themselves proclimans, this is the ultimate survival tool. If you have this shovel, you will not be in want of anything else.

The shovel has multiple functions starting form aw, camping axe, knife, hunting spear, bottle opener, fire starter, hoe, wire-cutter, trowel, survival shovel, hexagon wrenches, nail puller, ice pick, ruler, hook. The package also comes with a waterproof storage in which you can keep other camping materials along with the shovel.

The nylon pouch is durable and also brings a friend along with it other than the shovel. That’s right, the package also has a survival axe. Even though military grade aluminum is used for the shovel, the folding tool is still quite lightweight. It’s also compact and can be carried anywhere easily.


15. Black Diamond Deploy Shovel

Black Diamond Deploy Shovel

This is one of the few survival shovels in our list that actually comes with a D/T handle. This is an extremely lightweight shovel. It might as well be the lightest we have on the list. If you simply need a shovel that has nothing to do with camping or surviving in the woods and is simply needed for getting your backyard into shape, this is the perfect shovel for you.

The handle of the shovel is made of wood while the blade of the shovel is made with e anodized aluminum. The blade has a curved, trapezoid kind of shape perfect for light digging. Only one quick pull is needed to get the shovel into shape. You don’t have to spend much time figuring the mechanics out as the shovel is extremely simple. This is the kind of shovel that you need in your daily life.

After all, while shovels with multiple functions are cool and all, sometimes we just need a simple shovel that will get the job done more than anything. Maybe all you want your shovel to be lightweight and sharp and in this case, we have both these qualities. The black diamond like color of the shovel is also quite appealing.


A Small Tale Of The Shovel

Historically speaking, we can confidently say shovel ranks quite high as one of the oldest tools for mankind. If we look at the entire history of mankind, we only had shovels to assist us in serious bouts of excavation. It is because of shovels that irrigation systems, sewages and foundations were built.

The ancient man could leave behind the villages made of mud hut and step on to the civilised city world because of shovels. Up until we had the second industrial revolution, the standard mode of excavation was always shovelling.

There was one point in history when the importance of manual shovelling had such an impact that scientists actually began to study up on it. The research on the science of shovelling was very much a thing. This field of study meant to find ways in which shovelling could be done in the most effective ways. However, not long after the steam engine was invented and the study was scrapped.

What Is The Use Of A Survival Shovel?

Well, the best survival shovels can be useful in plenty of ways. For one, if you’re preparing for any kind of emergency, one of the first things you should have in your survival kit is a shovel. They are a multi-purpose tool with uses such as for digging latrine and fire pit. You can also make a trench with them. Say you need to pitch your tent, you could use a shovel to make sure the ground is leveled.

There are also other uses like getting a car that’s stuck in the mud out of it by using the shovel as a sort of lever or worst come to worse, an actual self-defense weapon.

1 . For Building A Shelter

If you’re pitching a tent or about to build a shelter, you most certainly won’t be able to easily complete the task without a shovel. After all, for either of these tasks, digging is a must. There are shovels that come with features that are so useful, you can even pull through a stake inside the ground. Even a hammer is not needed when you have a shovel that is useful. Survival shovel, as the name suggests, is an amazing versatile invention that offers you protection from not only the natural elements but also other kinds of dangers.

2. For A Self-Made Bathroom

If you’re stuck in the wilderness, the one thing you surely won’t have available at your convenience would be a toilet. You will have to make one with your own effort. A shovel is necessary in this kind of situation. This is why tactical shovels are considered a massive investment for survival tools.

2. For Building A Fire

Then, there is fire. If you’re in a situation where you are stranded and need to survive, you will need fire. Not only do you have to keep yourself warm in the cold, you will need the fire for cooking and keeping predatory animals away. You can’t make a fire pit without digging though, which is when a shovel comes in handy.

You also can’t make fire without wood. Most people don’t carry around a heavy axe with them. Thankfully, the shovels these days have multiple features, including tools that can be used to chop woods. If you can use a high quality shovel to chop woods, why wouldn’t you use it?

3. For Leveling The Ground

Needing to make a rain trench in the wilderness is also a high possibility. This is another task a good quality shovel can take care of.

In the forests, grounds tend to be bumpy and uneven. If you have shovels, you can take out the excessive soil so that the ground under your tent is smooth for you to sleep in.

4. For Even Self-Defense

Now, on to the matter of self defense. Shovel has sharp blades in general but if it has serrated teeth, well, you certainly have a leather weapon at hand. This is the worst type of situation for you to need the use of a shovel but its a shovel can be an important friend in a dire situation. You will be able to fight off any kind of predator with a good shovel.

Fun fact, shovels can even be used like a paddle. Say, instead of the wilderness, you’re stranded on a boat without a paddle. You know what can act as a replacement? Why, it’s none other than the folding shovel.
You can’t really choose the best survival shovel if you aren’t keenly aware of exactly what you need it for. You should have a good idea of what will be the use of it before you pick one. There are actually really different types of survival shovel out there and the features have quite a variety. The shovels you come across won’t all suit your needs so you have to sort through them carefully.

Factors To Choose The Best Survival Shovel

1 . The Purpose Of The Shovel

Would you need to travel with the shovel? Would you have to carry it around with you for quite some time? Then, you would want a shovel which is light in weight and preferably comes with a case that you can carry it in.

Would the shovel be used for digging really large holes? The holes that are made for trenches? Then, it’s best if you get a shovel that’s not only sturdy, but the handle is also on the long side. Military-styles shovels are usually perfect for these situations. If the blade is sharp, all the better. You would be able to slice through thick roots with them.

Will the shovel actually be used for small holes? Such as sanitization ones? Then small shovels are perfectly fine.

Is there a chance you would use the shovel for digging through snow? Then, you can actually find avalanche shovels out there.

2. The Material

The first thing you should note while purchasing a shovel is the blade, that is, how good is the built quality. The metal used for it should be really solid and sturdy. A thing sheet that crumbles under pressure simply won’t do, especially for a shovel.

How sturdy the shovel would be is also connected to the types of materials used for it. For the blade, stainless steel or high carbon steel could be used.

These materials are then painted on by spraying on it with black oxide. This ensures the blade won’t corrode easily. The paint can chip off with time and then, it won’t be long before rust starts forming on your shovel.

Stainless steel rarely corrodes but the weight of the shovel becomes significantly heavier with the use of this metal. Another metal used for the blade is aluminum and while it’s lightweight, it’s slightly less strong than the others.

Plastic shovels shouldn’t be given a second glance. Or at least try to avoid them as much as you can. It’s certainly the inexpensive choice and fits the lightweight criteria easily. However, it also has a higher chance of breaking, and it’s just an unreliable material for a shovel in general.

The handle of the shovel could also come in plastic or metal. Again, plastic handles are likely to break easily though they are lightweight. Metal handles are much more reliable. There is the hinge in the shovel which makes sure the blade is connected to the handle. This is a part that has a high chance of loosening or getting rusted so you have to check the quality of the material here too.

While there are plenty of shovels that are sturdy and should have the ability to take some beating, some shovels require more power than others. For example, you’re digging in a place that has too many stones and your shovel hits the stone accidentally, then what? Military grade shovels are usually the answer in this case. These shovels can’t be bent with a little clash.

3. The Functioning Qualities

The built of the best survival shovel has a huge effect on its functions. There are some things you will specifically want to pay attention to.

First, there is the length of the handle. The longer the handle length is, the better it is for you. Using the shovel becomes easier that way. The downside would be that the weight also increases with the extra metals added to the shovel.

If the blade is big, the task would be completed in a shorter amount of time. On the other hand, you will have to spare more of your energy while completing the task.

When the shovel has big blades, cutting the roots and working your way around the stones becomes harder. Then again, if you are trying to create a trench surrounding your tent and have a shovel with a small blade, it’s going to take forever to finish your job.

The edge of the blade can also be a key factor whether you want to buy the shovel or not. If you get a long blade shovel but it has serrated teeth on the edges, well, the problem with cutting the roots is taken care of.

If the shape of the blade is narrow, it’s optimized for tasks like making a sanitation hole or for the use of pitching a tent. If the blade is narrow, you can level the ground with it or make snow pits. You can also use it for latrine pits.

Pointed blades are most useful for digging in through where the ground is too hard or for making holes that are small but deep.

Flat blades work best for making snow caves or fire pits.

4. The Ease Of Usage

The most basic shovel is the one where a straight handle has a blade at the end of it. These days, shovels are designed with more care and come with D or T grip. This kind of handle offers you some extra support that makes it easier to work with the shovel. As these handles have a good grip, your job of handling it becomes easier.

If the shovel handle is one the short side, your whole body will have to bend forward even more while you’re digging. The best thing to do would be to choose a shovel that comes with an adjustable hand. This way, you can adjust it until it’s at a height that suits yours. This kind of shovel usually has the handles screwed together. So, you will have to waste a little time setting it up at first. There is also the chance of the parts simply going missing.

If the shovel is too small, you might as well sit down on the ground to do the digging. This is why we would generally recommend staying away from it.

Among the best survival shovels, the one that comes with folding handles tends to be the most popular. By folding handle, we mean shovels where the handle just has to be flipped and you can start working with it. However, this also falls on the list of shovels that are a bit too short.

5. The Portability Factor

The item you’re carrying with you, if it is even around 20 percent of your body weight, it can be really heavy to bring along with you, especially for long-distance travel. Thus, you have to pay attention to the weight when settling on the best entrenching tool.

If the shovel has an entirely metal build, it will be really heavy in comparison to the plastic one. However, the metal one also comes with guaranteed sturdiness.

Additionally, take a look at the attachment options for the shovel as well. If you basically have a survival bag, you don’t want the items inside the bag to be contaminated by a dirty shovel. So, a survival shovel that comes with a carabiner attachment as part of the option can be quite helpful.

We previously mentioned folding shovels. As we said, it’s a shovel that can be folded, making the size smaller than it was initially. You shouldn’t have a problem carrying these kinds of shovels in your backpack. The best survival shovel for carrying around are the ones that are not only compact when you fold it but are also light in terms of weight. Folding shovels come with a lot of variety.

There is the one where the shovel can be folded a total of three times. In this case, along with the blade, even the D grip can be adjusted. For the foldable one, only the blade can be folded.

The three-piece one is preferred a little over the other because it can be folded until it’s really small.

6. Additional Features

The main function of a shovel is to usually dig through mud or snow. However, that doesn’t mean manufacturers don’t add little easter eggs to make the shovels much more desirable. Take one look at the best survival shovels in the market and you will see many that have sawing features of sorts. The saw could be hidden in the handle of the shovel or show up like scattered teeth on the blade of the shovel.

There are manufacturers who have folding shovels that come with so many extra tools that it just feels like a multi-tool instead of a shovel. Some even come with a working compass attached to the handle. Regardless of the extra features you get, it’s simply an investment for the money you’re about to spend on the shovel anyway.

One thing though, if you see that the features come with additional cost yet you still don’t need them with your shovel, its best to not opt for it. Before you end up purchasing a multi tool shovel, think hard about whether you actually need it or not.

If you already have multi-tool in your survival bag, would you really need the fancy shovel? Isn’t the one that just gets digging done and maybe has some sawing features good enough?

7. Other Things You Should Think Of

If the shovel is specifically purchased for camping or survival situations, here are some more things you should have in mind before purchasing one.

First and foremost, what is the distance you will be covering? If it’s long distance travel, the shovel you are purchasing has to be on the compact side and light. This way, when you are walking, the weight of the best e tool won’t make you slower.

Do you suspect your camping trip will have to go through some hard digging? If digging huge holes and trenches is likely in your itinerary, it would be best to opt for a robust type of shovel. You don’t want your shovel to break when you need it the most. If it’s just for sanitisation holes, a lightweight shovel does the job well.

How To Maintain The Condition Of Your Shovel

Just buying the best survival shovel won’t do, you actually need to take good care of it. When you keep your shovel in good condition, you would be preventing rust from occurring on it. The blades will remain strong and have the edge needed to perform the task and the handles would be easy to grip as it was the first time you brought it.

There are certain items you will need to maintain the condition of your shovel. First, there are the regular cleaning supplies like rags or towels, detergent, garden hose or sprayer and sponge. You will also need other cleaning tools like wire brush, scrub brush. If the shovel has a drill, a brush attachment of rotary wire and steel wool.

You will also need sandpaper with 80 to 120 grit. This range is useful for metal and wood.

Any kind of lubricating oil like cooking oil, lamp oil, motor oil or linseed oil which is boiled will do. You should also have all kinds of safety equipment ready around you such as dust masks, gloves and goggles.

1 . Cleaning The Shovel

The first order of task is to give the shovel the cleaning it deserves. Scrub it thoroughly and get rid of any kind of grit or mud left behind on it by paying extra attention to the handle and the blade. Pat it down to dry with a towel or rag and then leave it to dry for a night. This way, moisture won’t be trapped in the shovel.

2. Get Rid Of The Rust

This is where the wire brush or steel would come in handy. Use it to get rid of the rust that has formed on the metal areas of the shovel. The job would be easier to complete if you attach a rotary wire brush to a drill. You have to be quite careful while removing the rust. The scrapping and grinding has to be minimal, otherwise, the steel can lose its strength as time passes by.

3. Sanding The Shovel

If you have wooden handles, you will need to use sandpapers with medium grit to smoothen it. You can remove the splinters by sanding it. Sandpapers are also useful for getting rid of the last bits of rust left on the surface of the shovel. After you are done sanding the shovel, you should thoroughly wipe it up so that no sanding dust is left behind.

4. Sharpening The Shovel

This is where the metal file comes in handy. Use it to make the edges of your shovel sharper. Again, don’t be too rough with the file that you end up filing away a chunk of the metal. You only need it for removing the burrs and nick and so that the shovel can have a cleaner edge.

5. Oiling The Shovel

First, grab a clean rag and dip it on the lubricating oil. Now, apply it on the wooden handle and metal blades of the shovel. Rub the oil all over the surface and then wipe off the excess oil. This will stop the metal from rusting. For the wood, it won’t absorb water easily and won’t crack either. If you think the first coating wasn’t enough, you can apply a second coating on the wood.

Final Thoughts

As we can see from this, a shovel is an important tool. If you are going to a place that’s slightly dangerous or simply need it for household works such as getting the snow out of your backyard, it doesn’t matter. The shovel will come handy in all kinds of situations. As such, it’s only fair that you pay close attention to the kind of shovel you are buying.

We have listed 15 of the best survival shovels and we believe you would find the one you need the most out of the listed ones. All of them come with excellent features and who knows, maybe you will end up purchasing at least two or three of them to fit all kinds of situations. Truthfully, speaking, with how effective of a tool it is, you can never have too many shovels.

Well, we hope you find the perfect one!

FAQs on Survival Shovels

1. What Is A Tactical Shovel?

The tactical shovel can act like a defense weapon. The point of the shovel tends to be sharp. One side of the edge of the shovel is serrated while the other edge is concave in nature. The shovel can be both useful for camping and self defense.

2. What Is The Usual Weight Of An E Tool?

The best e tool can weigh up to 23 ounces at best. The length happens to be about 25 inches.

3. How To Dig A Hole Quickly?

If you possess a pickaxe, the soil can be first loosened with it. Afterwards, the shovel can be used to dig the hole.

4. Is A Portable Shovel Capable Of Handling Large Weight?

This is dependent on the material used for the shovel. The best entrenching tool would be able to handle 200lbs easily so one can lift huge rocks with it. Generally, though, shovel tends to be small and are only used for digging up dirt or snow.