Best Survival Multi Tools 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Gerber 2. Victorinox 3. Gerber Multi-Plier
Gerber 30- 000469 Best Survival Multi Tool Victorinox Swiss Army Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Sometimes in life we encounter unforeseen threats, which may have not crossed your mind, at the very inception. These are the times you wished to be equipped with survival gears to attend any precarious situation.

Whether you love adventures like hiking, rock climbing, camping, etc. or whether you want to be prepared for the tough times that nature can throw upon you, such as earthquakes or floods best survival multi tool can be your best chance.


Before your next adventure in the wild, buy the best survival multi tool to make your life easy. These multi tools are very useful and an excellent gift for adventure enthusiasts. It is no point regretting later, when you can take the needed measures now.

If you are looking out to buy the Best Survival Multi tool, then this buyer’s guide will help you as a friend, to choose from multiple products. Here we have shortlisted top 15 Best Survival Multi tool and much other information related to them.

Top 15 Best Survival Multi Tools 2021

1. Gerber 30- 000469 Dime

Gerber 30- 000469 Best Survival Multi ToolGerber is one of the best American brands that manufacture top-notch survival kits. It comprises 10 tools including Life-saving knives, scissors, survival tools, and more. Dime is amongst the premium products of Gerber.

The features of Dime are impressive and having this multi tool means that you are always ready for anything at all times. It is a small tool that will easily fit in your key chain, compact in design. This tool is available in different colors and a bladeless version too.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Made using Stainless steel.
  • Compact and fits in your pocket easily.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with ten tools.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Easily to open.


  • Poor finish.
  • Sharp edges.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss ArmyIt is a versatile multi tool that can be used indoors and outdoors. This stylish tool comes with 15 handy features. You can keep it in a pocket, wear it in a waist belt or hang it in your bag strap, and it is easy to carry.

If you love to repair things, this tool from Victorinox will become your best friend forever, and you will like to carry it everywhere. This brand is known worldwide for its innovative survival products that offer high quality tools. The brand provides best durability of the product and a lifetime guarantee.


  • It comes with 15 functions and can be used in the house and in the wild.
  • It has a durable construction, and they make it using stainless steel.
  • This small yet efficient survival multi tool fits in your pocket.
  • It is made in Switzerland.
  • It is available in various color.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • It does not include eyeglass screwdriver and pin and pen.

3. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Gerber Suspension Multi-PlierThis is one of the Best Survival Multi tools that can be used in every situation, whether you are stuck in the wild or you want to repair anything in your house. It has a sleek butterfly design, and they make it using stainless steel of high quality.

Twelve features of these tools are indispensable for anyone. The company guarantees that the tool is strong, durable, and yet lightweight and easy to carry. It is a time-tested tool designed to stay with you forever.


  • It includes12 integrated components.
  • It comes with Saf.T.Plus component locking system that means it is safe to use.
  • It comprises ballistic nylon sheath.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is very easy to carry and handle.


  • Users complained that the stitch of the case may come out easily.
  • Cutter feature sometimes doesn’t close.

4. Leatherman Super Tool 300

Leatherman Super Tool 300Leatherman produces the most reliable survival multi tool, made of stainless steel with nylon sheath. It features 19 cool components. The design and looks of the tools are outstanding.

Both men and women can use this tool, and it can be easily used in tight spaces for its handy design. This tool is easy to grab even when you are wearing your gloves. Except for the pliers, all the other tools locks when fully opened.


  • This is the strongest pliers with great construction.
  • This small multi tool has 19 features.
  • 25 years of guarantee.
  • You can use the tool with just one hand.


  • The sheath could be better, as it doesn’t close and fit.
  • The tool sometimes doesn’t fold back.

5. Leatherman Sidekick Pocket Size

Leatherman Sidekick Pocket SizeThis is a super cool multi tool designed by Leatherman who manufacture the best survival tools to prepare you for all types of the situation. It comes with 14 tools, including spring-action pliers, screwdrivers, knives, saw, etc for your convenience.This is a handy tool for first time users and can be easily learned to use.


  • It is a super cool, versatile multi tool.
  • It is small and lightweight.
  • Comes with 14 tools.
  • It comes with 25 years of guarantee.
  • It is very easy to handle and carry due to its Lightweight.
  • Well built and has an impressive look.


  • The tip of the tool gets twisted easily.

6. Gerber Bear Grylls

Gerber Bear GryllsGerber is producing innovative products for 70 years. This is one of the best American brands for multi tools and survival kits. This American brand is known to sell its products globally. They are dedicated to producing master tools and knives that can save a life, save time, and even save the day. This product enables problem-solving and life-saving solutions.

They design their tools for specific activities and unique needs. These tools include much more than a blade. Gerber was founded in 1939 in Portland, Oregon, USA. Their products are popular among adventure seekers, hunters, soldiers, and merchants. They make sure they satisfy their customers from different regions with different needs using their product.

Bear grylls is an ultimate multi tool that has strong built and sharp blades. The brand has put their 70 years of expertise in making this ultimate superfunctional tool and one of its kind knife. This tool will come handy in most of your outdoor adventures.


  • The tool comes with a rubber grip that maximizes the comfort and reduces slippage.
  • Can use it with a single hand.
  • Twelve stainless steel, weather-resistant components
  • It is lightweight and military-grade tool.
  • It is mildew resistant.
  • It comes with land-to-air rescue instructions.


  • The tool doesn’t fit in the case easily.
  • Knife blades are a bit small.

7. Sog Multi Tool Pliers

Sog Multi Tool PliersSOG is a well-renowned brand from the USA, and it was founded in the year 1986. Since then, this brand is known to manufacture innovative solutions for people. These tools and knives are durable and last lifelong. They have sharp edges for cutting and are made using the best quality steel. This tool is long-lasting, reliable and can be used for a wide range of things.

With this tool, you can do what you like; for example, you can use it in a warehouse, office, home or you can go backpacking, rock climbing, fishing, hiking, and camping.


  • Comes with 16 components.
  • Made using stainless steel.
  • Strong and Lightweight.
  • Sharp blades.
  • One hand opening.
  • Comes with the black oxidized opening.
  • Coated with wax and oil to protect from rust.
  • Very less light reflection.


  • The fitting could be better.
  • If one falls apart very difficult to rearrange it.

8. Bibury 18-in-1 Pocket Knife Pliers Kit

Bibury 18-in-1 Pocket Knife Pliers KitIt is a convenient tool for daily use in the house and even for survival outside. You can take it with you to camping, climbing, fishing, skiing, hunting, and hiking. You get a 10-year after-sale service with this product. Sharp knife, strong built, and many unique features make this tool stand out from competitors.

This tool has been recommended by many users, and it can effectively do all small and big tasks as per need. The tool is worth the money and has received the best reviews and 5-star rating.


  • It has 18 unique features.
  • They make it using hardened stainless steel.
  • It is also heat-treated to make the product ultra strong.
  • Known for reliable performance.
  • It comes with a comfortable, 3D machined nonslip grip texture.
  • It can be used commonly in daily life and outdoors both.
  • It is easy to carry and convenient for all age groups.
  • It has an ergonomic folding handle, comfortable to use.
  • It comes with a belt holster and nylon sleeve along with a belt clip for easy carrying.


  • The built and material could be better.

9. Jakemy 15 11 in 1 Folding Pocket Pliers

Jakemy 15 11 in 1 Folding Pocket PliersIt is a unique set that is made in limited quantity, and you can buy it on a first-come, first serve basis. The tool includes multi tool pocket knife, slide lock dual carabiners, luminous nylon bag, flat-nose pliers, and regular plier.

It also includes wire cutter, spring-action scissors, Phillips screwdriver, the bottle can and car opener, small sized and big size screwdriver, along with bug and medium slotted screwdriver, filer, knife, and key ring and more.

This unique product is light and portable, making it an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor activities.


  • This unique survival tool comes with 15 functions.
  • Made of durable Stainless Steel and Aluminum frame.
  • It has a unique ergonomic arc with a comfortable grip.
  • Foldable tool, easy to carry.
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry any time anywhere.
  • Serves various purposes like home decoration, cooking in camping, furniture repair, hiking, and fishing.


  • The can opener is a little disappointing.

10. Leatherman Signal Camping Multi Tool with Fire Starter

Leatherman Signal Camping Multi Tool with Fire StarterThis new signal tool manufactured by Leatherman, will prepare you for various types of situations. It will provide you with every possible thing, that you can need in your house for simple tasks and even for complicated outdoor activities.

This tool has almost combined everything that you could need in an everyday thing. It also has many new outdoor features such as a fire-starting rod and an emergency whistle. The tool comes with a different range of pliers, drivers, wire cutters, knife, openers, and wrenches.

Leatherman provides the highest quality products, and it ensures the best after-sales services. If you face any issue with the tool, just sent it back and the company will fix it and send you a repaired tool with original feature.


  • You can open and use it with one hand.
  • It comes with locking features that make the tool easy to use and safe.
  • It is easy to carry and lightweight despite strong built.
  • It comes with 25 years limited warranty.


  • It is a bit overpriced.
  • Whistle sound could be better.

11. Smart Rsq 37-in-1 Black Wallet Card

Smart Rsq 37-in-1 Black Wallet CardIf you are looking out for an excellent gift for your husband’s boyfriend or dad, then choose this tool. This tool can become men’s best friend, especially for those who love unique tools, who enjoy repairs and like to work with gadgets. This is an interesting tool that comes handy in any unexpected situation and has various camping accessories.

You can use it in different situations and purposes such as screwing, tightening, cut line, strip cords, peeling fruits and vegetables, and many more things. It is a military-grade tool for Pilots, Campers, Hikers, Bikers, and Sailors.

This is an excellent tool for DIY projects, both indoor and outdoor. If you are looking out for something that is portable, then this tool is precisely what you need.


  • It is the best gift for adventure enthusiasts.
  • You get 37 tools.
  • It is a credit card-sized, and it can be kept in the wallet
  • It comes with a SMART, RSQ smart patent design.
  • You can carry this kit everywhere you want.
  • Made up of toughest Stainless Steel and is durable.
  • Lightweight, and easy to carry.
  • Heavy duty.


  • The sound of the whistle is a little bad.

12. Schrade ST1NB

Schrade ST1NBSchrade is a well-known brand for creating trustworthy knives and other tools. These tools are perfect for outdoor activities. The finest craftsmen in the industry build Schrade knives and tools; you can rely on their quality and depend on these tools in an emergency.

They make all types of tools and knives such as folding and fixed blade knives, axes, and spears. They only use premium materials to manufacture their tools.

You can take them along when you are going to are hiking, climbing and other activities. It is a potent tool that will help you perform tough tasks. It is a durable tool.


  • Drivers of the tool are excellent.
  • Solid Construction.
  • Looks good.
  • It is easy to access.
  • It comes with a polyester belt sheath that makes it easy to carry.
  • All the components of the tool are spring loaded, allowing fast opening.
  • It has a solid locking system.


  • The entrance closed is a bit crooked.
  • Scissors need an adjustment to function.

13. Nebo Power Bank Folding Pocket Knife

Nebo Power Bank Folding Pocket KnifeThis is one of the Best Survival Multi tool, with which you can charge all your USB chargeable devices. If you travel a lot and you often see yourself stuck with the dead phone, then this is what you need.

It is much lighter and powerful when compared to other power banks that make it easy to carry. You can take it in your purse, pocket, or briefcase.

It is also accompanied with a 420 stainless steel folding knife that is removable. The power bank also has a light that makes it much more useful. This light is super powerful and has three modes and can provide light for two and a half hours.

The range of light is 167 meters in high mode. You can easily operate it with on-off buttons. This multi tool has made using high-quality anodized aluminum, and it is sturdy and durable. It has a removable serrated blade. The built-in charging indicator lets you know when your device is charged.


  • The flashlight is bright.
  • The design and style of the tool are cool.
  • It is a compact and a portable tool.
  • The blade of the tool is excellent in performance.


  • The rubber cover doesn’t fit the snug. It could be better.
  • You cannot replace the battery if it goes bad.

14. Off Grid Tools OGT-SA100 Axe Elite

Off Grid Tools OGT-SA100 Axe EliteIf you are planning for camping, take this multi-utility tool along. This is one of those tools that are essential for survival and for other practical reasons. It comes with 30 distinct features, and you can tackle any emergency with this tool. This hammer head and claw is unique in design.

They equip this tool with everything that you may need in the wild. It is crafted to provide an excellent grip and balance. Thus, this tool never slips while you are holding it.

To enhance its durability, the multi tool is heat-treated and hardened. It can be re-sharpened and works excellent for demolition, chopping, and even for clearing unwanted waste. It is easy to carry, handle, and operate and has a very lightweight.


  • Well made and strong.
  • Heat-treated.
  • Can be re-sharpened.
  • It comes with hardened steel glass breaker and seat belt cutter.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Axe blade is not sharpened enough.

15. Zune Lotoo Tactical Military Shovel

Zune Lotoo Tactical Military ShovelIf you are looking for a shovel that is portable and light, then it is exactly what you need. They make it using heat-treated, prime-quality, solid carbon steel. It is an unbreakable and extremely efficient product. The shovel head is three times stronger than the other shovels available in the market. It can be locked or unlocked quickly.

Moreover, it can be adjusted by one button. The head of the shovel is adjustable to different degrees. This multi tool is equipped with over 23 components, and it can be used for various purposes such as camping hiking, fishing, and disaster recovery.

Many cadets, scouts, hikers, hunters, and fisherman use this tool. It is also used by gardener, survivalist, and gold Diggers. This tool is easy to handle and can be carried easily due to the foldable design.

This is one of the essential tools that can be easily packed in your bag when going on an adventurous trip. You can dig snow, mud, or ice using this shovel.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Portable shovel with 23 features.
  • Long handle.
  • Adjustable head.


  • No storage bag for an assembled shovel.
  • It is a bit heavy.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Survival Multi Tool

There are different purposes of Multi tools; you can use them for cutting wood, setting the fire, preparing food, and more. Some scissors, knives, lighters are an integral part of the multi-tool. But often, when it comes to multi tools, you might get confused because of the plethora of options available in the market. Here are a few of the factors that will help you to take the right decision.

1. Purpose Of Buying The Tool

The first thing to find out is the purpose of the tool. Do you want to use it for everyday or do you want to use it occasionally while going on outdoor adventures like fishing, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. once you analyze the reason for buying, it will help you to decide on the product.

2. The Functionality Of The Tool

After you figure out the purpose of the tool, look for the functionality of the tool. These tools can have a wide range of features. Therefore, start from the priority point of view of the tools you need. Make a list of tools that you need most from one to ten and look for the multi-tool that fits in your usage.

3. Easy To Use

One of the essential factors to look out for is convenience. Even if it is a brilliant tool with many features, but you fail to operate it, then it is of no use. The kit should have all the tools that can be easily operated without too much guidance.

4. Good Hand Grip

If your tool keeps slipping while using it, then it will make you frustrated, and you will lose a lot of vital time. Thus, the tool must have a good hand grip.

5. Easy Storage

Many tools and survival kits come with bags or pouches to store them, which is essential for the safety of the tool. The tools should come with two types of storage. You will require a separate storage when it is unassembled and another storage when it is assembled because the size of many tools increases after they are assembled.

6. Product Guarantee

The best brands sell their survival multi tools with long-term warranty period and after sale service. You must check the duration of the warranty period, offered by each company. This guarantees repair or replacement of product, if found defected.

7. Durability

Before buying the best survival multi-tool, you must check it thoroughly and ensure that they stand the test of the time. Most often consumers opt for cheap tools; which fail to do precision work and have a short longevity Therefore, when choosing the tool, make sure that you only buy from a brand that makes quality products.

8. Aesthetics And Design

You should look at the design and the aesthetics of the tools. These tools should not just be good looking but also practical and easy to operate. The opening and closing function of the tool must be made sensibly.

9. Lightweight

Hefty tools will be of no use; buy the tools that are easy to keep and lightweight because, in the wild, you will have to carry them on your own without the vehicle.

10. Cost

Cost is an essential factor to look for, especially if you are in the budget. But because it is a lifetime investment, you should not cut down on the budget a lot. Most of these tools have 15 to 25 years of warranty, so choose your survival tool wisely, before final investment.

These were a few of the factors that you must look at when buying the Best Survival Multi tool. These factors will ensure that you get only the best tools.

Tips For Maintaining Survival Multi Tool

We must keep our survival multi tools in good condition because some of these multi tools are very expensive and a lifetime investment. If they catch rust, scratches, break, or get damaged in other possible ways, they will be of no use. So, here are a few tips for you, to help you maintain your tool well.

The very first thing, to keep the multi tools in good condition is to keep them clean. If they catch sand, dust, grease in between the pivot, these tools won’t function smoothly, and their movement will be affected as well.

Most of the tools are made of steel, and they don’t catch rust easily, yet you need to ensure a few things to protect them from rust. To prevent your tool from rust, you have to keep it dry and apply oil properly.

To protect your tool from getting jammed and getting rusted, you need to keep your tool moving and functioning. If your tool catches a small amount of rust, you can easily remove it using an oil and abrasive sponge. But when you are scrubbing your tool, you must ensure that you don’t put scratches on your tool.

If your tool is exposed to saltwater, make sure you wash it properly with fresh water and then dry it and oil it before storing the tools.

Always ensure to store the tools in proper bags and keep them in a place from where they don’t fall.

FAQS on Survival Multi Tools

1. Can I Get Customized Multi Tools?

You cannot get customized multi tools because most of the companies sell pre-build multi tools. If you want to buy a customized multi tool, you will have to purchase different tools separately.

2. How Can I Keep My Tools Rust Free?

To keep your tools rust-free, you must occasionally take them out and clean them, dry them, and oil them. Keeping the tools dry and oiled is most essential for keeping rust free.

3. Are Multi Tools Legal In The Usa?

Few multi tools are illegal in the USA, such as lock knives that are illegal in the USA.

4. What Do You Mean By Open Carry A Multi Tool Knife?

Open carry means that other people can see your tool, which means that you can bring your multi tool in public places as people can see your tool. Therefore, you are allowed to clip it in your bag strap or your belt. You can also carry it in your hand. Most of the states in the USA will let you open carry your multi tool.

5. What Are The Essential Tools That Every Multi Tool Should Have?

The essential tools that every multi tool must have are.

  • Flashlights
  • Knives
  • Lighter
  • Scissors

6. What Are The Best Brands Of Multi Tools?

The three best multi tools brands are.

  • Leatherman
  • Gerber
  • Victorinox

7. What All Can A Multi Tool Do?

The things that we can do with multi tools are.

  • Cutting wood
  • Lighting fire
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Protecting from various elements
  • Building shelter
  • Providing light in the dark
  • Hanging tarps
  • Repairing electronics and cars
  • Cooking
  • Building traps
  • First aid
  • Carving wood
  • Shaving wood

8. Who Should Buy And Keep Multi Survival Tools?

A Multi tool is useful in various ways. You can keep it in a kitchen drawer or a black packet or glove box. You can also attach these tools on a computer bag or hiking bag. These tools can help you repair a vehicle, cut or carve trees in the wild, provide efficient light, and help you solve many problems.

These tools save time and make every tough task easy. You can use them for small things such as tightening screws, opening cans, or for heavy tasks like setting up a camp tent and fire. If you have a multi tool, you don’t need too many other equipment. Thus these tools can be kept by a housewife, adventure enthusiasts, fishers, mechanics, and almost anyone who wants to repair his stuff.


All the tools in this list were tested for quality issues. We have chosen a list of top 15 multi tools based on customer reviews. Before curating the list we have checked many things such as whether the tool can be easily folded and unfolded, if the other tools attached to it are accessible or not, and how can you deploy them.

Are the pliers and handles are comfortable for precision work or not. The other thing that was checked was if the other accessories are locked when open or not. Therefore, all the multi tools in this list are top-rated, durable, convenient, and easy to use.

When you buy the best survival multi tool, you have to look into all the things mentioned here. You will buy a tool depending on how you want to use it, what features you want in it, and its durability. You also want to buy your multi tool as per budget.

Therefore, purchasing the best survival tool is a tough task. But no matter what type of a tool you want, no matter what kind of features you are looking for, our top 15 list will help you to find the Best Survival Multi tool that will be your best friend in any tough times.