Best Survival Lighters 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Survival Frog 2. Green Vivid 3. Tg Survival Plasma
Survival Frog Best Survival Lighter Green Vivid Electric Lighter Tg Survival Plasma Lighter

Since the very inception, fire played a crucial role in survival. You need fire for warmth to protect yourself from hypothermia, to cook food or to save yourself from the beast and all the survival gears.

Many of us love to explore the wild for a firsthand experience of nature. Adventure enthusiasts enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the forest, away from the city of doldrums and pollution.


It is indeed heart-warming to experience and appreciating flora and fauna. However, surviving the ordeals in the forest is no mean feat. There is a hint of danger at every footstep. An adventurist must overcome challenges when it comes surviving an emergency.

This article will primarily focus on the best survival lighters available for purchase. We have handpicked the best survival lighters from reliable brands for you.

Here you can find answers to all your questions regarding survival lighters.

Top 15 Best Survival Lighters 2021

1. Survival Frog Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0

Survival Frog Best Survival LighterSurvival lighter can be a boon during camping or cooking in woods. The company, Survival frog, has come up with this impressive Tesla lighter that can withstand rain or windy conditions.

This excellent product comes with a plastic case with a wire safety latch to give optimum protection. You can recharge the lighter using the USB port, anywhere and anytime.

It can quickly start a fire and features a flashlight which can help you to find any missing item or to collect the dry woods. Another attribute of this lighter is an emergency whistle of 120 decibels.

You can use the emergency whistle to attract the attention of the rescue team or for seeking help. You will find it easy to operate; all you need to do is to touch the top arch of the lighter.

The lanyard hole helps to carry the lighter in all locations. Rest assured, this lighter is a convenient tool that can cater to your basic need in the wood.


  • It is waterproof and windproof
  • Easy and quick to ignite a fire
  • Portable and light
  • It includes a flashlight, emergency whistles, and paracord tinder inside
  • Rechargeable and can be used 300 times per charge
  • Three years of product warranty


  • It is only available in one color (orange)

2. Green Vivid Electric Lighter

Green Vivid Electric LighterIf you are looking for an innovative lighter to deal with an emergency, this waterproof lighter will not let you down. This premium quality plasma beam lighter is windproof too. This product is entirely safe and can accompany you in the long run.

This unique product is specially designed with a cover, and locking clasp sealed ring to protect the lighter from getting wet. Its dual arc makes it easier to ignite a fire.

This fantastic lighter is rechargeable using the USB port. If you are planning for camping, hiking or a BBQ party in the backyard, do not hesitate to utilize this emergency lighter. This lighter is ideal for outdoor activities.


  • Eco friendly
  • Durable and portable
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Rechargeable
  • No harmful butane
  • Dual arc design and premium quality
  • It can run for a week after 100 to 300 usages
  • Low voltage and high voltage protection
  • Great gift item


  • Sometimes it fails to recharge completely

3. Tg Survival Plasma Lighter

Tg Survival Plasma LighterIf you are planning to travel in a place, which has torrential rain or howling wind, it is wise to choose a lighter that can provide essential resistance—no need to look further because this lighter has been manufactured by TG to suit adverse weather.

The material of the survival plasma lighter is both waterproof and can withstand wind. So, you can rest assured, the lighter will remain unharmed if it falls in a pool of water.

This strategic survival tool is ideal for EDC camping and comes in a silicone rubber casing. It comprises Lithium Polymer batteries, and it can also be charged through the USB port.

You need to push to open the cover, touch the dual arc to ignite a fire quickly. This product is durable and portable that will survive any outdoor challenges.


  • Durable and portable
  • Flameless lighter with dual arcs
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • USB cable included
  • Best for 300 usages
  • It provided short circuit protection


  • The push-button quality could be better
  • Only available in one color (black)

4. Exotac Fire Sleeve Lighter

Exotac Fire Sleeve LighterThis lighter has a distinct design; the firesleeve is used to wrap the lighter, keeping the flint dry from extraneous factors like rain or wind. This fantastic product by Exotac is designed to protect the gas button on the lighter from getting damaged.

The waterproof floating sleeve can survive in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. You can easily carry this product for your expeditions due to lanyard mounting points. The gas lock feature of this lighter protects your thumb from continuous flame.

Not to mention, the soft rubber texture for a better grip. This rugged lighter can initiate fire after a few tries without burning your fingers. Thus, the firesleeve lighter is handy and perfect for an outdoor environment.


  • It is a waterproof lighter
  • Better grip
  • It has lanyard mounting points
  • The gas lock holds the gas button down
  • Easy to use
  • It protects the thumb and gas button
  • Compatible with all Bic Classic Lighters (not included)


  • Available only in one color (orange)
  • It could be a little smaller to fit in the pocket

5. Zippo Matte Pocket Lighters

Zippo Matte Pocket LightersThe very fact that this excellent product manufactured in U.S.A will make you confident about the quality, it is specially designed for outdoor adventures. This metallic lighter has a smooth texture with a matte finish. It is available in various colors like blue, burgundy, green, and grey.

If you want a lighter that remains steady and does not flicker by strong winds, this is the perfect lighter for you. The material used for this lighter is of top-notch quality, which is scratchproof with a unique Zippo click. This product will stay with you for a lifetime. The biggest bonus of this lighter is both reusable and refillable.

You need to buy Zippo premium lighter fluid to make it reusable again. However, before purchasing the product, make sure you check the ‘genuine zippo’ logo at the bottom of the lighter. It will prove the authenticity of the lighter for better performance.


  • Durable and portable.
  • Scratch proof.
  • Reusable and refillable with Zippo premium lighter fluid.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Premium quality with a matte finish
  • Value for money.


  • The Zippo premium lighter fluid is not included.
  • You can get deceived without the logo.

6. Dechi Flameless Lighter

Dechi Flameless LighterIf you are packing your backpack to camp in the woods with your friends or family, make sure you do not forget to include this strategic waterproof lighter. You can carry this lightweight, pocket-size lighter in every location. This arc lighter is ideal for usage in outdoor recreations like hiking, hunting or fishing.

Dechi has made sure to design it to withstand harsh wind. So, you need not bother about the strong winds putting off the fire. This impressive product comes with a lanyard, which enables you to carry it around your neck.

It also includes a charging cord, since it is a rechargeable lighter you can charge the plasma arc dual lighter with your laptop USB port or cell phone charger. It is a safe option that causes fewer hazards in both outdoor and indoor location. It has received good reviews from consumers and can be considered as the best survival lighter.


  • Light and portable
  • It is a durable plasma lighter
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • It includes a lanyard and charging cord
  • It is a rechargeable electric lighter
  • Safe due to short circuit protection and overcharge protection
  • Value for money


  • Only available in one color (black)
  • Light can be a little low

7. Lcfun Waterproof Lighter

Lcfun Waterproof LighterA premium quality product by Icfun is uniquely designed to sustain challenging outdoors while hiking, camping or even lighting a cigarette. This lighter has a metal ring cover and locking clasp to prevent the rainwater from entering the lighter.

Thus, making it waterproof, windproof and a perfect choice for your exploration in the wilderness. It constitutes high-quality ABS and Zinc Alloy material, making it tenacious for the long run.

This fire starter runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. The best part is it does not use harmful butane gas for recharge. You only need a USB port to recharge this electronic lighter.

Many people usually complain about the lanyard, but Icfun provides one of the best thick, comfortable lanyards. It helps you to carry this lighter for your convenience.


  • Durable and portable
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Rechargeable and does not use butane
  • Versatile and prime quality product
  • It includes a comfortable lanyard
  • Light and affordable
  • Value for money
  • It is reliable and a great gift item


  • The quality of the lighter can be better
  • Some complained about the poor battery life

8. Tesla Coil Lighter Arc Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighter Arc LighterThis electronic lighter by Tesla will not let you down. It has been designed to withstand storm due to its windproof and flameless feature. It is an efficient survival tool and easy to operate.

You just need to press the button to ignite the fire and close the lid to stop the light. The cover acts as a safety feature. It can be recharged using the USB port of a car, adaptor, cell phone, and so on.

There is no additional hassle of refilling lighter fluid. On top of it all, it is cost-effective and an ideal gift item for its sleek design.

It is available in 6 colors that are gunmetal, black/gold, black/silver, blue, espresso and orange. It is a reliable electronic lighter purchased by many customers for its easy usage.


  • Windproof and flameless
  • Available in six colors
  • Elegant design and efficient
  • Rechargeable and lasts for a week
  • No butane used
  • Light and safe
  • Eco friendly
  • Affordable


  • It can be a little delicate for daily use
  • The design of the product could be better

9. Thyrm Pyro Vault Lighter Armor

Thyrm Pyro Vault Lighter ArmorThe new Pyro Vault case by Thyrm consists of the same polymer material. The product has a rubber o-ring system to seal the device and minimize the evaporation of the lighter fluid.

This feature protects from water, dust, and dirt. It is important to note that unlike other models of lighter, this Pyro Vault lighter is compatible with Classic Zippo fluid lighter inserts and Thunderbird.

It is a Z-plus butane torch model, which produces a yellow flame. This lighter owns a spring in the hinge, so you need not use the hold-open lever. Another key feature of this model is that it has a clip on the backside.

It is perfectly sized for standard MOLLE webbing and available in five colors like black, urban grey, rescue orange, flat dark earth, and olive drab. Overall this heat resistant lighter is an excellent choice in any challenging weather condition.


  • It inserts standard fluid Zippos, butane Thunderbird, Z-plus models
  • O-ring seal reduces excess evaporation
  • Heat resistant, the polymer used
  • Owns a spring to open the fuel valve
  • Resistant to water, dust and dirt
  • Available in five colors
  • Affordable


  • It cannot sustain prolonged submersion in water
  • The quality of the case could be better

10. Tacamo H2 Dual-Head Flameless Lighter

Tacamo H2 Dual-Head Flameless LighterTacamo has come up with dual-arc plasma torch lighter, which offers 2000 degree Fahrenheit flameless light at a touch of a button. To enhance the visibility of the product, the company has use orange color for safety.

It comprises a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and a safety cap with 10 seconds auto shut feature to protect from overcharging. It can resist damage caused by water or wind. Many have hailed this model as the best survival lighter available in the market.

Tacamo offers a mini USB charging cord to recharge in anytime you need. You can also use the lanyard to carry the lighter to your desired location. Its rubber-coated body gives a firm grip and reduces the chances of slipping. This light-weighted survival gear boasts of an integrated flashlight.

You can use this emergency torch in three specific modes like bright, normal and strobe. The level of brightness can be regulated as per your need. Rest assured, this electric lighter will be an excellent company for both indoor and outdoor activities.


  • Portable and light
  • Flameless electric lighter
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • It provides safety and a comfortable grip
  • Integrated flashlight with three modes
  • It includes a lanyard and mini USB cord
  • Protects from overcharging
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money


  • The hot arc plasma can burn your hand on touching
  • It is available only in one color (orange)

11. Ust Floating Lighter

Ust Floating LighterUST has built an exclusive floating lighter, which is ideal for hiking, camping or outdoor adventures. The company has made this product with a waterproof ABS plastic design. It has an O-ring sealed cover with a locking clasp closing.

The lighter is one a kind because it can tackle powerful winds up to 80mph. It is easy to operate using one hand and impact resistant. It is so small and light that it can float in water without getting submerged.

The product has a nylon fuel tank that weighs 0.04 fl oz of Quadruple refined butane. It offers optimum performance and has a flame window indicator. It displays a white color when the lighter is ignited. This product has able to garnered considerable reviews from consumers.


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Impact-resistant
  • Light and portable
  • Convenient and floats on water
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • It is available only in one color (orange)
  • It is a bit expensive

12. Lihaya Dual Arc Plasma Electric Lighter

Lihaya Dual Arc Plasma Electric LighterIf you are looking for a survival lighter that is dependable and work efficiently for a long run, then this model will not let you down. It is the best survival lighter that has a conventional exterior design with high-class zinc-aluminium shell.

This flameless lighter can withstand mighty wind up to 80 mph. It features O-ring seal and lock buckle that makes the lighter waterproof. The dual arc plasma lighter is convenient to use. You need to follow four easy steps. First, open the buckle on the side of the lighter.

Second, lift the lid of the lighter; third, press the start button to light a cigarette, candle or campfire. Finally, after use, do not forget to close the lid. This fantastic product is portable and can be easily carried using the lanyard for hiking or camping.

This lighter can be recharged in one hour using the USB port because it has 500 usages in a single charge. You will notice the product has received excellent reviews from customers.


  • Durable and portable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Windproof.
  • Dual arc plasma and flameless.
  • Light and easy to use.
  • Rechargeable.
  • It includes a comfortable lanyard
  • No butane or liquid fluid
  • Prevents fuel leakage and minimizes accidents.
  • Value for money.


  • Available only in one color (camouflage).

13. Jinlun Flameless Electric Lighter

Jinlun Flameless Electric LighterThis dual arc lighter will not let you down during outdoor recreations because it has a premium quality design. The product boasts of durability, thanks to its ABS and Zinc Alloy material. It is available in pocket-size with two colors: black and camouflage.

The lighter is waterproof, windproof and convenient to use. You will find it much safer because it does not run on batteries or gas. Just plug in any USB port and leave it for two hours to get it fully charged.

This impressive survival tool by Jinlun offers an exhaustive package comprising, windproof arc lighter, USB charging cable, sturdy lanyard, user manual and a gift box. You can carry it in your rendezvous with nature without any worry. Some of the buyers consider this item as one of the best survival lighters.


  • Durable and light
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • The all-inclusive package includes Windproof arc lighter, USB charging cable, sturdy
  • lanyard, user manual and a gift box
  • Eco friendly and safe
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes it is a little challenging to open

14. Topkay Double Torch Lighter

Topkay Double Torch LighterMany have hailed this butane lighter as a versatile product by TOPKAY. It has a fantastic ergonomic design for better grip. You will find it lightweight and compact, which is ideal to light a cigarette.

The uniqueness of this survival lighter is the dual hot flame that consumes less fuel. It can accompany you in camping for initiating the campfires or any outdoor activities. This lighter features a safety cap adjoined with it. Another distinctive characteristic of this tool is the regulating knob to adjust the butane level.

You can increase or reduce the flame as per need. Unlike the rechargeable lighters, you need to refill this lighter with butane. The flame of the lighter remains steadfast in a windy night. The dual jet flame is the USP of this innovative gadget.


  • Versatile and light
  • Portable
  • Windproof
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Dual jet flame
  • No need for batteries
  • Adjustment knob, to regulate butane level
  • It includes a premium gift box, user manual
  • One year warranty period


  • The ignition fire is a bit small

15. Dechi Waterproof Arc Lighter

Dechi Waterproof Arc LighterDechi has come up with an innovative waterproof lighter that is specially designed for outdoor activities. Rough winds or water can do no damage to this product. This convenient survival tool is lightweight enough to fit in your pocket.

If you are anxious about losing it, then you will get a durable lanyard that can help you wear it around your neck. This hassle-free lighter comes with a charging cord that you can use in any USB port. You can connect it with a computer, power bank or socket.

This plasma lighter has an indicator to show it is charging. Thus, you do not have to change flints or refill it fluid. Also, it reduces the possibilities of hazardous emergency in the wild.


  • Light and portable
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Includes charging cord, instruction manual, a gift box and strong lanyard
  • No need to change wicks or refill fuel
  • It prevents chances of an emergency
  • Rechargeable in 1 to 2 hrs


  • The flame is a little small, hard to light a candle

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Survival Lighters

Surviving in the wilderness requires adequate planning and preparation. If you love hiking, camping, hunting or outdoor recreation, you may have felt the need for fire. Fire or warmth is a basic necessity for survival—small lighter caters to many more purposes than you can consider.

When you are provided with plenty of options, it is natural to get confused. To avoid any confusion, we have enlisted 15 best survival lighter before. The following section will provide you with factors to consider before placing an order.

1. Water And Wind Resistant

This feature is of grave importance to understand the actual purpose of buying a survival lighter. It is a quintessential tool that can help you face unexpected challenges in your travel.

You may have noticed that water or wind can pose a direct threat to the combustion of a lighter. You should not lose your survival resource to a strong breeze or rainwater.

If you accidentally dropped the lighter in the water, then it can create inconvenience during your stay in the jungle. Make sure you select a lighter with resistant features to have a safe trip.

2. Lightweight And Durability

Think of a survival lighter as a friend in need. In challenging locations or emergency, it can assist you to overcome the perils of the forest. It is always wise to buy a lighter that is lightweight, which can be carried to any location.

You can quickly wear it around your neck by a strong lanyard. A heavy lighter can be challenging to carry and cause inconvenience. While buying a lighter, always go for a durable one with premium quality built. It should be an asset for a long time.

3. Refillable Or Rechargeable

You will notice two types of lighter: one is the butane filled refillable lighter, and the other one is plasma lighter. A refillable lighter is a more economical choice. Rather than disposing of a lighter after use, it is better to purchase a survival lighter that can be refilled.

These lighters are also a great source to kindle a fire in the campfire or cook food in woods. However, it is less eco-friendly and possesses harmful chemicals.

Plasma lighters run on a rechargeable lithium battery. You can use a charging cord to plug in a USB port compatible to a socket, computer, cell phone or a power bank. These lighters are hassle-free as they don’t need refillable fluid or harmful butane.

It works on electricity, many find it ideal, but these lighters are good to ignite a cigar, cigarette, candles or fireworks. Select the one that best suits your interest.

4. Safe And Easy To Use

Safety should be the first concern. If you opt for a cheap or ineffective lighter, it can let you down while facing a challenging situation. While selecting a lighter, make sure the liquid inside the lighter should not leak or else it can be dangerous.

The lighter needs to be compact in design with safety features so that you do not struggle to activate the lighter in an emergency. The model of lighter you choose should be easy to operate and can light a fire at need.

The factors mentioned above can help you to make the right purchase and ensure your safety on the trip. We hope you will follow the guidelines to settle for an ideal product.

FAQs on Survival Lighters

1. What Is Survival Lighter?

A survival lighter is a top-notch quality lighter, which is known for its durability. It can sustain powerful winds and rain splash, thanks to its material. You will find it ideal for carrying in outdoor adventures.

2. Why Do We Need A Survival Lighter In A Forest?

Survival lighter plays a pivotal role by providing fire to boil water, cook food, and protects you from predators.

3. Where Can I Carry A Survival Lighter?

Survival lighters are perfect for outdoor recreations like hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or any other form of adventure.

4. Is Plasma Lighter Safe?

Plasma lighter is safe because it does not contain harmful chemicals like butane or gas. Cheap butane lighter causes more harm. It is eco friendly and minimizes energy waste. However, avoid touching the plasma tip as it is hot. Make sure you keep it away from children.

5. Do All The Lighters Recharge The Same Way?

No, different lighters recharge differently. It all depends on the model of a survival lighter. Some lighters can run on refillable butane, whereas others run on electricity using a USB port. You will come across a few lighters which can be charged through solar energy or simple batteries.

Significance Of The Best Survival Lighters During Emergency

The growing demand for survival lighter simply assure us that the invention of fire is the greatest gift to human civilization. When you are camping in a tropical forest, this device will help you to survive the rawness of nature.

Nature can be beautiful and an epicenter of abundant resources. On the other hand, it can be challenging in the path of sustainability. A small lighter is an essential tool that can start a fire to generate heat, cook food, protect yourself from a beast, or help you clear the darkness of the dense forest.

A lighter can relieve your anxiety of trying various methods to spark a fire. You will come across several reasons to buy the best survival lighter. Before taking the final call, check on the features of the product, the factors and your budget.

It is advisable to buy a lighter that is sturdy, easy to use, ergonomic design and offers optimum safety. Compare the products and choose the one that best suits your outdoor activity and is a real value for your money. We hope this buying guide will help you make an informed choice.