Best Survival Knives 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Morakniv Companion 2.  Smith & Wesson 3. SE Outdoor
Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife Best Survival Knife Smith & Wesson Folding Knife SE Outdoor KHK6320 Knife

If you love to explore the outdoor wilderness, then you should know the importance of all survival tools to prevail hard times. Among other essentials in a survival kit of an adventurist, hiker or camper, a robust and rough survival knife is a must and the most valuable gear.

The best survival knives not only does what you require them to perform but also withstands almost everything an outdoor shall shoot at it.


Whether there is sun, wind, or rain, a quality survival knife will handle all the situations. A proper survival knife can perform anything that a tactical or combat knife can do.

Possessing the best outdoor knife as your survival plan is a smart thought and the ultimate need for your safety or at times of need.

Even if you have little idea about making use of a survival knife, holding back for an emergency condition is imperative for your family and you. Here is a list of the 35 best survival knives that you can buy for an amazing outdoor experience.

Top 35 Best Survival Knives 2021

1. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife Best Survival Knife

Let’s begin with what is perhaps the most approved bush crafting knife that is the Morakniv Companion. Morakniv is an inexpensive blade that is designed for those individuals who require surviving in the wild.

There is enough overlap in between survival and bush crafting as bush crafting is almost two-third of surviving and a one-third hobby.

The Knife is available with two kinds of steel: 1095 carbon steel or 12C27 stainless steel, providing you options to choose amongst a quality edge or a corrosion resistance edge. They make the handle of rubber and polymer, giving it a nice grip and comfortable for you to hold, whether cold or hot, dry or wet. The blade is perfectly sized for heavy and light tasks.

With Morakniv Companion, you may quickly dice off a branch and carve it into an excellent feather stick. However, it comes with color-matching, hard plastic sheath, along belt clip easy to carry.

The tank can move only three-quarters of its way past the handle. The Companion presents you with some other versions like Rescue and the heavy-duty.


  • Versatile.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Quality Swedish Steel.
  • Less prone to rust.
  • High performance grip.
  • It contains color matching, hard plastic sheath.


  • It could be sharper.
  • Lacks full tang.

2. Smith & Wesson Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson Folding Knife

Smith and Wesson emphasizes on developing knives, which are always ready for use for any kind of situation. Whether you are the first responder, survivalist, or a knife collector, you can entirely rely on Smith and Wesson Knife as it is the perfect tool to trust in every situation.

Smith and Wesson Extreme OPS Folding Knife is constructed with a high-carbon black stainless steel partly serrated clip-point blade and is the best folding survival knife for regular use.

The cutter comprises an index flipper, jimping, and deceitful thumb knobs. Its black handle made of aluminum comes up with a pocket knife and jimping.

The handle of the knife has a texture of finger indentions and textured material for a reliable and secure grip when used. Its handheld size is perfect for use and fits in your pocket and hand comfortably. The knife also highlights an easy and quick opening when you require a fast deployment or usage in one hand.


  • Appropriate size.
  • Swift open.
  • Cozy grip.
  • Designed for rugged use.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Safe to use.
  • Tactical folding knife.
  • Made of standard materials.


  • Doesn’t always completely lock.

3. SE Outdoor KHK6320 Knife

SE Outdoor KHK6320 Knife

It is a full edge knife constructed from stainless steel and black texture. It is very tough for most applications. Full tang indicates that the blade can move through the knife handle towards its end, which offers its resilience and rigidity.

The stainless still denotes that you’ve no reason to worry regarding rusting that is convenient relevance in mind. You’ll probably make use of to chop off branches even in the rain.

The shape of the blade is tanto, which is perfect for cutting, sewing, and piercing. The module has a thickness of 4mm and contains a lanyard hole to fit comfortably and carry in a nylon sheath.

The knife handle is covered by a nylon rope that allows easy gripping.SE Outdoor Firestarter knife is a well-developed knife that is useful for several tasks you toss at it.


  • Excellent product.
  • Affordable.
  • Ideal for backpacking or hiking.
  • Used to start a fire for cooking or warmth purpose.
  • Survivalist purpose.
  • Comes in a handy pouch.
  • Superior grip.


  • Few users complained about the inferior blade edge.

4. KU-BAR US Marine Fighting Knife

Built-in the USA, they devised this fighting knife to utilize in the battle for Marines during World War II. The knife is built of 1095 Cro-Van Steel, and a seven-inch linear edge clip tip blade is coated with epoxy powder. The twenty-degree angled edge knife blade layout is the world’s best survival knives.

The overall length of the KA-BAR knife is 11.875 inches and weighs about 11.2 ounces. They assemble the blade with a leather handle and the authentic leather sheath is built in Mexico.

The handle even features the USMC embossing and stamp. Mexico is widely renowned for its standard quality craftsmanship, and its sheath keeps the blade sharp and secure.

KA-BAR knives is examined rigorously, for the sharpness of cutting edge, edge-gripping ability, corrosion resistance, and strength. The tang blade exceeds the handle length but not its width that minimizes its constructional resilience.

Hence, KA-BAR is precisely a fighting knife and isn’t developed for chopping up wood. The legendary KA-BAR USMC is the foremost preference as a personal knife for women and military men.


  • Standard craftsmanship.
  • High-grade materials.
  • Razor sharp cutting edges.
  • Sturdy and corrosion resistant.
  • Secure leather sheath.


  • It is not a complete tang.
  • Isn’t considered as a bushcraft knife.

5. Schrade SCHF9 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF9 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade Blade Knife has a gross length of 12.1 inches, its blade being 6.4 inches long with a weight of almost 15.7 ounces. Schrade SCHF9 includes a blunt tip, plain edge, and deep, complete flat grind.

The blunt tip of the knife is an advantage as it is much more reliable and has fewer chances to break. Despise possessing a blunt tip, Schrade SCHF9 is amongst the best-fixed blade survival knife that is very effective as a defensive equipment performing the thrust crusts ideally.

The blade also has a full flat grind feature, an essential characteristic in the knife for survival. The flat grind offers a sharp edge, and the module is superb for chopping even averts chipping.

The blade is made of standard grade steel that is 6mm thick at the most broadside. It is built of top quality material, making it an ideal product for a lifetime.

Its extensive 1095 high carbon stainless steel blade, make the knife like a hatchet. The knife is widely known for slicing woods and chopping with the TPE handle.

The blade features a plain edge, and it isn’t a partly serrated knife. Schrade SCHF9 is a blend of large knives for survival, mainly paired with a wire saw or a pocket chain.


  • High carbon steel blade.
  • Best pick for survival.
  • Holds edges longer.
  • Well-designed handle.
  • Excellent grip.
  • It has ballistic belt sheath.
  • Convenient and removable storage pouch.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Quality sheath.


  • The quality of the sheath could be better.
  • It comes with no warranty.

6. KA-BAR Becker BK2 Fixed Blade Knife

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Fixed Blade Knife

The knife by KA-BAR is a heavy-duty knife used for outdoor activities like camping, hiking or hunting. KAR-BAR BK2 is an impressive knife, available at a fair price. KA-BAR BK2 is the best survival knife for money with a simple design, quality materials, and fine finish makes it an ideal survival knife.

The cutter also works efficiently and it comes with a MOLLE compatible hard plastic sheath. The sturdy configuration of the blade is perfect for splitting or batoning wood. The knife comprises a glass-filled nylon sheath to keep the blade safe and sharp.

Notably, the knife is created in the USA while its sheath is formed in Taiwan. The BK2 has a feature of a spacious Zytel handle above its complete steel tang.

It is a very ordinary handle design and is recommended for a workhorse knife this way. The knife comes up complete with nylon and plastic sheath and is stout and straightforward.

The knife even possesses a simple nylon belt coil and features a snap latch for added retention. The blade has an outstanding sheath that praises the survival knife to perfection.


  • Available in the soft and hard sheath.
  • Full tang with a bare area for hammering.
  • Heavy and thick blade to chop, slice and baton.
  • It comes with hard shell black nylon sheath.


  • Delicate tasks a little tough.
  • Extra-large for tiny hands

7. BlizeTec Tactical Survival Knife

BlizeTec Tactical Survival Knife

BlizeTec is a versatile product that consists 5 in 1 folding emergency tools The package comes up with LED Flashlight, Seatbelt cutter, safe liner lock, Half-jagged edge, window breaker Fire Starter, and is known to be the best survival pocket knife in the current industry.

BlizTec Survival Pocket knife highlights a drop point form blade made of standard grade steel developed to withstand impact and batoning. The knife blade is half notched, making it perfect for cutting wood to start a fire, ropes, and belts.

The included seatbelt cutter is handy for rescue affairs, so in an unfortunate state of a car accident, you’ll easily cut off the seat belt in case you get stuck inside your car.

This sleek design survival knife comes with lifetime warranty coverage. Though, it feels hard to touch and is almost seems the same as a fixed blade knife. Nearly all other knives will fail in front of this superb multipurpose folding knife.


  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • No wobbling.
  • Solid feel.
  • Mounted flashlight on handle.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Window breaker.
  • Perfect for vehicle use or outdoor adventure.


  • The flashlight could be better.
  • The case could be better.

8. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Knife

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Knife

Morakniv is known to be the most considered manufacturers in the current bushcraft industry. The knife is built of high-grade carbon steel and is outlined to resist the excessive stress of batoning.

The black coating is used to secure the knife from rust and corrosion. The blade loses its effectiveness comparatively quickly with regular use. In order to safeguard your knife, it is best to oil it before its usage.

This survival knife comprises scandi grind that enables a good grip and lowers the chances of slipping from hand. The ergonomic handle with high-friction rubber grip, makes it feel more comfortable in hand.

The survival sheath has an integrated diamond sharpener and has the capacity of accommodating a Morakniv Fire Starter.

Overall, Morakniv Survival Steel Knife is a healthy choice for all bushcraft survivalists and enthusiasts alike. Morakniv is a decent knife for survival, built of standard grade steel. Morakniv is an assured brand, so you may rely on its blade as it won’t let you down, when you require it the most.


  • Sturdy steel blade.
  • Reputed manufacturer.
  • Well -sharpened knife blade.
  • The steel blades are treated with anti-corrosive black coating.
  • It includes Morakniv Fire Starter.


  • The quality of the handle and sheath could be better.
  • It is a bit expensive.

9. Buck Knives 119 Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives 119 Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives Leather Sheath, is a special knife with a blade constructed of 420 HC Steel. The manufacturers permit to strengthen the razor so that it works appropriately.

The steel used to develop the module ensures its superb corrosion resistant potential and its durability. Furthermore, the steel even allows its users to sharpen its edges when it gets dull.

The black phenolic handle of the knife provides a comfortable grip. This unique knife contains a clip point with a sharp and crescent tip. This makes it perfect for short work by offering you well control.

The blade is also known to create puncture and trimming in the right places. The clip point’s design is combined with the broad edge that provides the blade ample cutting tip.

The Buck Knives 119 knife comes up with an authentic leather sheath that covers the special blade and even allows you to move around several areas safely. The sheath has a brilliant design that you can easily attach to your belt to get swift access to the knife when you require it.


  • Durable.
  • Razor-sharp.
  • Standard quality blade.
  • Provides a substantial quality of cutting edge.
  • Safe and easy to carry.
  • Easy to cut tight areas.
  • Quite a reasonable price.
  • Offers lifetime warranty.


  • The quality of the sheath could be better.
  • It has a light and inferior quality handle.

10. Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife

Kershaw Camp 10 Fixed Blade Knife

Kershaw is renowned all over the world for its high-quality material and its intensive craftsmanship. The brand ensures to offer you a lifetime quality products at affordable price. They built the blade of the camp knife of 65Mn carbon tool steel with black powdercoat.

This Chinese steel is specially designed to offer high hardness and excellent damage resistance. The steel holds medium to high carbon amount, which indicates it has a standard resilience and toughness. Chinese steel also contains manganese, which improves the strength and functionality.

Kershaw is a full tank blade knife, so they construct its handle of 65Mn steel, but it doesn’t carry rubber above the model. The full tang feature makes the knife long-lasting and robust.

The whole knife is built of a single piece of carved metal. The knife doesn’t hold any such weak point where the blade and handle are welded jointly.

Kershaw Fixed blade camp knife has several benefits like it is durable and prominent in its size, which is ideal for all beginners.

Kershaw doesn’t break off that easily as they don’t possess any moving parts. Also, such fixed blade knives are easy to maintain as they don’t comprise any hinges, unlike the folding knives.


  • Strong knife.
  • Resistant towards bending.
  • Abrasion-resistant.
  • Super cheap product.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Superior survival knife.
  • Comfortable rubber grip.
  • Versatile.
  • Doesn’t corrode or rust easily.


  • The grip could be better.
  • It gives a bit of cheap plastic feel.

11. Gerber Prodigy Survival Combat Knife

Gerber Prodigy Survival Combat Knife

This stainless steel knife is an ideal tool that can help you in your outdoor adventures or emergencies. The Gerber Prodigy Survival Combat Knife is constructed with ultra-durable stainless steel to save lives in a tough situation. It is considered to be the best survival knife 2020. You can make use of the blade for both survival or specific activity.

Gerber Prodigy knife holds a full tang design that indicates the blade is practically a solid piece, which is almost difficult to break. The over-molded rubber handle ensures a soft and secured grip in dire conditions. The Gerber Prodigy Survival Combat Knife, is a splendid blade with notable quality.

The edge is known to hold a drop-point fashion, which means the blade is wide towards its spine and shall further continue to the tip of the blade. This factor indicates that the knife offers extreme strength and can carry all its edges correctly.

The blade is designed in a unique way, which makes it one of the best knives for tactical or military situations, in all hands on battles. Additionally, the blade of the knife is designed with quality precision and a great product to fight odds.


  • Durable and strong blade.
  • Safe and secure knife.
  • Long-lasting handle.
  • Firm and soft rubber grip.
  • Compatible sheath along ballistic nylon belt loop and straps.
  • Leg Strap included.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Super sturdy.
  • Affordable.


  • It could be sharper.
  • The quality of the sheath could be better.

12. Mossy Oak Hunting Survival Knife

Mossy Oak Hunting Survival Knife

This Hunting Knife is one of the best survival knifes with a complete length of15 inch and 10 inch large blades.

The blade is formed of stainless steel that guarantees toughness of the material, rust resistance, and superb edge retention with the clip point.

They make the Mossy Oak Fixed Blade Knife of delicate rubber for improved handling and grip that provides incredible comfort on the user’s hands.

The standard friction grip makes sure that the blade won’t let you feel awkward. The knife comes with an exceptional working fire starter, mini sharpener used during great trekking , and an excellent sheath built of exquisite nylon.

Overall, the Mossy Oak fifteen-inch blade is a superb knife for survival that you’ll require in the most challenging conditions. You can quickly chop off thicker branches with the help of the backside of the blade that is serrated two-third of the way.

It comprises, a sharpener and fire starter, and in case you are looking for a survival blade, you won’t find anything better than Mossy Oak Survival Fixed Blade Knife.


  • Attractive exterior.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • TPR rubber coated soft and comfortable handle.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant.
  • Sharpener and firestarter included.
  • A long-lasting stainless steel knife blade.
  • Heavy duty nylon sheath protects the knife in wild.


  • Not a complete tang blade.
  • Concerns regarding durability.

13. Maxam 12-piece Survival Knife Set

Maxam 12-piece Survival Knife Set

Maxam offers a wide range of survival gear and knives. With the 12-piece Maxam survival knife set, you not only receive a superb blade but also cater to all requirements in any such survival condition. The major attraction of the collection is its fourteen-inch survival knife, and its edge has a length of over seven inches.

The entire silver clip pointed blade holds a straight edge and serrated spine. The blade is formed of standard power stainless steel, so it can easily cut through an object.

The handle is made with zinc alloy, so it is hollow. They construct the hollow handle for a better grasp of the survival gear. This unique knife comes with a sheath-attached slingshot with tubing and missile pouch.

The package offers you a sheath for a knife along with some other stuffs like knife sharpener, compass, and a scabbard-sheath safety latch to enhance the security.

You also get a rope, fire starter, matches, fishing lines, skeleton knife, and several other additions. Thus, Maxam Survival Knife set is the best budget survival knife that you can purchase without any hesitation.


  • Robust stainless steel blade.
  • Dependable and comes with tons of survival gear.
  • Additional storage space in the hollow handle.
  • Affordable.


  • Not available as a whole tang knife.

14. Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade Leroy knife has a long bowie look, which seems attractive and fierce. The blade is comfortable and well balanced in hands for its enormous weight and size. The sheath is made of nylon belt that is very durable and shields the SCHF45 when it is not being used.

The sheath is held firmly at an area with a loop strap and hook, permitting a minimal quantity of rattle because of its massive size. The framed belt loop can accommodate almost one to three-fourth inches of the belt, and there are some grommet holes.

You’ll also find one to one-fourth inches of strap slots. Each of its sides offers ample lashing choices.

Schrade Leroy even features a standard carbon 10 inches stainless steel blade that is coated with huge titanium. The edge comprises an appealing swedge by the spine with a clip-point, similar to a classic bowie blade look. The broad pattern of the blade includes enough of heft towards the edge that transforms into a substantial quantity of chopping strength.

The full tang is wrapped with two replaceable black designed TPE slabs along with dual lanyard holes towards both the end. Its handle blends an appealing non-slippery grove texture with a convenient form, both secure and comfortable to wield in all kinds of weather.


  • Superior strength and rigid blade.
  • Durable and easy to carry in a thermoplastic belt sheath.
  • Edge retention.
  • Corrosion-resistant blade.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Simple to sharpen.
  • Withstands aggressive usage.
  • Attractive handle.
  • Durable sheath.


  • It is a little heavyweight.
  • The quality of the sheath could be better.

15. Survivor HK-106320 Outdoor Knife

Survivor HK-106320 Outdoor Knife

The Survivor Fixed Blade Knife is a small-sized knife for survival. They design the blade of stainless steel configuration and carries an effective tanto form with good jimping. The Survivor knife isn’t an ideal primary knife for survival, but it is very cheap and can be easily concealed.

You can easily purchase a pack of eight of this knife and not spend that much money like few other knives on this list. This feature makes the blade a significant emergency or backup knife.

This features a nylon cord and magnesium firestarter rod handle that works out for when you require cordage.

You may throw one into your pants, boot, glove box backpack, or any other place you can think off, so that the best survival knife can help you to face any hostile situation..This is an ideal knife for outdoor expedition and it is simple to carry a Survivor Fixed blade with you.


  • Stainless steel 7 inch knife.
  • Has magnesium alloy fire initiator.
  • Concealed.
  • Replaceable cord handle.
  • It is easy to carry.
  • Affordable.


  • Not an ideal primary knife.
  • The size little small.

16. KA-BAR BK-10 Becker Survival Knife

KA-BAR BK-10 Becker Survival Knife

KA-BAR Becker Crewman Fixed Blade Knife, is amongst the most delicate multi-tasking edge over all other knives for survival purpose.

The blade comprises a long, stainless edge blade with a length of five and a half inches, while its thickness is a size of 0.188, which makes the blade an ideal knife for survival.

This fixed blade knife has a ten-inch gross length, which makes the knife popular amongst servicemen and military members. KA-BAR Crewman can surely be your decisive edge if you’re looking for a knife for self-defense.

The blade also comprises of a well-formed drop point that made the knife perfect for multi-tasking.

For combat and survival purpose, KRA-BAR can be a great choice. Cro-Van 1095 stainless steel has the right name in the market and industry for providing sharpness ad strength for a longer duration.

The acute polymer sheath, comfortable black zytel handle, and a sharp-blade have made this knife one of the pre-eminent for the extreme survivalists.


  • Thick stainless steel blade.
  • Hard drop point blade.
  • Comfortable handling.
  • Durable polymer sheath.
  • Ideal for tactical use.
  • Holds tiny vital objects.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • The polymer sheath can be better.

17. Schrade SCHF52 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF52 Fixed Blade Knife

Sometimes you require a big knife to survive in situations offering extreme challenges. Thus Schrade Frontier SCHF52 is designed for such a purpose. The overall length of the sword is thirteen inches. It has a weight of 1 lb. with 6.25″ worth of the sharpened surface.

Cleaving, chopping, and other brutal actions can be a part of this Frontier’s forte. The entire ergonomics on Frontier is superb and is known to be the best survival knife ever.

It has a thermoplastic elastomer handle for better grip, perfect for several usages. The pistol-grip form advanced finger coil is excellent for some delicate maneuvering while its downward pommel curve shall fit rightly on your hand.

You may even use the pommel curve for covering your ring, middle finger over the subtle hooks, and enhanced chopping leverage. This usage permits for further force over the swing, while the impact may be tough on gloveless hands. The design is best suited for some impact tasks and is appealing to the user’s eye.


  • Capable and straightforward blade design.
  • Offers durability.
  • Ideal for simple carving work.
  • Substantial weight.


  • The quality of the sheath can be better.
  • The quality of the belt loop is poor.

18. Schrade SCHF10 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF10 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade Full Tang Drop point knife is a fixed blade, 100% fine edge, full tang knife that arises with a ballistic nylon fiber sheath. The knife having a fine edge indicates that there is no such serration in the Schrade knife. The side is almost 5.3 inches long while the overall survival knife is 10 ½ inches.

SCHF10 is a large, medium-sized fixed blade knife with an edge that is a little longer over KA-BAR Becker BK2. The blade is wrapped up with an attractive and durable black coating and a lanyard hole in the handle.

Schrade SCHF10 has a full tang formation, which indicates that the steel blade runs all along the knife length from the tip towards its butt. Full tang is taken into consideration by most of the professionals as the most rugged, stringent, and reliable means to construct a knife.


  • Fine edge.
  • Medium-weight.
  • No serration.
  • Attractive and durable blade.
  • Affordable.
  • A useful and robust point.
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • It is a little bit tough to sharpen.

19. K EXCLUSIVE Amazon Jungle

K EXCLUSIVE Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle Survival knife, is specially developed for usage in the wilderness for survival. K EXCLUSIVE offers a complete set in one blade. The cutter comprises a kit that includes a compass inside it. It’s pointed-tip keeps you safe from any kind of danger by chopping objects smoothly.

Amazon Jungle Survival knife is the best survival knife in the world, and any jungle trip is incomplete without the same knife. The handle has a cord wrap that offers you a firm grip.

You’ll find a tiny kit inside the hollow handle, and its cap has a well-developed compass. It is the best feature that comes handy in night adventures.

The mini kit inside the handle includes needle, thread, striker paper, fishing hooks, and matchsticks to save during emergency conditions.

Thus the mini kit aids you in every situation when you require help to deal with it, which is an excellent feature to Amazon Jungle Knife.


  • Recommended for expeditions in the wild.
  • Keep you safe, always.
  • Firm grip handle.
  • The blade is corrosion-resistant.
  • Smooth edge blade.
  • Cuts off branches with ease.
  • Detachable blade.
  • The handle stores survival kit.


  • Blade and handle might be a little defective as reported by a few users.
  • The quality of the knife could be better.

20. HX OUTDOORS Tactical Knife

HX OUTDOORS Tactical Knife

HX OUTDOORS is a self-protection knife and comprises an open sheath or low profile system like all other classic fixed blade knives. This sheath can be worn on by you on the belt, tied to legs, backpack, and Molle.

The tactical knife includes an ergonomic non-skid handle, which is free from corrosion. It offers you an excellent grip even in harsh weather.

HX OUTDOORS was designed as a fundamental tool for military training or survival. The knife can hold a strong impact along with high rigidity and power characteristics. The black ceramic paint of the fixed blade knife presents quality resistance from corrosion and even reduces reflective surfaces.


  • Reliable.
  • Handles all outdoor adventures.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Damage-resistant.
  • Superior grip.
  • A sturdy stainless steel knife.
  • Fine edge.
  • Perfect length.


  • Lacks a full tang.

21. Schrade SCHF3N Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF3N Fixed Blade Knife

If you’re searching for a knife for survival, that is a complete value for your money, look for Schrade SCHF3N high carbon, stainless steel fixed blade knife. Schrade knife is known to be the best survival knife for its superior quality at a low price.

Schrade fixed blade knife is a well-renowned knife amongst the extreme series of survival. The knife has an overall length of nine to eleven inches with a full tang, straight edge, and a sharp point.

The handle of the blade has a lanyard hole and comfortable. The knife is dependable and comes with a ballistic sheath. The knife is heavy and long enough to operate tasks like batoning and chopping.


  • Durable.
  • Reliable stainless steel.
  • Dependable.
  • Secure knife.
  • Superior grip.
  • Strong and solid knife.
  • Very sharp edge.
  • Versatile sheath.
  • Medium-sized.


  • Little support for heavy work.
  • Very basic utilization knife.

22. Survivor HK 106280 Outdoor Knife

Survivor HK 106280 Outdoor Knife

Survivor HK 106280 features a full tang blade for outdoor usage, especially for rugged expeditions of camping.

The matte finish texture of the tanto blade stainless steel has a reverse serration. Its cord-covered handle provides the users a superior grip and a handy cord when required in nylon sheath for a safe carriage.

The knife comprises a fire starter made of magnesium that permits you to begin a fire with insufficient time consumption. The overall length of the Survivor knife is eleven-inch while the blade is six inches long.

The Survivor HK 106280 has a feature of a green cord covered handle and tanto blade. The knife is recommended for survival training and camping expeditions.


  • Reverse serrated.
  • Superior grip.
  • Starts fire effortlessly.
  • Portable.
  • Great knife.
  • Very sharp.
  • Well designed.


  • Some reviewers found the Para-cord fake.
  • The handle could have been longer.

23. Fallkniven A1 Fixed Blade Knife

Fallkniven A1 Fixed Blade Knife

This knife is a blend of Japanese steel with a Swedish design, for a brilliant survival knife that can perform any task. It is considered to be the best survival knife.

This knife has a convex grind, which means that the thinner part from the spine towards the edge isn’t hollow but convex. It also feels natural and balances well when you clasp it in your hand. The blade has a practical and simple shape.

The blade has a length of 6.2 inches that can be longer, ideal for some of your tasks. The knife features an adapted drop point that offers you control towards its very end, without affecting the grip. The most notable feature of the fixed blade knife is its quarter-inch width, which is extremely tough.

Fallkniven A1 has a Kraton handle that shields the entire tang. If you combine blade thickness and tang, you’ll own a survival knife that is strong enough to deal with adversities. You’ll even find an exposed area in the tang to use it as a hammer.

Another feature is the zytel sheath, which allows you to fasten the knife on your belt or your backpack The A1 holds a standard carbon steel interior covered with Laminated VG10 stainless steel to combine the most exceptional qualities of withstand wear and tear.


  • Overlaid steel blade.
  • Recommended for all kind of survival knife task.
  • Tough blade.
  • Best quality material.
  • Works fine in extreme temperatures,
  • Total value for money.


  • A little expensive.

24. Schrade SCHF51 Frontier Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF51 Frontier Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF51 Frontier Steel is equipped with full tang fixed blade knife.The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel along with a patterned TPE black handle and powdered black coating. The Frontier offers its users a thick, large knife with the heft required for performing any such tough job.

The knife has a designed black handle with an additional spine jimping for a comfortable and safe grip.

The equipment comprises an exquisite black nylon sheath belt. It comes with a diamond blade sharpener, lanyard hole, Ferro rod, and a fire starter.

The knife has an overall length of 10.75 inches, where the blade is 5 inches long. The module has a thickness of 0.20 inch, and its cutting edge is almost 4.25 inches. The knife comprises a hollow blade grind with a plain edge type, and they make the handle of the knife of polymer.


  • Easy and quick access.
  • Secured knife.
  • Made of reliable materials.
  • Lon-lasting knife.
  • Excellent grip.


  • The knife sometimes can be discolored and dull.
  • The quality of the knife could be better.

25.Ontario Knife Company SP2 Fixed Knife

Ontario Knife Company SP2 Fixed Knife

Ontario SP-2 fixed blade knife highlights 5.5 inches long blade knife, with a sharp upper edge. The knife is a full tang built of 1095 standard carbon steel along with a black non-resistant and rust-resistant coating.

Hence Ontario SP-G is one of the best survival knives of all time. Ontario Knife Company’s tactical knife can cut straps or belts with the use of either stainless steel or titanium nitride edges.

The Ontario Knife Company’s Air force survival knife comprises a comfortable handle made of Kraton rubber and dual hilt that offers a secure and comfortable grip. The SP2 knife comes up with black Cordura tactical leather or nylon combined sheath that is designed in the USA.

The knife has a clip point blade design with a hollow blade grind and a plain edge kind.


  • Sharp upper edge.
  • Non-reflective coating.
  • Rust-resistant knife.
  • Comfortable rubber grip.
  • Tactical sheath.
  • Full-tang Kraton handle.
  • Superb combat knife.


  • Asymmetrical grinds.
  • Large size handle.

26. Schrade SCHF27 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF27 Fixed Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF 27 Fixed Blade knife is coated with titanium and is a standard carbon drop point stainless steel blade. The black TPE shielded handle comes with stainless steel titanium coated pry object, belt sheath filled with nylon glass fiber and lanyard lock/ring along with grommet slots and holes.

The knife comprises a drop point thick blade that enables all kinds of cutting jobs. The handle is constructed out of Thermoplastic Elastomer, which makes it comfortable in the hand.

The knife is ideal for executing Bushcraft, camping, hiking, or various other outdoor activities. Schrade SCHF27 is the robust performing mate that you’ll ever need.


  • Durable handle.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Provides great security.
  • Strong knife.
  • Worth purchase.
  • Very sturdy.


  • The quality of the knife could be better.

27. Schrade SCHF38 Frontier Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF38 Frontier Blade Knife

Schrade SCHF38 Frontier is an 11.2-inch full tang high carbon steel fixed knife. This is an ideal tactical knife for outdoor adventure and commonly considered to be the best knife for survival in the market.

The tip of the fixed blade knife is reliable and comes with a fundamental yet functional nylon fiber sheath, standard grade Ferro rod, and a diamond sharpener. The blade is almost 5.8 inches long and a perfect chopper to accompany you in hiking or camping..However, this cutting knife cannot be used for carving.

Schrade SCHF38 has a quarter-inch, saber grind thick blade that lends itself ideally for severe usage like chopping and batoning. The finger choil and jimping ensures that the knife does not slip from hand.


  • Comfortable grip.
  • Adjustable blade length.
  • Hard flat pommel.
  • Used for heavy tasks.
  • Fun to sharpen.
  • Durable.
  • Highly secure.
  • Dependable.
  • Excellent for outdoors.
  • Polyester belt sheath
  • Affordable knife.


  • The quality of the blade could be better.

28. Schrade SCHF37M Steel Knife

Schrade SCHF37M Steel Knife

Schrade SCHF37M Frontier is a massive duty survival/camp, full tang choice that is used as chopping equipment and a one-pound sharp edge for splitting wood wide open.

It has a full-tang development, and the metal moves continuously through both the tips beyond the handle. It can endure daily wear and tear.

The knife enhances the process of wood cutting during camping or bushcraft. The gross length of the knife is 12.4 inches, while the blade is 7 inches long. The Knife also features a ferro rod, sharpening stone and a lanyard hole.

The knife is ideal for people who prefer adventures and may necessitate building on fire for survival instead of some mere aesthetics.


  • Quality carbon steel.
  • Drop point pattern.
  • Nice full tang.
  • Robust performance.


  • Aggressive handle jimping.
  • Finish and fit isn’t top-notch could be better.

29. Neya Tactical Hunting Knife

Neya Tactical Hunting Knife

Defender Survival Combat knife performs well for any kind of task and holds the best steel for a survival knife. The altogether length of the knife is 8.5 inches, and it features a 4.5 inch long-lasting and sharp serrated stainless steel blade. The handle is 3.75 inches that fit perfectly in the hands of the user, providing superb grip.

If you’re searching for an authentic survival knife that works and is pleasant to look, Defender Survival Hunting Knife can be a great choice. The hollow handle consists of a fishing hook, fishing line, needle, thread, matches, and a compass.


  • Durable knife.
  • Sharp edge.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Easy carrying.
  • Tactical gear.
  • Includes hard plastic boot sheath.


  • No such downsides.

30. Gil Hibben Survival Knife

Gil Hibben Survival Knife

The knife is a multi-purpose tool and is a full tang sports knife. This wonderful product is best for hunting or sporting requirements.

It is a 420 stainless steel blade with sharp edge. This premium quality knife fits perfectly in the leather sheath. The sheath consists of a logo of Hibben knives upon the blade.

The finger cutouts gives a nice solid grip on the micarta handle, does not allows the knife to slip. The blade’s overall length is 12 ½ inches, while its length is 6-7/8 inches. It is one of the best equipment from the United Cutlery.


  • Ideal for sporting and hunting requirements.
  • Asymmetrical blade.
  • Standard leather sheath belt.
  • Razor-sharp knife.


  • It could be better polished.
  • A bit expensive.

31. TOPS Knives Fieldcraft Survival Knife

TOPS Knives Fieldcraft Survival Knife

The fieldcraft knife of brothers of Bushcraft, is a great blade, that you can rely on for survival situations. The highlight of this knife is its well-executed Kydex sheath along with the spring steel clips. It makes the blade feel great in your hand.

The blade of this knife has a coyote tan finish.. The edge of this knife is paper curling sharp wrapped with utilitarian plastic. If you consider durability, then this one can be your best choice.

This knife is being fashioned with the 1095 HC steel, which will last long. The fieldcraft promises exceptional durability at an affordable price.

The sharp blade and refined designs make this knife a pleasurable to use. If you are searching for a whole tang steel knife, this one can be your first choice.


  • Full tang.
  • Scale and weight feels amazing.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Sharp.
  • Strong.
  • Kydex Sheath to protect the knife.


  • Thickness is not best for carving.
  • Not for ultra lighters.

32. ESEE Authentic Junglas II Knife

ESEE Authentic Junglas II Knife

The Junglas II by ESSE is made up of 1095 steel and gives you a high performance. This knife comes with the flat grind and black powder coating for finishes. The handle of the knife is the eye-catchy one that comes with great comfort and perfect thickness.

This knife comes with high bombproof sheaths. The Kydex allows the Cordura for a bit of flex and prevents the retention.

Maintaining the knife is important, to reduce chances of stain and rust, especially in the laser engraving and the cutting edge. It is your responsibility to keep your blades cleaned and lubricated for durable performance.

This fixed blade knife is also available in a very compact version from the original. This knife is excellent for the heaviest chopping. The handle of this knife is hand-filling, which gives you significant control.

The downside handle of this knife comes with multiple layered grips, which offers enough comfort in holding. This knife is known to be the best cheap survival knife.


  • Powder-coated knife.
  • Great for holding.
  • Comfortable.
  • Bombproof sheaths.


  • Some prefer larger blade.

33. Ontario SP-6 Fighting Knife

Ontario SP-6 Fighting Knife

The Ontario knives produce impressive knife, which you can rely upon in hostile situations. The products of Ontario are great, but the product SP-6 is the best one in the market. The blade of this knife is made up of 1075 carbon steel and the design of the knife is eye-catching.

The handle of this knife is of black craton handle with grooves, which make it very comfortable in holding. The blade has full black powder-coating, which gives it an impressive look.

The performance and durability of the product is outstanding. This knife is fully tang constructed, and it comes with a molle compatible sheath. The blade is ground to a flat angle.


  • Highly comfortable.
  • Great handling.
  • Black Powder coated.
  • Fully tang constructed.


  • Flat and thinner blade.

34. ESEE PR4 Survival Knife

ESEE PR4 Survival Knife

ESSE PR4 comes with an ideal length and suits perfectly for camping, hiking and bushcraft. With the 8.9 inches overall size, it makes the knife comfortable to the hands. The edge of this survival knife is no-nonsense comes with 1095 carbon steel.

The blade is comparatively thinner, with black carbon oxide finish. The edge profile of this blade is eye-catching, which is a flat grind and a sharpening angle of 20 degrees. For its flat grinds, the knife works exceptionally well in tasks such as feather sticking.

The spine of this knife is very much impressive along with a 90-degree angle, which is ideal for scraping and fluffing birch bark or fatwood. The needle is not very sharp, and it makes it very comfortable to use.

The ESSE PR4 comes with a stock sheath of pure leather. The sheath holds the knife secure and snug. The quality of the sheath is top notch.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Impressive spine.
  • Consists of flat grind, which make much easier for tasks.
  • Has a well-built sheath made up of pure leather.


  • Slightly thinner blade than expected.

35. NedFoss Survival Folding Knife

NedFoss Survival Folding Knife

NedFoss brings out the developed knives to face any situations. If you love camping and exploring new places, you can rely on the NedFoss survival knives as the best survival folding knife.

NedFoss folding knife is entirely constructed with prime quality 7Cr13Mov black stainless steel with serrated clip. The knife does comprise of thumb knobs, jimping, and index finger flipper.

The black ergonomic handle, makes it comfortable to use. This knife is a better pocket knife, capable of breaking glass and seat-belt cutter for accident situations

The NedFoss knife is a sturdy product that is convenient and easy to store. This is a unique product worth investment.


  • Scale and weight feel amazing.
  • Compatible in nature.
  • Strong foldable knife.
  • Great comfort.
  • Easy to store.


  • Most of the users think it is a bit expensive.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Survival Knives

There are some factors that you must consider before purchasing the best survival knives. This knife is highly essential when you are out in nature, but don’t get confused with the variety of options.

Each product comes with distinct features, some of the big knives might have a standard handle whereas the handles of few knives may offer great storage space for a compass, fishing hooks, fishing line, and matches.

The survival knives of different brands are available in a range of prices. Unfortunately, the affordable knives are cooler in style, but it is proved ineffective in survival situations.

The survival knives certainly have their importance in the real world, as the disaster has escalated in the past few years. A person unexpectedly finds himself in a situation of life and death, and survival only depends on the skills, knowledge, and available resources.

Having survival supplies with you is essential, and the survival knife is the most important. Even from the centuries, humans depend on the blade as a cutting tool for getting help in acquiring basic needs such as wood, fire, flood, and shelter.

However, it is interesting to note that all knives are not a survival knife, not even a Rambo knife. So to purchase the best survival knife, you will have to consider some factors before taking the ultimate decision. Let’s look at the elements.

1. Size

The ideal size of the best survival knife is usually considered to be 9 to 11 inches. However, choose the knife that you are comfortable to work with. The size of the knife also depends on its usage. Smaller knives are instrumental for camping, hiking or outdoor adventure.

You don’t want to carry a big, heavy knife for outdoor activities. That will not cater your purpose and bulldoze your enjoyment in outdoor adventures. A big knife, on the contrary is ideal for batoning and chopping woods to survive dire circumstances.

The size of the knife should depend on the purpose that is cutting ropes, chopping branches, batoning to set up the fire or carving the wood.

2. Tang

If you have ever wondered, what is the best survival knife? The answer is the one with a full tang. A full tang knife can do laborious job with ease. It is potent enough to handle excessive pressure contrary to a partial tang. The full tang knife is strong enough to endure all outdoor activities.

The tang and blade are a solid piece of steel, robust in texture that makes it highly durable. If you have a choice always opt for full tang knives to avoid the hassle of breakage.

3. Handle

A strong handle depends on the manufacturer, and the composition of the handle. Since, there is an array of survival knives in market; it can be difficult to choose one. Remember, the handle of a knife is a crucial factor for your safety.

There are a several handles like rubber, polymer, wood, steel, titanium or a solid synthetic material or micarta. A prime quality handle will offer you a strong grip to control the blade and a cheap quality handle will frequently slip from your hand.

Some of the knives are designed with hollow handles. They offer greater storage space to store items like compass, match sticks, fishing hook, fishing line, needle, and thread.

These knives can be a good choice but not ideal for survival situations. While choosing the perfect knife for your purpose, make sure it has a comfortable handle.

4. Pointed Sharp Tip

This is an important pointer to recognize, while you are shopping for a survival knife. There are various knives which have a hooked, flat, rounded, straight, or has the angled tip. But there are some reasons why the sharp and pointed is essential for a survival knife.

A sharp tip can facilitate in self defense, hunting or arranging food by cutting fruits from trees or removing splinters. Fancy knives or small pocketknives with flat or blunt tip can act as an impediment in executing your survival strategies.

You pointed sharp knife is not only beneficial for hunting but it will be of great help to face unknown dangers hidden in the wild. For instance a sudden attack from a ferocious animal.

Make sure you always select a knife with sharp point for prying, detailed picking, drilling, accessing the live bait, and fragments in hard accessible areas. It is also pivotal for gathering food like acorns, walnut, pine nut and hickory nuts,.

5. Folding And Fixed Blade

The knife with a folding blade is not ideal for the survival situations, and it is not a reliable option. Try to opt for a fixed blade knife. Though, a fixed blade knife is a safer option but it cannot easily fit in your pocket. The multipurpose foldable blades can come handy in outdoor activities.

Whereas, a fixed blade knife is more apt for survival situations as they are strong and more durable. Choose the knife, which is best for rigorous prying, cutting, chopping, pounding, thrusting and gives you a sense of security.

6. Sheath

A quality of a sheath is vital to provide the ultimate protection to your knife. There are mainly three things which you should look for an ideal sheath.

  • An ideal sheath will always have the belt loop. A hole in the lanyard knife is also acceptable.
  • The ideal sheath must have the hole on the tip end of the knife or attachment piece, which can be easily used to strap the knife to the belt or back strap of the backpack.
  • The straps are affected by how the sheath closes around the knife. You must consider the crossover strap, which sheath meets to the handle for maximum efficiency. Look out for a strong, sturdy leather sheath will do the job

7. Material Of The Blade

The material of the blade commonly suggests carbon or stainless steel. It is highly essential to know about the materials and the difference between them so that you can effortlessly decide which one is the best. Nevertheless, each material of the blade comes with its share of positives and negatives.

Stainless steel is known to be indestructible and can efficiently serve you for long durations, without getting rusted.

It also retains the sharpness on its edge for years but the sharpness of the carbon knives is short lived. The carbon knives get rusted earlier without proper maintenance unlike the stainless steel.

If you are going for the cheap one, it is not an issue, but you must always check out the quality and the above factors because the quality is more important than the price.

Because you are choosing the best survival knife for your safety in survival situations, don’t compromise in price. You will need to go through this best survival knife guide for choosing the best one for your life.

Make Out The Best Use Of The Survival Knife

As it has been mentioned above, the survival knives are one of the best versatile pieces of equipment which has ever been made. A survival knife is needed for various tasks in different situations.

Due to its versatility, the survival knife is the first and foremost thing that you should pack in your backpack, before venturing out for hiking, exploring the wild or camping. Here are some common uses of survival knives.

  • Hunting animals
  • Toolmaking
  • Building fires
  • Self-defense
  • Preparation of food
  • Splitting out wood

FAQs on Survival Knives

1. Which Knife Is The Best Survival Knife In The World To Buy?

It quite a robust answer, because everybody wants a knife of the best brands. But above all this, the best survival knife is the one which suits you the best. If you are best with the fixed blade knife, then Smith and Wesson’s high carbon knife will be the best choice for your survival situations or might be foldable.

You will have to decide,which one is best for you. Finally we can say, the blade you can rely 100 percent for various tasks and activities, is the best one in the world. It should help you to deal with wild environment, with minimal tool at your disposal.

2. What Makes The Survival Knife Best?

The best survival knife operates best when you need it. The survival knife which will fit your hand and cannot slide or slip out of your hands will be the best one. The edge of the blade will remain sharp even after many uses. The best survival knife will make you think of a task when it is in your hand.

3. Which Steel Is Known To Be The Best For The Survival Knife?

The best steel for survival knife should be capable of withstanding extreme pressure, not only jobs you use. Everyone wants the steel, which has excellent retention along with its toughness and hardness.

It is also said that everyone wants steel, which has sharpened edges. The 1095 carbon will provide you with all the qualities you need.

4. Which Survival Knife Is Known To Be The Best One In The Market?

The best survival knife is known to be the Smith and Wesson, which is now top listed in the market. It comes with a blade which wraps all around the way up on the spine, sturdy handle, and Omni-directional cutting. This knife is by far the best available in the market as per reviews.

5. Which Is The Best Survival Knife Ever Made To Date?

Ka-Bar UMSC survival knife is the best knife that has been made to date. It has received good ratings from customers and it is actively in business for 70 years. This survival knife is still being used in the armed forces in today’s date.

The Importance Of Survival Knife For Safety In Survival Situations

We have narrowed down all the necessary factors and everything needed to purchase the best Survival knife for you. Proper maintenance and care of your knife, will enable it to serve you for years. Many types of blades on the above list are corrosion and abrasion-resistant.

However, if you still want the company of survival knife in extreme situations, make sure you take care of it before any breakdown. You know that the full knives are dangerous than sharp blades.

Dull knives can easily slip through your hand and can intend to harm you enough. So it is wise to buy a sharp pointed knife which has a good quality sheath.

When you return from your home from a trip, you must wash your knife with soap and warm water. This process will remove dirt, dust, stain or rust. You must dry the handle, blade, and sheath before storing it.

You must keep the knife in a cool and dry place. A survival knife is an effective tool devised specially for outdoor expeditions.