Best Survival Hatchets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Schrade Mini 2. Estwing 3. Wakeman
Schrade Mini Machete Best Survival Hatchet Estwing Sportsman Hatchet Wakeman Camping Hatchet

If you’re searching for a new survival gear in the market, then you have likely come across survival hatchets. 

Picking up the best survival hatchets to deal with an emergency can be tough since there are several brands to select from, and also, every one of them asserts to be the best one.


Size and blade material, construction, design, and handle material all factor towards which Hatchet for survival will finish up being the finest and right choice for you.

Think about whether you need carbon or stainless steel, kind of grip you’ll prefer, and how you’re presuming to make use of the survival hatchet. These elements will help you to decide which Hatchet is the ideal one for you.

Hence, here are few best survival hatchets online that you can choose as per your requirements and budget by going through their in-depth reviews.

Top 15 Best Survival Hatchets 2021

1. Schrade Mini Machete

Schrade Mini Machete Best Survival HatchetSchrade Mini Machete and hatchet combo are ideal for camping, hunting, and all outdoor chores, thus helps you to do your work rightly. The outdoor combination set has excellent value upon two necessary outdoor appliances. The set comes up equipped with a nice hatchet of medium size and a large-sized machete to perform light tasks.

Blades are made out of reliable stainless steel along with black rubber thermoplastic handles. The rubber grip offers you confidence that the blade won’t slip with the safety of finger groves over the Hatchet and an anterior quillon on the large machete.

The Hatchet has an overall length of 11.1 inches, where the blade is 5.6 inches in diameter and weighs about 1lb 5.9 ounces. The machete has a total length of 14.6 inches, and its edge has a range of 8.5 inches weighing 12 ounces. You can easily use the combo set as the tools are made of individual and convenient sheath belts.


  • Good quality
  • Lightweight
  • Handy
  • Durable
  • Superior length
  • Very sharp


  • Some users reported it to be useless.

2. Estwing Sportsman Hatchet

Estwing Sportsman HatchetUsers who’re up for an ideal authentic axe, there comes the Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet. The product offers an extremely traditional design, and its ergonomic handle is superb, so it is currently known to be one of the best survival hatchet. Estwing Hatchet is easy to swing. It can be used in various survival situations.

The Sportsman’s Camping Hatchet is made of all-steel products, and you’ll find out that the model is a sturdy one for thicker logs as well. Estwing molded the complete body of the axe with steel and attached a leather grip on its handle. Thus, you won’t find any compelling reason to break off the Hatchet.

The leather grip on the handle offers enough stability and ergonomics so that you can swing the Hatchet with confidence. Further, the construction also presents an authentic execution when you need to hammer. You need not worry regarding the damage caused to the tail end of the handle since it is robust as your pound.


  • Top-notch material construction
  • Leather provides grip to swing.
  • Quite an ergonomic axe
  • Standard quality sheath


  • Product may have some metallic defects

3. Wakeman Camping Hatchet

Wakeman Camping HatchetWakeman Outdoor has brought forward a new tactical survival and cutting equipment for your outside requirements. Wakeman Camping Hatchet is a razor-edged axe combination that comprises of a hand saw which caches in the complex support besides a life-saver fire starter.

The axe consists of a three-inch blade with whose edge you’ll love working through firewood and small trees out there in the field. The complex support is durable and light and behaves as storage for the hand saw. All these items are free-standing on the inside of the headcover that comprises a slot for belt clip, fire starter, and carry support.

Boating, hiking, camping, or hunting will make you feel that you’re carrying the most lightweight and versatile tactical equipment.


  • Worth buying
  • The set consists of multiple tools.
  • Durable blade
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to use
  • Provides stability and strength


  • May break after several uses

4. Liantral Axe Multi-Tool

Liantral Axe Multi-ToolLIANTRAL Axe Multi-tool Hatchet Survival Kit is a complete survival kit that has been developed upon a practical two-in one concept of axe and hammer. Its detachable compass is fixed in the compass, a sharp-edged hammerhead, and saw blade with a knife, whistle with flint makes it an ideal tool for survival in outdoor camping trips.

A LIANTRAL survival kit can be a great companion for those survival and camping friends you have. The camping axe has lots of mystery in its black design, while the hammer of the survival axe is known to break all hard stuff. You may even use the Hatchet as a tactical axe as is a portable military folding axe with adjustable handles, sheath, and sharp blade.

The survival axe is ideal for almost everyone, gardeners, first responders, campers, hikers, hunters, and survivalists. Its extension bars and handle are made of aluminum alloy, whereas its head is made out of steel.


  • Made of excellent quality materials
  • Adjustable handles
  • Portable and compact sheath
  • Multi-tool set


  • Not long-lasting
  • Flimsy

5. Schrade Stainless Steel Axe

Schrade Stainless Steel AxeIf you are looking for a lightweight hatchet for regular purpose, Schrade SCAXE2 hatchet is an ideal choice that costs less than $40. Whether you’re after an outdoor adventure, hunter or camper, this handy survival hatchet is perfect to full all your purpose. The Hatchet’s overall length is 11.8 inches, while the blade is 3.8 inches long and holds a weight of one pound and 6.4ounces.

The blade of this hatchet is composed of reliable stainless steel coated with titanium and has a glass-made handle resistant and flexible to cold. It’s handle is made of black rubber that provides a comfortable grip to its users and even ensures the tool does not fall off your hand while swinging.

The Hatchet also has a fire-starter rod that is situated in between the handle and the tail also comprises of a hammer pommel. It is designed to perform moderate to mild tasks such as cutting branches and chopping wood.


  • Extremely sharp blade
  • Lightweight and Easy to use
  • Affordable Cost


  • Quite a thick edge
  • Cannot perform the heavy-duty task

6. Fiskars Hatchet

Fiskars HatchetFiskars Hatchet is developed for an ideal balance so that you can experience the highest potential to weight ratio and speed the swing remarkably. This high speed and stability permit you to receive a finer sway accompanied with more chopping ability and power. Fiskars are the best survival hatchets 14-inch handle stronger than steel, optimal strength to weight ratio, and most delicate blade design.

Fiskars Hatchet comes up with patented blade grinding automation, which offers a sharper edge to cut things to receive a cleaner cut in every single instance. The technology also aids in creating better exposure towards the wood to obtain a better trim.

This option comes up with a low friction coated blade that aids your energy through the hatchet wood and also prevents the head of the Hatchet to get stuck within the tree wood. The Hatchet further will help you to avert strains on your body as you need not apply force to pull the Hatchet out of the tree when it gets stuck.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • An added cover for the blade head
  • One to two swing tasks
  • Lightweight and Sensible design
  • Blade coating averts head to get stuck.
  • Enhances sharper cuts


  • Narrow head
  • Not weather resistant
  • Irreplaceable handle

7. Gerber Black Hatchet

Gerber Black HatchetIf you’re looking for a camping axe that is truly small but still helps you to complete your task, then Gerber Black Hatchet is the right and ideal choice for you. The axe head with forged steel has a razor-edged blade which continues to stay sharp even after several frequent uses.

The blade is coated with PTFE, which helps to reduce friction amongst the wood and the edge; thus, you conclude chopping in-depth with minimum effort. The knife also indicates that it won’t get stuck with the tree wood like any other axe. Its composite handle is shock-permeable. Thus, it offers comfort to your hand unexpectedly succeeding long chopping period.

The imposing chopping activity you receive is even more astonishing when you feature it that the model weighs only 1.21 lbs. The Hatchet has an overall length of 9 inches that makes it ideal for using single-handedly. Furthermore, the performance and packability of the compact survival axe moreover make up for the Hatchet.


  • PTFE coated blade
  • Reduced friction
  • Portable and Easily fits in backpacks.


  • Plastic holder is bulky.

8. Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet

Estwing Sportsman’s HatchetEstwing Sportsman’s Axe is developed in the USA along with leather grip and steel handle. It is the best option available for individuals seeking a long-lasting and high-quality hatchet. The head of the Hatchet flares out and has an extraordinary length cutting surface.

Furthermore, the axe even comes up with a mirror finish to fulfill three motives: resists corrosion, looks beautiful, and reduces friction. The Estwing Sportsman’s 14-inch axe comprises of hoarded leather spaces on the steel that reduces shock and makes the survival hatchet more comfortable for you to use.

Estwing Sportsman’s Hatchet is very durable and is made of ballistic heavy-duty nylon sheath thoroughly. You don’t have to worry regarding the handle since it is built-in one-piece. It is an extravagant hatchet, and it’s worth is discovered best for users who’re seeking a robust, reliable, and beautiful hatchet that is long-lasting.


  • Created in America
  • Tempered for power
  • Polished and hand sharpened
  • Forged with standard quality materials
  • Added sheath for head


  • Susceptible to rust
  • Not good for heavier task.

9. Best Choice Survival Hatchet

Best Choice Survival HatchetFor hunters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts, there some standard hatchets available in the present market at affordable rates with several benefits like the Best Choice Outdoor Camp Survival Hatchet.

The Hatchet is built for splitting and chopping wood, including medium and small logs and trees. It comes up with a twenty-ounce drop made alloy steel blade with a length of 3.5 inches and a heat-treated high-frequency pre-grinded cutting edge. The camping axe has an overall length of 14 inches.

The Best Choice Camping Survival Hatchet has superb strength of weight ratio to power permitting for chopping strength and extreme swinging speed, thereby making it the best survival hatchet for splitting wood. The Hatchet even comes up with a rust prone coating, which makes it a durable axe.


  • Heat-treated blade
  • Anti-shock and anti-slip design
  • Rest-resistant coating
  • Firm and comfortable rubber grip


  • Excessive lightweight

10. Schrade Survival Axe-Saw Combo

Schrade Survival Axe-Saw ComboSchrade Mini Axe-saw Combination is ideal for searching for a portable and simple design because of its ergonomic design and compact size, and an added saw with the Hatchet. The axe-saw combo is an attractive and ergonomic choice.

The blade is made with stainless steel coated with Ti-Nitride, and the handle or the body of the Hatchet is made of a plush black rubber grip. Schrade mini combo has a compact size flaunting a length of 12 inches and weighs only 1.5 pounds and is the best choice for regular traveling purposes.

The product is made of the right quality materials and is demanded by most users for its size and portability.


  • Rubberized body
  • Compact size
  • Lanyard supported blade cover.
  • Added saw and hammer


  • Suitable for small tasks
  • Petite handle for some

11. Edward Tools Survival Hatchet

Edward Tools Survival HatchetEdward Tool Survival Hatchet with sheath is built up with a carbon steel head that stays sharp and stays longer. The camping hatchet is perfect for chopping medium to small logs and kindling while hunting and camping. The Hatchet has a steady weight ratio for comfortable use and enhanced swing momentum.

The camping hatchet comprises a rubber sheath, which is simple to take off and put on. The swift detach-attach rubber sheath maintains the blade safe and sharp when it is not being used. The handle is enough grippy and thus provides safe and comfortable use.

Edward Survival Hatchet has an overall length of 15 inches, and the blade is five ¾ inches long.


  • Ergonomic, comfortable cushion grip
  • Rubber covered Fiberglass handle shaft.
  • Shockproof
  • Anti-bending
  • Non-slippery grip
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Standard quality axe
  • Worth buying


  • No protector

12. Stansport Survival Hatchet

Stansport Survival HatchetStansport Survival Hatchet is the best survival hatchet all outdoor activities and is recommended for all outdoor enthusiasts. The survival hatchet has a spark flint ignitor and an extent of adaptable paracord covered over the handle for all emergency purposes.

You can easily and quickly light a fireplace in your backyard or the backcountry with the provided spark flint ignitor. Stansport Survival Hatchet is built of steel and has a feature of 96-inch paracord. The Hatchet’s overall length is 9.75 inches, while the blade has a diameter of 3.5 inches.


  • Sharp and durable Hatchet
  • Storage sheath
  • Perfect for emergency cases
  • Very sturdy
  • Additional tools are not that good.


  • Handle is very small.

13. Pathway North Multi-Tool Shovel

Pathway North Multi-Tool ShovelPATHWAY NORTH survival Hatchet is made of stainless steel with a mixture of carbon and chromium, thereby making it rust-resistant and ultra-reliable. Razor-sharp blades of both spade and axe head form mincemeat of various chopping projects.

You can make use of the jagged size of this portable shovel for sawing across steep terrain like branches, vines or roots. The shovel has been designed for several useful functions for all outdoor enthusiasts and isn’t an everyday entrenching tool.

With a sharp blade and non-slip ergonomic design, the head of the axe is perfect for all kinds of outdoor pursuits and thus is considered to be the best survival hatchet.

You may sue the shovel for breaking out of your vehicle, using it as a hammer, trimming down tree branches, and splitting firewood. The axe and shovel combo folds up and fits ideally into canvas, camo, and a tactical waist bag.


  • Sharpened side for cutting and chopping
  • Weather-resistant
  • Has protective cover
  • Multifunctional knife
  • Optimal size offers excellent portability.
  • Provides ultimate security
  • Compact design
  • Non-slip ergonomic grip
  • Versatile


  • Not that sturdy
  • Breaks easily

14. Camilus Camtrax 3-in-1

Camilus Camtrax 3-in-1Camilus Camtrax Survival Hatchet has a feature of stainless steel titanium hatchet that has a blade length of 2.7s inches and a hammer end, while its overall length is 12 inches. The saw blade present in the hatched swiftly folds up and locks inside the handle when the Hatchet is not being used.

Camilus Camtrax handle is made out of a rugged and lightweight glass made nylon. There’s an additional molded sheath that snaps into the area to give protection to the Hatchet’s head when it is not being used. The sheath also features a bottle opener and a belt clip. Furthermore, it provides grip when you’re making use of the saw.


  • Three in one tool
  • Multi-purpose grip
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for camping
  • Ergonomic
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Creates vibrations

15. Promithi Wolf Head Camping Hatchet

Promithi Wolf Head Camping HatchetPromithi Wolf Head Camping Hatchet has an overall length of 13 inches with a blade length of 6.6 inches weighing almost 2 lbs. The nylon blade sheath of the camping hatchet has snap closure fortified. That blade has been forged with high carbon steel along with a firmness of HRC 56.

You may make use of the blade’s chiseled edge for picking and the curved edge of the dual-ended blade for breaking apart wood. The nicely sanded timber utilized in the hatchet handle with carved blossom forms an ergonomic and aesthetical design.

Furthermore, the wolf head carved on the hatchet blade offers an extraordinary design to the Hatchet. Promithi Camping axe is the best survival hatchet used for distinct purposes like hiking, hunting, camping, tactical training, military, or even fire rescue.


  • Ergonomic and aesthetical design
  • Useful for outdoor activities
  • Used in military and fire rescue
  • Very sharp blade


  • Recommended for individuals over 18 years

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Survival Hatchet

Here are some factors provided that you should go through when you’re determining which Hatchet for survival is the best for your requirements:

1. Blade Construction And Material

There are two distinct kinds of blade materials are used to make the perfect the Hatchet. While there are even several other kinds of materials used for construction but these two are mostly used for blade formation:

High carbon steel: They are known to be remarkably resilient over the blades made of stainless steel because of their substance being that of granule structure. They don’t retain their edge in as much as the blades of stainless steel do. Furthermore, high carbon steel equipment is susceptible to corrosion when unveiled to the elements.

Stainless steel: Sadly, blades made out of stainless steel are not that durable like high carbon steel. Also, stainless steel blades are tough to sharpen over their equivalent steel. Nevertheless, they are resistant to weather and are notably less vulnerable to corrosion. Stainless steel blades are also known to confine their edge for a longer time over high carbon steel blades.

2. Handle Material

It is indispensable to think about what kind of handle material will suit your requirements. As you’ve seen so far that handle of Hatchet are mainly made using three types of content:

Leather: Leather is a ubiquitous material used for the hands of Hatchet. Leather gives a classic look to the Hatchet, which is comfortable to grasp and even offers you a firm, secure grip. Leather is poor to maintain in rainy weather situation, so keep this point in mind while you purchase a survival hatchet.

Rubber: Rubber composed hatchet handles provides any user with the most comfortable grip. They even perform superbly in rainy weather conditions and prevent the handle from slipping from your hand under every circumstance. Though rubber isn’t the best concerning aesthetics, you’re guaranteed to get a comfortable and secured grip.

Hickory: You’ll simply adore the traditional view of hickory handles when you’re up for aesthetics. Hickory is the most common material utilized to design hatchet handles as they’re classic. But hickory doesn’t provide much comfort, unlike the rubber hatchet handles.

3. Comfort

Comfort matters the most when you think regarding the purchase of Hatchet for survival. With regards to the best survival hatchet, the handle or its body should be comfortable to ensure that you can perform any task without any annoyance or fuss from the poorly developed handles. The comfort level of the handle grip matters a lot.

4. Material

You should always purchase a hatchet made with standard materials. You’re guaranteed to receive the worth of your money when you choose the best quality hatchet. You’ll immediately identify the durability and lifespan of the Hatchet when you opt for a cheap one.

5. Accuracy

Accuracy is another factor that you should contemplate while purchasing a hatchet. Ascertaining the accuracy must be dependent on your deliberate use.

Some users only require one Hatchet for regular outdoor pursuits or even for backup while other individuals need it for hobbies or some work purpose. Whatever be your purpose for using hatchets, you should always keep in mind its accuracy level.

6. Durability

Choose a hatchet which intends to last. A standard hatchet for survival should be impact resistant and weather resistant. Usually, the larger, traditional survival hatchets are known to last longer and have the highest durability, but smaller and compact hatchets are durable.

It is also wise to consider the design of your Hatchet to determine its life span, or in case you’re not that sure regarding its durability level.

7. Effectiveness

There are various factors you may consider to decide the effectiveness of your survival hatchet. You need to consider the frequency, usage, and needs, as mentioned previously, to determine whether the Hatchet you’ve bought will be sufficient for your requirements.

Nevertheless, if you’re still indecisive, you should go for one with stainless or high carbon steel head or the one made with a combination to avoid possible breakage of the handle head.

8. Ease Of Use

Possessing a survival hatchet that is very tough to use has no secure design and is extra large for simple strikes that can defeat yours from the purpose of buying the product. Though the factor is a bit subjective, it is also a matter of concern.

So look into the reviews of the Hatchet before purchasing one. Check whether average users have been able to manage the Hatchet for survival and thereby enjoy the product to make sure you’ve made the right choice for you.

9. Portability

Hatchets are designed in a way to be portable, and its definition varies from user to user based on their requirements. Before purchasing a hatchet of your choice, it is essential to consider the reason behind its purchase. Also, think about where you intend to store the Hatchet.

These two features shall make you realize the definition of portability to you. Some prefer to keep smaller equipment in their backpack while others prefer a slightly larger one to store in their car or kit. So the decision to purchase the Hatchet ultimately depends on the user.

10. Brand

You must give a thought to the brand when you’re about to choose a hatchet. You’ve always been suggested to do a quick search online regarding the brand to make sure of their reputation amongst all customers and the market.

Online survivalist communities or outdoor reaction are very outspoken in their most trusted and favorite brands, so you may review their community forum online if you wish to purchase one. You may vet through the reviews provided on Amazon and buy the best survival hatchet there itself.

11. Size

Size is another crucial factor that you should consider before purchasing a hatchet for survival. On average, the size of the handle is about 12 inches, weighing 1.5 pounds, yet some of them can be unusually smaller. A broad hatchet has a construction similar to a smaller axe with 20 inches long handle weighing 1.5 to 2 pounds.

Depending on your considered use, the handle size of the survival hatchet should be taken into consideration. Nonetheless, keep in mind that even the smaller hatchets can be as well-equipped and robust to suit the requirements of a regular user.

12. Weather Resistance

Weather-resistant is another crucial factor that you should examine before purchasing the Hatchet. As mentioned earlier, the head or blade and handle vary much from the Hatchet. Knives made out of stainless steel are superb to avoid corrosion while the blade made of high carbon steel is vulnerable to corrosion.

Furthermore, handles made of rubber provide you a better grip in wet conditions while the leather tends to fail. Hickory can work in dual weather conditions; however, you need to make sure whether it is wrapped for durability and better grip.

How The Best Survival Hatchets Can Benefit You

Possessing the best survival hatchet from the above list of products is beneficial in both camping and survival situations, as they are incredibly versatile. Here are some methods that you may take advantage of by adding them to your daily carry:

1. For Self-Defense

Hatchet is designed in a unique way that can be thrown offensively for self-defense. But this requires enough practice as it can protect you from close quarter combat against wild animals. They’re easy to swing and sharp and are even utilized to sharpen stakes to create weapons in the wild.

2. For Gathering

make collecting firewood very simple and also help in managing edible weeds, roots, and saplings. The blades allow cutting through stalks effortlessly. The Hatchet even helps you cut through cartilage, bone, and there enables you to skin the animal.

3. For Establishing Shelter

The best Hatchet for survival can be used to hammer stakes apart from cutting wood into proper length. The end of the blade is generally a good hammer, and a maximum of those hatchets are well-built to deal with this type of application. You require to sheath the hatchet blade before begin hammering.

FAQs on Survival Hatchets

1. Can I Use A Hatchet To Split Wood?

Yes! Nonetheless, hatchets cannot cut down the whole tree are neither serve for the purpose. To be specific, hatchets are used to carry out smaller intentions. So the Hatchet can split woods, but this wood is mostly splitting all precut logs into smaller ones.

2. Do I Require A Hatchet?

The answer to the question is subjective since carrying a hatchet depends on your lifestyle and requirement. Most individuals don’t require a hatchet. Nevertheless, if you’re an outdoor fanatic that discovers themselves camping, hunting, hiking, and scouting often or even a survivalist assembling a survival kit, a survival hatchet is undoubtedly something to contemplate purchasing as it includes your essential list.

3. How Long Is The Handle Of A Survival Hatchet?

The Hatchet’s length depends upon the handle size. Some handles range from about 10 to 12 inches, whereas others can vary up to 19 and 22 inches or even more.

4. How To Sharpen A Hatchet?

There are three methods to sharpen a hatchet for survival. You may sharpen the blade using a file, and there push six to ten strokes alongside. Alternatively, you can make use of a whetstone to shove about ten to twelve strokes on either side of the blade.

Use of a rotator tool when you want to sharpen the Hatchet quickly or require a lightweight sharpener of the Hatchet blade.

5. What’s The Most Excellent Steel Grade For Survival Hatchets?

Most of the Hatchet for survival is made out of stainless steel. However, there lies a difference between high-quality and mediocre hatchets, which is the steel grade used to design them. Blades made of carbon steel sharpen well, retain a sharp edge for a long duration, and are very tough.

Best Survival Hatchet Holds Great Significance

After going through this detailed review on survival hatchets, you can see that the tomahawks are incredibly versatile for survival, so every outdoor enthusiast must own a survival hatchet. The Hatchet can be used as a fire starter, survival weapon, tool to cut a branch, or even as a temporary hammer.

Furthermore, hatchets can conveniently replace survival knives to kill any wild animal in a time of emergency. Indeed, there’s no lack of usage when the discussion is regarding the best survival hatchet and is a necessary tool for every outdoorsman.

If you’re still not discovered the best Hatchet for survival for your requirement, then you’re highly advised to go through the review again. Ultimately, you’ll always be grateful to hold a hatchet beside the knife in any survival situation.