Best Survival First Aid Kits 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. First Aid Only 2. Lifeline AAA 3. Johnson & Johnson
First Aid Only Best Survival First Aid Kit Lifeline AAA First Aid Kit Portable Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit

Survival is an instinct that is programmed in the human brain. Any survival knows the fact that there are several factors, which help one not only to stay alive but get comfortable living even in the harshest place.

Indeed, the gears, technology and medical advancements have made life more convenient. But having a first aid kit while you are out on a jungle adventure is a must thing to have.


We have strived to provide you with the best survival first aid kits whenever we go off to trek, backpack, or even the one you can keep in the kitchen.

While buying a first aid kit, some rely on an expert’s opinion or go for a readymade kit as per their requirements. In this guide, however, you are sure to get vital knowledge that you need to know. The best first aid kit for survival will not let you down in the time of crisis.

Top 25 Best Survival First Aid Kits 2021

1. First Aid Only All-Purpose First Aid Kit

First Aid Only Best Survival First Aid KitIf you are looking for a handy EDC first aid kit, then this all-purpose kit from First Aid Only will put a smile on your face. With 298 essential first aid items, all neatly packed in a 9.5 inch by 7.25-inch nylon flap bag, this kit contains all the vital supplies to treat minor bruises, aches, and burns.

The clear plastic liner helps you stay organized with the supplies being kept as per your preference. This easy to carry, portable and organized emergency first aid kit can be stored in your home or be your travel partner in your backpack.

The pack includes 30 adhesive fabric bandages, 82 adhesive plastic bandages of different sizes, 75 Alcohol Wipes, 14 Antibiotic Ointment Packets, 0.9g: 6 Aluminized Rescue Blanket, 1 Aspirin Tablets, 6 Burn Gel Packet, 1/8 oz, 1 Butterfly Wound Closures, 3 BZK Antiseptic Towelettes, 15 Cold Pack, 1 Conforming Gauze Roll, 1 Cotton Tipped Applicators, 10 Disposable Thermometer, 1 Extra-Strength Non-Aspirin Tablets, 6 Finger Splint/Tongue Depressor, 2 Fingertip Fabric Bandages, 4 First Aid Cream Packets, 0.9g: 2 First Aid Guide, 1 First Aid Tape, 2 Ibuprofen Tablets, 6 Knuckle Fabric Bandages, 4 Moleskin (Blister Prevention), 3 Nitrile Exam Gloves, 2 Patch Plastic Bandages, 1 Scissors, 1 Sterile Gauze Pads, 6 Sterile Gauze Pads, 4 Sterile Gauze Pads, 2 Sting Relief Wipes, 3 Trauma Pad, and 1 tweezer.


  • Lightweight and portable first aid kit
  • Contains 298 essential survival supplies
  • Contains cold pack for taking care of swelling
  • Emergency aluminum blanket to prevent hypothermia
  • Comes with clear plastic liners to help you stay organized
  • Have 196 bandages ideal for scrapes and cuts


  • Should have included sterile gloves
  • Some of the tablets come with less than a year expiry date

2. Lifeline AAA First Aid Kit

Lifeline AAA First Aid KitThe Lifeline’s AAA quality hard shell zip case is not only compact but handy and durable. The hard shell prevents the materials from getting damaged or misplaced. The kit features 121 essential emergency supplies like bandages, pain relief ointments and tablets that are easy to refill.

If you have not much idea about what should be part of your emergency travel supply, then this one is a good beginner’s kit. Whether you are treating self-injury or taking care of a friend, this kit will surely be a lifesaver in your time of emergency.

The kit boasts of tweezers, 1 whistle, scissors, 4 vinyl gloves (2 pair), 1 knuckle bandage, 20 alcohol prep pads 10 cotton tip applicators, 3 sting relief pads, 9 antiseptic towelettes, and 2 triangular bandages.

You will also find 1 5 x 9 inch combine dressing, 20 3/8 x 1 1/2 inch bandages, 10 butterfly bandages, 20 standard adhesive bandages, and 2 knee/elbow bandage. Further, you will get 1-4 inch x 4-inch sterile gauze pad, 3 3 x 3-inch sterile gauze pads, 6 2 x 2-inch sterile gauze pads, 1 2 inch gauze roll, 1 carabineer, and 2 adhesive tapes. You also get a first aid instruction manual along with the kit to help you understand the use of each item better along with how to use them.


  • Ideal carry kit with the hard case
  • Comes with ISO certification
  • The kit is ideal for beginners and experts alike
  • Has vinyl gloves
  • Contains a whistle to help you call for aid
  • Contains 121 essential survival supplies
  • Has space for adding extra items like pens and notepads


  • The vinyl liners can tear easy
  • Mesh pockets would have been a more useful addition

3. Portable Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit

Portable Johnson & Johnson First Aid KitBeing a household name for years, Johnson & Johnson was the first to come up with the idea of the first aid kit. No doubt, it is the best survival first aid kits; you cannot go wrong in trusting a pioneer. The company has made this 140-piece kit in a bright red case which is easy to carry and keep in your backpack.

The sturdy case comes with a handle that makes carrying it around quickly, and it contains the basics that are required to treat minor injuries, bruises, and swelling. This kit provides the best first aid until further medical assistance is available.

The kit contains all the essential medical supplies like cleansing wipes, different sort of bandages for different needs, gauze pads and rolled gauzes, Band-Aids (both the adhesive and non-adhesive kind), Tylenol acetaminophen caplets, an instant cold pack from Bengay, 2 pairs of gloves, antibiotic cream, Benadryl anti-itching cream, a full size 0.5 oz. Neosporin cream and the dosage strength comes attached to the back of the pack.


  • Hard carry case for durability
  • Easy to close and open
  • Compact in size and lightweight
  • Contains all the essential tropical creams for pain relief
  • Perfect for a family with little kids
  • Bright red color for easy visibility
  • Proper instructions and drug details are provided at the back


  • A bit expensive
  • Burn relief cream not included

4. Be Smart Get Prepared 50 People First Aid Kit

Be Smart Get Prepared 50 People First Aid KitEvery office or school requires a proper first aid kit to treat minor wounds. If you are looking for a durable, reliable, and easy to store EDC first aid kit then the OSHA compliant kit from Be Smart Get Prepared should be under your consideration.

This kit is suitable to treat 50 people and comes with 250 essential medical supplies to stop bleeding, control swelling, burn treatment creams, and address every minor wound. The kit is prepared in compliance with OSHA and FDA approved.

The case is made of plastic that is sturdy and has a wall bracket to make it easily accessible. The kit is also compartmentalized so that it is easy to locate the needed supply.

This sturdy plastic case comes packed with 21 antiseptic towelettes, 24 alcohol prep pads, 10 non-aspirin tablets, 8 antacid tablets, and 10 aspirin tablets. Not to mention, 2 instant cold packs, 6 ointment packets, 6 burn cream packets, 3 sting relief prep pads, 5 finger splints, and 10 cotton tip applicators.

Also, you will find 1 scissors, 1 tweezer, 10 safety pins, 4 examination gloves, 20 adhesive bandages, 30 adhesive bandages, 5 butterfly closures, 5 knuckle bandages, 2 oval eye pads, 40 adhesive bandages, 1 paper tape roll, 10 sterile gauze pads, 1 gauze roll, 1 sterile trauma pad, 11 sterile gauze pads, 1 triangular bandage, and 1 first aid instruction guide.


  • The case is sturdy and durable
  • Contains 250 essential supplies
  • Ideal for traveling and offices
  • Is FDA approved
  • Has side latches that allow easy access to contents without the need to open the whole box
  • Has airtight rubber gasket that provides better protection for the contents
  • Compartments make accessing supplies easier


  • Latches tend to get stuck
  • Some find the plastic build to be cheap looking

5. Lifeline Compact 85-piece First Aid Kit

Lifeline Compact 85-piece First Aid KitThe first aid kit is always a significant step to provide immediate relief from the pain until medical assistance reaches. The Lifeline compact and portable first aid kit are just what you would require when the crisis comes. It is a basic kit that comes with all the essential supplies to treat wounds, swellings, and stop bleeding.

The foam shell case is durable and robust enough to be carried along traveling or storing in the car. The company’s experience in the industry has helped them to come up with the best first aid kit for survival which also comes with FDA approval.

The kit features 85 essential medical emergency supplies: a carabiner, 1 emergency whistle, tweezer, scissors, 2 vinyl gloves, 10 3/4″ x 3″ bandages, 1 2″ Conforming gauze roll, and 14 alcohol prep pads.

You will get 3 sting relief pads, 6 Antiseptic novelettes, 20 3/8″ by1 1/2″ bandages, 1 Triangle bandage, 1 knuckle bandage, 2 knee/elbow bandages, 10 wound closure strips, 7 Sterile gauze pads, 1 5″x9″ combine dressing, 1 1/2″ adhesive tape roll, and an instruction manual.

This basic kit helps even the most unprepared traveler to not only provide primary treatment for self but also take care of others.


  • The sturdy and durable foam shell case
  • Lightweight and portable first aid kit
  • Comes with 85 essential supplies
  • Comes with an emergency whistle
  • Has a carabiner making it attachable to backpacks
  • Mesh pouches to make space for extra supplies


  • Is pretty standard and cannot treat burns or other serious issues
  • Some find the supplies to be a bit lacking

6. Coleman 27 Pieces Mini First Aid Kit

Coleman 27 Pieces Mini First Aid KitTravel first aid kits should be compact, sturdy, and contain essentials that will tend to minor injuries while trekking or mountain climbing. The Coleman mini first aid kit is one such survival first aid kit perfect for the solo traveler to be free from wounds and pain while exploring the world.

The reusable tin case is made from recycled metal and crush free. You can travel with ease of mind of not having your kit all disorganized and strewn in your backpack. The case also comes with the universal Red Cross sign embossed on the cover making its identification easy.

The ifak contents in this kit are 6 bandages, 4 small bandages, 2 butterfly bandages, 2 spot bandages, 2 knuckle bandages, 1 large safety pin, 1 small safety pin, 3 antiseptic wipes, 2 sting relief wipes, 2 antibiotic ointments, and 1 razor blade.

All the bandages are made from latex-free materials, thus preventing any potential allergies. You will glad to know all of these are safely tucked in a reusable tin case.


  • Ideal for single person use
  • Made of recycled metal
  • It is eco-friendly and durable
  • The kit contains all the essentials to treat minor wounds
  • All bandages are latex-free
  • Compact and lightweight first aid case


  • Some of the supplies’ expiry dates are not too far
  • The kit is too basic for many backpackers

7. First Aid Only Essential

First Aid Only EssentialIf you are looking to add an EDC first aid kit to your preppers list, then the 57 essential supplies first aid kit from First Aid Only will end your search. The contents are sufficient to treat ten people. It is a handy kit to store in the house or carry it with you in your car.

The convenient plastic kit is weatherproof, which makes it an ideal travel companion. The kit is also compatible with the ANSI and OSHA guidelines making it universally safe. The addition of burn ointments and antibiotic creams adds to the broad effectiveness of the kit.

The kit features 16 adhesive plastic bandages, 10 BZK antiseptic towelettes, 1 2″ conforming gauze roll, 2 fingertip fabric bandages, 1 5 yards first-aid tape, and 6 first aid/burn cream packets. Not to mention, 2 knuckle fabric bandages, 4 nitrile exam gloves, and 1 pair of scissors.

You will also get 4 nitrile sterile gauze pads, 1 trauma pad, 1 triangular bandage, 6 triple antibiotic ointment packets, 1 tweezer, and 1 first aid guide. The kit’s interior is thermoformed, making it the perfect size with the contents fitting inside perfectly.


  • Contains the essential medical supplies
  • 57 items well suited to treat ten people
  • The weatherproof case is the perfect travel kit
  • Wall mounting option makes it easily accessible in offices and homes
  • The products are natural and free from latex


  • The case quality could be made better
  • The plastic tweezers are not of much help

8. Lifeline Light First Aid Kit

Lifeline Light First Aid KitThis 57 pieces kit is perfect for keeping it at home or carries along while traveling. This Lifeline’s light first aid kit contains the essentials for treating minor wounds and bruises. The bag is soft case and light in weight.

The casing is not waterproof, but the supplies come packed in a Ziploc pouch that prevents the supplies from getting drenched. If you have kids who are part of scouts, then they will appreciate this kit because it is easy to carry.

The kit features 5 Wound Closure Strips, Durable Rip-Stop Carry Bag, 2 Antiseptic Towelettes, First Aid Guide, Vinyl Gloves Pair, Tweezers, Mole Skin, 2 Sting Relief Pad, Hydrocortisone Ointment, 2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 3 Cotton Tipped Applicators, 2 Alcohol Prep Pad, 2 Iodine Prep Pad, 10 Bandages, 5 3/8″x1-1/2″ Bandages, 2 Knuckle Bandages, 2 Non-Adherent Dressing, 2 Sterile Gauze Pad, 2 Sterile Gauze Pad, Adhesive Tape, 2 Ibuprofen Tablets (2-pack), 2 Acetaminophen Tablets ( 2-pack), 3 Safety Pins, and 2 antihistamine tablets.


  • The kit is lightweight and compact
  • Comes with all the basic needs of first aid
  • Contents are packed in separate Ziploc pouches
  • The kit has extra space for adding few more supplies
  • The expiry dates are mentioned clearly
  • Can be clipped on to the side of backpacks


  • The tweezers and scissors can be made better
  • There are some inaccuracies in the first aid guide provided

9. Survival First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid KitThe kit is heralded as one of the best survival first aid kits. You can look up the ratings to verify this claim. The FDA approved kit is more like a small backpack with removable panels, which adds the option to expand the kit with more items.

The back has four sections with the middle two being the essential sections and the extreme panels being removable. Each section comes with separate components which are labeled. The kit is water-resistant and durable, making them perfect to be stored in cars or be added to the office first aid kit collection. The labeling not just provides the name of the supply but details of usage and number in the kit.

The emergency panel includes 1 CPR kit, 10 skin cleaning wipes, 1 sterile dressing, 4 conforming cotton bandages with one of them being 5cm x 1.8m, 15 cotton gauze swabs, 1 emergency foil blankets, 4 sterile eye pads, 5 hydrogel, 1 hypoallergenic adhesive tape, 1 ice pack, 5 nitrile gloves, 1 crepe pressure bandage, 6 safety pins, 3 plastic bags, and 1 snake bandage.


  • Is easy to carry and store
  • Comes with a color-coded component with each part labeled properly
  • Contains a CPR kit
  • Removable panels make every day travel easy
  • Durable and can withstand harsh conditions
  • Comes with a personalized mesh for adding more items


  • Does not contain antiseptic wipes even though list mentions it
  • Zipper quality can be made better

10. Coleman Metal First Aid Kid

Coleman Metal First Aid KidIf you are looking for a sturdy and compact personal first aid kit, then the Coleman First Aid Kit can be added to your list. The container is reusable, thanks to its metal hinges that make opening and closing the lid easy. You can add a few extra items as per your needs.

The universal cross sign is added to the tin to make it easily recognizable no matter where you go. This tin is perfect to be attached to your kid’s trip backpack as it contains all the essential supplies needed to tend to minor injuries and cuts.

The best thing about the packaging is that while the body is made from the recycled tin, it provides excellent protection to the content within and does not crush easy.

The 74 piece kit features 5 antiseptic wipes, 3 sting relief wipes, 2 antibiotic ointment, 6 latex-free bandages, 6 latex-free small bandages, 4 latex-free butterfly bandages, 2 latex-free spot bandages, and 2 latex-free knuckle bandages. You will also get 2 safety pins (1 inch and 2-inch versions), 1 razor blade, and all of these comes within a reusable tin container.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with all the necessary first aid supplies
  • The metallic body prevents supplies from damage
  • Has a waterproof match set making it ideal for camping
  • Has space for extra medications to be included


  • The tin can get dented if hit hard

11. Asatechmedinc Emergency First Aid Kit

Asatechmedinc Emergency First Aid KitEmergencies are always unexpected, but if you stay prepared, you can avert the worst part. This kit is hailed as one of the best survival medical kits because it is a tactical first aid kit to suit situations where the need to stop the bleeding is critical. This military-grade molle pouch is lightweight.

It has necessary 20 pieces that will help people with basic first aid knowledge to apply the right equipment and stop a person from bleeding profusely, especially with the inclusion of a windlass tourniquet. The kit also comes with EMT trauma shears that will help in removing clothes without aggravating the injury further.

The kit includes two straight hemostats, scissors, no.3 scalpels, suture set, needle probe, antiseptic BZK wipes, a curved hemostat, tweezers, scalpel blades, holder, alcohol wipes, and pupil gauze penlight. This kit is a must-have if you are a frequent hiker or travel a lot by cars.


  • Contains stainless steel EMT trauma shears
  • Has a windlass tourniquet
  • Is lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for performing minor surgeries on-site
  • The pouch has space for adding more sterile sutures
  • Is affordable


  • The stitches of the sides should be made better
  • The strap comes off easily

12. Ust Outdoor Survival First Aid Kit

Ust Outdoor Survival First Aid KitIf you are a frequent camper or hiker, then you will find these 22 pieces EDC first aid kit not only lightweight but useful. Camping and hiking frequently involve minor cuts and bleeding, but having an instant kit to tend your injury will save the day.

With a dimension of 4.75″ x 3.75″ x 1.5″ and weighing just 4 oz. This clipped first aid kit is a perfect companion for your adventures. The carabiner and cord make the kit be attached to the backpack externally, but given the build of the polycarbonate case of the kit, it is durable, weatherproof, and shatterproof.

The kit features 10 adhesive bandages, 2 alcohol prep pads, 3 antiseptic towelettes, 2 knuckle bandages, 2 butterfly closures, 1 sterile gauze pad, 1 sting relief pad, and 1 plastic tape of 10 yards.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • The durable case keeps contents safe
  • Weatherproof and shatterproof
  • Perfect for individual hiking needs
  • Treats minor cuts and scrapes
  • Comes with sting relief pads
  • Perfect kit for starters


  • Is too small for heavy-duty traveling
  • Does not have enough space for adding medicines

13. Lightning X Hi-Vis First Aid Kit

Lightning X Hi-Vis First Aid KitIf you are a hardcore traveler and trekker, then you will know the importance of not only being prepared for emergencies but to also have a few other knick-knacks in your first aid kit. Many underestimate the usefulness of sewing kits, but the seasoned backpacker knows that the addition of sewing kit to the first aid survival kit provides advantages for better survival.

The compact and lightweight first aid kit comes in fluorescent yellow coloring that makes the kit highly visible that comes in handy if you are lost or traveling at night along the road track.

The 104-piece kit is a perfect companion for travel, or you can even store one in your office. Four transparent and separate compartments keep the items sorted with enough space for adding a few of your items.

The kit boasts of 33 distinct emergency supplies that add up to providing 104 pieces that include 1 Firestarter and flint, 1 paracord, 1 pair of medical gloves, 2 triangular bandages, 4 sting relief pads, 1 sewing kit, 1 bandage shears, and 4 safety pins. Not to mention, 1 rescue whistle, 1 razor blade, 1 rain poncho, 1 metal tweezers, 1 moleskin pad for blister relief, and 1 glow stick.

You will also get 3 sterile gauze pads, 1 roll of medical tape, 1 carabiner, 1 emergency foil blanket, 1 LED flashlight, 1 conforming elastic bandage, 10 cotton tip applicator, 1 CPR facemask, 1 compass, 1 instant cold press, 6 strips of butterfly closures, 6 antiseptic cleansing wipes, 10 alcohol prep pads, 25 standard adhesive bandages, 3 knuckle bandages adhesive, 3 fingertip adhesive bandages, 4 adhesive extra-large bandages, and 1 abdominal ABD trauma bandage.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Comes with useful supplies
  • Compartmentalized for better access
  • Has space for adding more items
  • Hi-vis material makes the kit ideal for emergencies
  • Contains basic yet extremely essential supplies


  • The number of bandages is too much
  • Should include ointments

14. Be Smart Stay Prepared 100 People Standard First Aid Kit

Be Smart Stay Prepared 100 People Standard First Aid KitIf you are looking for the best office or travel first aid kit, then this standard kit from Be Smart Stay Prepared should make a top spot in your buying list. The 351 supplies kit is suitable to cater to 100 people, making it best for group travel or offices.

If you are part of a big family, then you should have one such kit in your possession. This kit not only is FDA approved but the contents are ANSI and OSHA compliant. The wall-mountable box comes with compartments which are like shelves that make access to required supplies easy and hassle-free.

The box comes with rubber gaskets making the kit not only waterproof but also airtight, making the contents inside stay sterile and free form contamination. The kit also features a hi-vis symbol for excellent visibility even in the dark.

The kit includes 6 Hand Sanitizer Gel, 36 Alcohol Pads, 2 Sterile Eye Wash, 12 Antiseptic Towelettes, 6 Sting Relief Pads, 1 Tweezer, 1 5 yards Adhesive Tape Roll, 1 Metal Scissors, 30 Cotton Tip Applicators, 6 Finger Splints, 1 Triangular Bandage 4 Examination Gloves, 10 Antibiotic Ointment, 10 Burn Cream, 1 Burn Dressing, 10 Antacid Tablets, 10 Aspirin Tablets, 10 Non-Aspirin Tablets, 1 Instant Cold Compress, 2 English and Spanish First Aid Guides, 20 Adhesive Bandages, 70 Adhesive Bandages, 50 Adhesive Bandages, 15 Butterfly Bandages, 18 Wound Closure Strips, 1 4 yards Gauze Rolls, 8 Sterile Gauze Pads, 4 Sterile Trauma Pads, 2 Eye Pads, and 1 Breather Barrier.


  • Perfect kit to support 100 people group
  • An ideal addition to offices
  • Has tilting shelves that are easy to refill and access
  • Contains all the basic first aid amenities
  • Rubber gasket makes the case water-resistant
  • Wall mountable case is easy to locate
  • Hi-vis symbol makes finding the case easy in dark
  • The items are latex-free


  • Kit case material can be made better
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty traveling

15. Emergency Zone 72 Hours Survival Kit

Emergency Zone 72 Hours Survival KitIf you live in areas prone to hurricanes and flooding, you will know the need to stock up on emergency supplies and have a reliable emergency first aid kit to help you stay safe for at least 72 hours.

This two-person kit from Emergency Zone provides the required supplies. The kit comes equipped with all the items needed in four major categories of Food and Water, tools, first aid, and shelter.

You will get Comb, Feminine pad x2, Toothbrush x2 (4), Toothpaste, Razor, Shampoo, Soap, Toilet paper roll, Sewing kit, Washcloth, 5 Ziplock bags, document container, Reflective sleeping bags x2 (4), 2 Adult size poncho, 2 person tube tent (2), 2 Hand warmers.

Not to mention, there are USG approved calorie bars and water, water purification straw and BPA free bottle, water purification powder, flashlight and AM/FM radio with dedicated batteries, light sticks.

You will also get Band-aids, Dressing, Butterfly closures, Cotton tip applicators, Antiseptic Towelettes, N95 masks x2 (4), Self-adhesive bandage, Tweezers, and Trauma scissors. You will find a 10yd duct tape, 5 in 1 survival whistle, 50 feet rope, Leather palm work gloves, Multi-tool knife, Playing cards, GI can opener, Pencil, and 48 pages Emergency Preparedness Guide.


  • Comes with a durable and easy to carry a red backpack
  • All items are organized for easy access
  • You can add a few more things on your own
  • It is perfect for 72 hours of survival for two people
  • 12 pockets for more storage
  • Straps are padded to put less pressure on shoulders
  • A chest strap provides better weight distribution


  • Some find it to be too expensive

16. Lightning X First Responder Basic Medic Kit

Lightning X First Responder Basic Medic KitBeing prepared to provide first aid trauma relief is something that not only medics learn, but every individual should know. Given the rush hour and the rate in the rise of accidents, having a basic medic kit handy is a foresight.

The Kit A from Lightning X is essential yet stocked up first responder bag, which is easy to carry. Each compartment is zippered to ensure that contents are secure and easy to access. The sides are taped with high visibility tapes to make identification easier.

The kit includes trauma shears, bandage shears, tweezers, Kelly hemostats, 10 ammonia ampules, penlight, 100 band-aids, gauze pads, 2 different roll gauzes, self-adherent bandages, ABD pads, elastic bandages, iodine wipes, eyewash solution, nitrile examination gloves, and universal SAM flinger splint.

You will also find oral glucose gel, instant cold packs, eye pads, burn dressing, sting and bite relief swabs, and a guide.


  • Basic first responder kit
  • Has all the essential tool for providing immediate relief
  • Easy to carry bag
  • Has hi-vis tapes for easy identification
  • Has a limited lifetime warranty
  • Lined and padded compartments protect the contents inside


  • Some find the bag to be smaller for mist content

17. Lightning X First Responder Basic First Aid Kit

Lightning X First Responder Basic First Aid KitAny first responder will tell you the importance of having the right equipment when he or she is tending to people who have met with an accident and needs immediate attention until the paramedics or ambulance arrives. Understanding this very need, Kit B from Lightning X provides the necessary trauma care supplies so that you need not worry about missing critical equipment.

This kit B contains all the standard first responder supplies like Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, Trauma Sheers, Bandage Sheers, Penlight, Ammonia Ampules (10), Roll Gauze (2), Band-Aids (100), Gauze Pads (50), Roll Gauze (2), Roll Gauze Antibiotic Ointment 1/2 oz, (2), Self-Adherent Bandage (2), Elastic Ace Bandage (2), ABD Pad (2), ABD Pad (2), Universal SAM Finger Splint, Roll Cloth Tape, Iodine Wipes (10), Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (10), Triple Instant Cold Packs (2), Eye Pads (2), Triangle Bandage (2), Eye Wash Irrigation Solution, Exam Gloves (4), Oral Glucose Gel, Sting & Bite Relief Pads (9), Adult Blood Pressure Cuff w/ Case, Sprague Stethoscope, CPR Mask, Oropharyngeal Airway Kit (6), First Aid Guide Booklet, and Vaseline Gauze Pads.


  • Contains all the essential supplies
  • Is waterproof with the addition of PVC reinforcement
  • Padded shoulder strap with reflective stitching for better visibility
  • Backpack with padded straps for easy carrying
  • Is compact to be stored in cars
  • Has loops and elastic mesh packs to store more items


  • After-sales service needs to be made better and prompt
  • Items are sometimes missing from the pack

18. My Medic MyFak Basic Kit

My Medic MyFak Basic KitIf you are looking for a functional, compact, and easy to carry medic kit, then My Medic’s first aid kit will not let you down. This no-nonsense backpack is designed to not only store the equipment safely, but you can store it in your car with ease.

The backpack consists of durable nylon, which makes it water-resistant and safe from abrasions. The Velcro panel makes accessing the equipment easy without having to fumble with zips. The kit comes well equipped to help you attend to profuse bleeding, survive in harsh conditions, and also address tropical issues of bites and stings.

The basic kit provides Tourniquet, QuikClot, Non-Adherent Gauze, Wound Closure Strips, Povidone Wipes, Burn Dressing, Chest Shield, Nasal Airway Lube (28), Ammonia Wipe, Bayer Aspirin, Dramamine, Lightstick, Paracord, Needle Puller, Suture 3-0, Suture 5.0, Scalpel Handle No. 3, Scalpel Blade No. 10 & No. 11, Surgical Scissors, and Endurolytes Fizz Tablets.


  • The backpack is made of heavy-duty nylon
  • Compact design to fit anywhere and easy to carry
  • Contains CPR shield
  • Has ointments to address burns, stings, and antibiotics
  • Comes with essential medicines
  • Has sunscreen and lip balm
  • Is affordable and versatile


  • Not much space is left for adding personal items

19. Rescue Guard 200 pieces First Aid Kit

Rescue Guard 200 pieces First Aid KitIf you identify yourself as someone who is highly active and tends to get an injury, then you can rely on this Deluxe first aid kit from Rescue Guard. The kit contains all the essential supplies that will help you enjoy your time without worry.

It is not only easy to carry but lightweight and made with materials that make its durability prolonged. No matter where you go, adding this bag to your list will help you travel safely.

The 200-piece kit includes the essentials like bandage aids, burn cream, antiseptic towels, fingertip strips, first-aid tape, and eye pads. You will also get Instant Ice pack, scissors, cotton tip applicators, tweezers, sting relief pads, alcohol prep pads, trauma pad, nitrile gloves, and splints along with the essential medications for pain relief and antibiotic ointments for instant relief.


  • The compact bag makes carrying it easy
  • Durable outer cover for better longevity
  • Contains 200 essential supplies
  • Comprehensive kit making handling it easy


  • Some items are found to be missing in the pack

20. First Aid Only 25 Person First Aid Kit

First Aid Only 25 Person First Aid KitIf you are looking for something to add to your office or travel kit when going on a hiking trip with friends, then this first aid kit from First Aid Only will be not let you down. This kit is OSHA compliant, which boasts of supplies for 25 people.

The kit is wall-mountable, and the casing is made of materials that provide better water-resistant properties, helping you keep the contents inside the case safe. It features all the necessary amenities like bandages, band-aids, alcohol swabs, antiseptic and antibiotic ointments, scissors, tweezers, gloves, and cold packs. Also, you can add a few more medications of your choice.


  • The kit is wall mountable making it easy to access
  • Is water-resistant hence keeps contents free from moisture
  • Compartmentalized for better accessibility
  • Light and easy to carry


  • Should add some more space for extra storage

21. AsaTechmed First Aid Combat Survival Kit

AsaTechmed First Aid Combat Survival KitIf you want to invest in a good IFAK kit, then the AsaTechmed’s premium molle first aid kit will put a smile on your face. This small and compact kit packs a lot of punch in terms of essential items that will help you not just prevent profuse bleeding but also perform minor surgeries on the way.

A Velcro rip away pouch contains the primary everyday supply; you can take what is necessary on your person for everyday life. The kit comes with forceps, hemostats, scissors and lighted pupil gauge. If you are an aspiring medic of having a piece of useful knowledge about providing the aids as a first responder, then this kit not only will come in handy but help others in need too.


  • Comes with a one-handed timed tourniquet
  • Has a rip away Velcro pouch
  • Made of waterproof and tear-resistant military-grade nylon
  • Comes with straps and snaps to attach the kit to other molle backpacks
  • Two wat zippers make accessibility easy
  • Has a visible red crosspatch


  • Some find the kit to be expensive

22. AsaTechmed Tactical First Aid Kit

AsaTechmed Tactical First Aid KitIf you are looking for a military-grade nylon backpack that packs in all the essential and tactical supply in first aid, then the AsaTechmed’s first aid kit will stand out to you the most.

The bright backpack is compact and has a visible Red Cross patch to make it easily discernable. This kit is well suited for military-based EMT and comes prepared with items that not only stop bleeding but also provide relief if a limb is fractured.

You can also administer CPR on the spot as a kit is included. The kit consists of emergency blankets and also comes with Combat Application Windlass Tourniquet, Padded Aluminum Splint Roll, Non-Stick EMT Trauma Shears, Self-Adhering Bandage Roll, Israeli Compression Battle Dressing, CPR Pocket Shield, Super Loud Pealess Whistle, and Alcohol Prep Pads.


  • Military-grade nylon provides resistance to water and tears
  • The trifold design makes accessing equipment easy
  • Has a CPR kit
  • Has supplies to provide fracture support
  • Light and durable kit
  • Easy to carry making it ideal for fishing or hiking expeditions


  • Some find the kit expensive
  • Not ideal for starters

23. Elite First Aid M17 Medic Bag

Elite First Aid M17 Medic BagIf you are a fan of traveling and only carry the essentials, then the M17 kit from Elite First Aid will be your ideal choice. The kit is elementary and contains only the bare minimum yet critically useful supplies so that you need not worry when injuries take place.

Apart from the standard ointments, first aid book, medicines and ice packs, the kit also includes injections, latex gloves, Thermometer, CPR mask, tongue depressor, arm splint, blood stopper kit, penlight, EMT shears, tweezers, skin probe, and scalpel.


  • Basic and useful
  • Contains CPR masks
  • Is lightweight
  • The trifold design makes it more compact and secure
  • Straps can be adjusted to fit securely


  • Some find it a bit too small

24. Aquarius CiCi Emergency Survival Kit

Aquarius CiCi Emergency Survival KitIf you are looking for an essential emergency pouch for everyday life, then the Aquarius CiCi has come up with the perfect solution. Its portable and small 101-piece kit is easy to carry and has a durable carabiner that makes attaching the kit to backpacks easier.

The soft case makes it easy to be stored inside any backpack or in the glove compartment of the car. It features all the basic yet essential supplies like bandages, tapes, gauze pads, burn gel, soap, sting relief pads, alcohol wipes, and also includes CPR mask along with a first aid guide and an emergency blanket.


  • East to carry pouch
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Contains all the necessary amenities
  • Ideal for daily use or for traveling


  • No space for adding more items

25. Adventure Medical Kits First Aid Tin

Adventure Medical Kits First Aid TinIf you are looking for a no-fuss and easy to carry metal containers with the essential first aid supplies for daily use, this 0.5 single tin from Adventures Medical Kits will put a smile on your face.

The small and compact tin case can easily fit in any bag or purse. The kit features all the essential supply of antiseptic wipes, bandages, moleskin blister protection, and tweezers. This basic yet essential kit is ideal for scouts and kids who are off for trekking trips.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can be customized to add a few more medicines
  • Contains the necessary amenities for individual use
  • Contains a slow howler


  • Not much space is left to add more medicines

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Survival First Aid Kit

We have often done some kind of project that involved creating a particular thing from scratch. Finding the correct box, covering and labeling it, and stocking it up with the necessary supplies is something that we all should take consideration.

No matter what kind of prepper you know the basics about first aid kits is a lesson that is taught in schools and one we do not forget. Having a first aid kit handy is not just essential but mandatory. But when you are buying the best survival first aid kits, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before making a choice.

1. Purpose

If you are looking for the best survival medical kit, then you need to understand that the contents of such kits will be very different from the generic house first aid kits. The medical kits need to contain emergency medical equipment that is mostly carried by paramedics. If you are about to embark on a mountain climbing expedition or love such treks, then you need to have one such bag always handy.

2. Quality And Weight

When you consider buying a first aid kit, you must be able to decide the extent of use and where you intend to store it. Based on your needs, you need to choose not just the supplies that will come packed within the kit but also the quality and weight of the kit. Kits are carried while trekking can be for a group or solo use, but you need to make sure that the case is waterproof, impact-resistant and sturdy.

For cars having a compact and nylon case is best for it can be stored in the glove compartment easily. When you want to have a kit for your home or office, you can always opt for a sturdy case that comes with wall brackets so that accessing the kit is easy in times of emergency.

The weight of the kits usually depends as per the needs, and having a sturdy yet lightweight first aid kit for travel makes safety more convenient. If you are off for a more extended trip, then the size and content of the first aid kit will be different. You need to stock up more. But you can again opt for multiple kits, and your family members can carry a kit each.

3. Items To Include

Once you are sure of the functions of the kit, you can easily discern the contents. The basics of every first aid kit, be it an ifak or an EDC kit, are same. If you are someone who frequently commutes by car, then you are aware of the unpredictability of roads and that crashes are frequent.

In such cases, you will be better off if your car kit had splinters and gauzes rather than butterfly bandages. Every kit comes with bandages, band-aids, gauze tapes, and antibiotic creams. These basics stuff keep you prepared for minor injuries, making them perfect for home and offices.

Apart from these, you can choose to add creams and medications as per the requirement. Having antacids and pain killers stocked in the kit is also the right way not just to stay prepared, but you can also keep the medicines away from the reach of kids and pets.

There are special kits for pets too that can help you not only keep all the required medications in place but also stay organized and prepared.

4. Extra Space

When you are buying a prepacked kit, you will often find that it contains all the necessary amenities. But if you need to stock up extra supplies like sprays and more ointments, you have to opt for a first aid kit that comes with the provision of expansion.

Having a soft nylon case with wire mesh holders often provides for the extra space without compromising on the accessibility and safety of the supplies. You can also opt for having multiple first aid kits for different purposes and spread out the amenities as per the situation and use. Keeping this mind will help you stay prepared no matter what.

5. Expiry Dates

When you are dealing with medicines and ointments, you need to be careful not only about the composition but also pay extra attention to the manufacturing and expiration dates. A prepacked kit can be used while traveling abroad.

Also, you cannot wait until the rise of the emergency to find that the medicines you need are past their expiration date. The kit you want to buy should always come with a lifespan of six months from the date of packaging. This factor will assure that you do not have to go for restocking immediately.

Another thing that you should check before making a purchase is the active chemical in the medicines. If you are allergic to specific compositions and find those medicines in your kit, the whole point of buying the kit becomes futile.

Also, look for indications with the dosage strength of each medicine. Kids below 12 years require much lower dosages. Thus medications with higher powers should either be divided or replaced as per requirements.

6. Budget

How much you spend on the kit is also an essential factor. Doing a thorough check of the contents of the first aid kit will help you to decide whether you should be spending the amount or it seems too expensive to you.

Spending a bit over the budget is not an issue when you find a kit that caters to all your needs. To help you set the budget, you need to be well versed with your requirements and the details of the brands offering the prepacked survival first aid kits. You also need to be aware of the brands of creams, ointments, wipes, and medicines along with the case.

FAQs on Survival First Aid Kits

1. Should Always Be In A First Aid Kit?

The purpose of the first aid kit is to treat minor injuries and provide you with relief until paramedics arrive. Carrying around equipment and medicines that will not come in handy in your daily life is wastage of resources and money.

The essential first aid kit should always contain the immediate relief supplies like bandages, antibiotic cream and tablets, pain killers, gauze pads, scissors, and rubbing alcohol. You can also include sterile wipes to the list. The difference lies in the type of medicines that you are adding to the kit.

For home, you can add antiseptic creams, antihistamine tablets, fever and antacid tablets. For office purpose, you need to keep into consideration the medical conditions of your employees and provide supplies accordingly.

2. Should I Make My First Aid Kit Or Buy It?

The answer lies in the kit of prepper you are. Many prefer to buy a pack that has the essentials instead of stressing over what should be included. These kits are ideal for various situations. If you want to curate something specific, then you can either buy it or make the kit.

One should keep in mind the budget and the price of the kit versus just collecting the supplies that may be useful in all situations. There are no set rules about having to buy a kit but since these companies are in the business for years, trusting them for the basics often is a wise decision.

3. Can I Add Disinfectants In The First Aid Kit?

Yes, you can include disinfectants, and antibacterial soap/hand wash in your kit. It is highly recommended that you have these sanitizers with you. Many kits come with sterile gloves.

4. How To Know Which Kit Is Best For Me?

Each first aid kit might seem similar in its content and purpose, but your requirements can be different. The basics aside, users should be aware of the places they visit, the time they spend on the road, and their medical history.

If you have a family, then you need to consider their needs as well. While there is no particular size that fits all first aid kit available, you can always opt for the one that comes very close to your needs. Make sure you can add or replace supplies accordingly.

For example, if you are considering to buy an individual first aid kit, then you need to keep in mind the active ingredients present in each drug or allergies if you have any. This factor will help you make an informed choice.

5. Can I Store My First Aid Kit In The Kitchen?

It depends on whether you have kids in your house. The kitchen is a great place to store the first aid because you tend to get minor burns and cuts there. You should always be careful to keep the medical kit away from kids because accidental consumption of high dosage medicines can lead to severe circumstances. Either place the kit in a cabinet or lock the drawer where you are storing it.

6. Do Pets Require A Different Kit?

A lot of people are not aware of the fact, but pets have different requirements. Having a separate kit for pets will be a wise choice. While many of their medications are the same as that prescribed for humans, there are certain medicines, like deworming tablets that are specifically pet related. The essential first aid kit for a pet includes items like sticky surgical tape, crepe bandages, blunt-ended, curved scissors, and antiseptic lotion.

7. Where To Put The First Aid Kit In An Office Space?

You need to make sure that the kit is not only accessible but visible. You can hang the kit near the washroom wall or in a prominent place so that if an emergency arises, nobody has to hunt for the kit. You can also opt for a kit that has side latches.

Best Survival First Aid Kits – Your pick?

The moment you look for the best first aid kit for survival, you should always keep in mind not just your needs but family and surrounding people too whether you are an active traveler or the daily commuter. You should know the basic of the first aid kit and also know that serious emergencies require you to opt for professionals.

The first aid kit is to help you get some relief until the help arrives. You also need to do restocking according to the requirement. We have provided you with this comprehensive guide, which will help you to not only understand the need for the first aid kit but also help you make an informed choice.