Best Survival Compass 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Eyeskey 2. Yehobu 3. Costin
Eyeskey Best Survival Compass Yehobu Military Tactical Compass Costin Metal Compass

Are you fond of the outdoors? Hiking, trekking, camping, exploring the wilds, are these your favorite? Then you would know the importance of survival gears in places like these.

Many such tools are there in the market. But, you cannot undermine the importance of the best compasses for survival by your side.


You might have the best navigation system on your phone, but that will work only till the battery of your phone is powering it. The moment it goes down; you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Here a survival compass would be the right assisting tool for you.

This page lets you know about the different survival compasses and how to choose the best compasses for your needs.

Top 15 Best Survival Compasses 2021

1. Eyeskey Tactical Compass

Eyeskey Best Survival CompassAre you an outdoor lover? Whether you love going for motor boating, hiking, camping, trekking, or any other outdoor activities, you need the right kind of compass. Eyeskey Store brings you this durable compass, which is military grade. This compass has been designed for all kinds of outdoor activities.

This multifunctional compass is made from metal and is durable enough to last long. This is a floating compass that comes with 369 degrees dial scale. The liquid-filled capsule makes it easy for the compass to be stable and give you accurate results. Besides, this compass also comes with a level bubble for accurate and precise reading.

It is a fluorescent compass that will help you easily see when you are walking in the dark. Overall it’s a great compass, and the metal casing adds extra durability to the sma.e. The compass can work well even under a wide range of temperature differences. The compass can work well in -30° C to 60° C / -22° F to 140° . Overall, it’s a great compass that you can invest in.


  • Luminescent
  • Metal casing
  • Works well at very low and high temperature


  • Smaller letters

2. Yehobu Military Tactical Compass

Yehobu Military Tactical CompassIf you are planning to add a compass to your survival kit, you must consider buying this military-grade compass. This is a waterproof compass designed by YEHOBU. This multifunctional compass comes with multitudes of features that make it a perfect addition to your survival kit.

The compass comes with a sighting lens that will help you see the enlarged dial. The vertical light of the sighting optic provides clear and accurate readings. Moreover, this compass comes with a fluorescent dial ring, which helps in easy viewing, even in the dark.

This compass comes with an additional feature of a Clinometer. It will help you measure the difference between height and slope. This lensatic compass is good for hunting activities. It comes with two rope buckles and military lanyards to carry it easily.


  • Metal compass
  • Comes with clinometer
  • Sighting lens for a better view
  • Fluorescent dial


  • Reading not that accurate

3. Costin Metal Compass

Costin Metal CompassMetallic compasses are the best choice but this one is much better because of its high accuracy. This compass is loaded with features that make it a popular choice. It comes with a floating compass dial, sighting telescope, adjustable prism lens. This is a waterproof compass with IP 54 rating.

The built-in bubble level ensures that you get an accurate reading. This compass comes in a metal casing, which keeps the compass safe. Besides, this compass comes with military-grade construction and is made to give precise reading even in extremely low temperatures. Thus, making it a good purchase.


  • Comes in a metal case
  • Waterproof
  • Floating compass dial for precise reading


  • Dim light at night

4. Suunto Survival Compass

Suunto Survival CompassThe brand from Finland brings this advanced engineered compass designed for all the outdoor lovers. This compass is loaded with a number of benefits, which makes this perfect compass for the trekkers, hikers, and other outdoor activities. This is a mirrored compass that provides an accurate reading.

The global needle of this compass ensures taking the correct measurement anywhere on the planet. So you can explore the world the way you want. Another notable feature of this compass is that it comes with fixed declination adjustment, which makes it easy for you to travel with ease. All in all, it’s a great compass that is robust and durable, made for all the outdoor lovers.


  • Comes with fixed declination
  • Extra sighting hole for precision
  • Luminous bezel


  • Not a long-lasting compass

5. X-Plore Gear Paracord Compass

X-Plore Gear Paracord CompassThe ultimate survival kit is incomplete without a paracord. This paracord bracelet having a compass is a good choice for all the outdoor lovers. This not only looks stylish but will also guide you while you are out there in the jungles or camping.

This paracord bracelet is a mini survival kit itself. It is laced with a flint fire starter, whistle, and compass. So, it is going to be your ultimate travel partner. These are unisex bracelet which can be either worn on the wrist or you can snap it on the backpack.

Once you have this survival bracelet with you, there is the least probability of you missing the directions. It is a great product, and you can also gift it to a travel lover.


  • Multipurpose
  • Good for both male and female
  • Stylish and sleek design


  • Compass doesn’t work well

6. TurnOn Sports Orienteering Compass

TurnOn Sports Orienteering CompassDurable, long-lasting, and precision is something that we look for when we buy a survival compass. If you are an outdoor lover who is looking for a compass that gives precise reading, then you must invest in this compass by TurnOn Sports.

The compass comes with an acrylic baseplate and an azimuth bearing. This is a professionally designed compass that is made with vacuum technology and is filled with liquid oil. Thus ensuring that you get a precise reading.

Whether you are buying it for self-use or you are planning to gift it to someone, then you must consider investing in this compass. It is a magnetic compass that comes with the 360-degree bezel. All-in-all it’s a durable compass that you must add to your checklist.


  • Good for beginners scout
  • It comes with a 360-degree bezel
  • Durable compass


  • Made with plastic

7. Cammenga 27CS Lensatic Compass

Cammenga 27CS Lensatic CompassLooking for the best compass for your survival? Then you cannot settle with something which is average. You would need a product that is durable and long-lasting. The same goes for survival compass. If you are looking for the best compass, then you must consider buying this lensatic compass by Cammenga.

This is an advanced engineered product that comes in an aluminum frame, which again adds durability to the same. The compass has been designed to combat water, shock, small falls, etc. Besides, it has been engineered to be functional under wider temperature fluctuations like -50 F to 150 F.

The phosphorescent lensatic compass is very economical, yet it gives you the features and benefits of a good quality compass. This compass is a great alternative to the tritium 27 CS. Although you may not find self-luminous tritium, rather it has phosphorescent paint.

This compass comes with a magnifying lens, dial graduations in both degrees. This is a high-quality compass used by government agencies, outdoor lovers, and fighting forces, which shows how durable this compass is. So, if you are looking for the best compass for survival, then you must invest in this product.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Designed to last long
  • Works well in extreme high and low temperatures (-50 F to 150 F.)
  • Economical


  • Likewise, not that great

8. Intsun Military Compass

Intsun Military CompassIf you are looking for a perfect outdoor navigational device that can tell you the right direction, without you going wrong, then probably you should be making an investment in this portable compass. Designed for all kinds of outdoor activities, this compass is not only good for personal use, but you can also gift it to someone.

Coming to the main functions of this compass, then it is loaded with azimuth measuring, measuring the length and height of objects, deflection angle, and basic positioning. One of the notable features of this compass is that it is easy to read, and the markings are absolutely clear.

The 360-degree rotate bezel ensures easy navigation. High-definition eyepiece and clear scale value is something that makes this compass easy to read and handle. Whether you are going hiking, camping, or just want to add a good survival compass to your backpack, this is the right product.

Designed with military-grade standards, this compass is robust and can resist small falls and shocks. All-in-all, it’s a great investment for all the outdoor lovers.


  • Waterproof and shake-proof
  • Durable
  • High-definition eyepiece
  • Accurate
  • Glow in the dark feature


  • Night visibility is not that great

9. Fangstar Survival Pocket Compass

Fangstar Survival Pocket CompassWhy not introduce your kids to this compass and let them explore their way while you are out for a camping or hiking trip. It’s a great way to help kids develop knowledge of direction. This glow in dark compass has been designed for beginners.

The beautiful style of this compass makes it an instant attraction. Moreover, the precise reading of the compass is also a feature that makes this compass worth buying. So, whether you are going camping, hiking, or trekking, this is a great tool that you can add to your kid’s backpack.


  • Good quality
  • Looks attractive
  • Stable
  • Clear readings
  • Glow in dark


  • The metal ring is not of good quality

10. Sportneer Lensatic Compass

Sportneer Lensatic CompassIf you have been searching for a military-grade compass, then your search comes to an end with this lensatic compass by Sportneer. Designed with military-grade standards to provide you with the right reading, this compass is stable and also gives an accurate reading.

It gives accurate readings and weighs around 5 ounces, thus making it easy to carry. You cannot miss this compass if you are looking for a product that is long-lasting and also gives you a precise reading.

When you are out there in the jungle, one of the worst nightmares could be losing your way, but with the help of this military lensatic compass, you can never go wrong when it comes to finding direction.

The glow in the dark and sighting lens makes it easy for you to see clear readings. You can easily slip it into your pocket or just hang it around your neck. This shockproof and robust compass is something that you should be looking forward to.


  • Durable
  • Accurate readings
  • Glow in the dark
  • Sighting lens for better visibility


  • The quality of the casing could be improved.

11. Sun Company Mini Compass II

Sun Company Mini Compass IIIf you don’t want to hang around a junky compass and are looking for a sleek diversion, consider buying this mini compass by Sun Company. This mini version is a perfect match for any survival compass when it comes to features and durability.

Designed to last longer, this compass is designed to be your perfect survival partner. It is highly precise, and the glow-in-dark feature makes it easy for you to see the markings and directions even in the night.

The rotating bezel makes it easy to use, and it comes with a lanyard, which makes it easy for you to hang it around your neck, or you can simply tie it to your backpack. All-in-all, it’s a great addition to your survival kit.

Besides, this is very light in weight, with just .4 ounce, the min compass is not going to be much of a hassle to carry. So whether you are looking it for buying it for yourself or gifting it to combine, consider this compass as a great option.


  • Light in weight
  • Glow-in-dark feature
  • Durable
  • Precise reading
  • Lanyard for easy handling


  • Free to spin bezel could be a problem in keeping the direction stable

12. Eaggle Military Compass

Eaggle Military CompassA good compass can be of great help when you are lost in the jungles. You may have the best GPS on your phone, but ultimately it works as long as the battery is working. What if the battery dies? Well, have a good survival compass that will guide you and help you find the right way.

This waterproof military compass by Eagle is made for all the outdoor enthusiasts. Designed to tell the right direction, this compass is shockproof and waterproof. The military-grade construction makes it sturdy and robust.

This is a lightweight compass, weighing just 4 oz. You can easily slip it in your pocket or backpack. Besides, it is mostly carved out of metal that makes it sturdy and durable. If you are looking for the best compass for survival, consider buying this waterproof military compass by Eagle.


  • Mostly made of metal
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Accurate readings
  • Lightweight


  • No glow-in-dark feature

13. Neovivid Robert Compass

Neovivid Robert CompassDo you want to give something unique to your traveler friend, or yourself? Then this Robert Frost Poem Engraved Compass by NEOVIVID, is a great choice. This compass comes with a beautiful poem by Robert Frost engraved at the back.

This is a pocket compass that comes in a leather pouch. Made out of brass, this compass looks sleek and stylish. Besides, the alluring looks, this compass quickly tells the direction, thus making it easy for you to move around.

So if you are a nautical collector, outdoor enthusiast, or someone who loves to travel, this compass is a great choice.


  • Comes with a leather pouch
  • Small in size
  • Precise north direction indicator
  • Made of brass


  • Fewer features as compared to other survival compasses

14. Magnos Somnia Magnetic Compass

Magnos Somnia Magnetic CompassChoosing the right compass is imperative if you want to make the best of your trip. The multipurpose magnetic compass by Magnos Somnia is designed for all outdoor lovers. This compass is sturdy and long-lasting.

It comes with a global needle that makes it workable anywhere around the globe. Besides, it has a mirrored compass, which helps in taking precise directions. It comes with a built-in ruler and magnifier that helps you read the directions. The lanyard makes it easy for you to carry it around.

It is a glow-in-dark compass that lasts longer and comes with all the features that you are expecting from a survival compass.


  • Built-in ruler making it easy to read
  • Accurate direction
  • Durable
  • Lanyard for easy handling


  • The mirror is not flat

15. Kakuru Vintage Pocket Compass

Kakuru Vintage Pocket CompassIf you have kids who love to explore the jungle and love going out for camping and other outdoor activities, then one of the greatest gifts that you can give them is this vintage pocket compass by Kakuru.

Designed for the kids, this compass is easy to read and comes with a floating compass dial. This is a shake-proof and waterproof compass, and it is perfect for hiking, camping, scouting, hunting, and other outdoor activities.


  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • 360-degree scale


  • Good for kids, not professionals

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Compass

Compasses are paramount, especially when you are going hiking or trekking activity. Not only it make the task of navigation easy, but if you get the best compass for survival, then you are assured of knowing the right way.

Many traditional and modern compasses have made their way into the market. But you need to choose the one which can be easily calibrated and tells an accurate direction. We bring you a list of factors that you need to consider before buying a survival compass:

1. Type Of Compass

While many of you reading this may know that there are different types of compasses out there, but for those who are making their first purchase, it is important to know the different types of compasses that are there in the market. So, here we have enlisted the same :

  • Liquid filled compass: These are the most common types of compass used by the trekkers and hikers. These work on the principle of liquid damping. Usually, the needle of the compass is immersed in a liquid-filled chamber. Thus liquid can be mineral oil, kerosene, ethyl alcohol, etc. The objective is to ensure minimal disturbance to the needle, which eventually leads to better navigation.
  • Magnetic Induction Damping Compass: Outdoorsman’s other favorite piece is the magnetic induction damping compass. In this type of compass, the needle is stabilized via the magnetized field, which Is created in the needle housing.
  • Gyro compass: This kind of compass makes use of the law of conservation of angular momentum and spinning of the earth to find the north direction.
  • GPS compass: It makes use of the satellites spinning around the earth in geosynchronous orbit to find out the direction. These are considered to be one of the best types and popular ones too.
  • Astrocompass: This compass is used to find the true north rather than the magnetic north. Astrocomapss make use of date, time, latitude and longitude to find out the true north.
  • Solid-state compass: It makes use of magnetic sensors to discover the north

2. Adjustments For Declination

You must also consider the adjustment for declination. It is a crucial feature of the compass. Make sure that you check the fact that the compass is accurately adjusted for declination.

Magnetic declination is the difference between the magnetic north and the true north that you are traveling in. There is a great probability for you to get loose direction if the compass is not adjusted for declination.

3. Glow In The Dark

When you are out there in the jungles or any outdoor activity, you need to be well-prepared. The compass that you are buying should have all the necessary features that will help you guide well. One such feature is the glow in the dark.

You never know that you might get stuck during the day or at night, in either case, you need the marking of the compass to be clearly visible. With the glow in the dark feature, you can easily see the compass even when it’s dark out there. Thus, it helps you with traveling easily without losing your way.

So, make sure that while buying a compass, you check for the luminescent markings. The best compass comes with this basic feature.

4. Water-Proof

The compass should be waterproof. You would need all your survival tools to be sturdy and long-lasting. Waterproofing is the basic feature that you should be looking for when buying a compass.

5. Lightweight

The thumb rule to make your outdoor trip a successful one lies in the fact that you pack wisely and carry light. All your survival equipment and essentials must be compact in size and light in weight. The same applies to compasses.

Make sure that the one that you are buying not only gives the right direction, but at the same time, it is also light in weight. Choose a survival compass with a lanyard as you can easily hang it around your neck or just tie it to your backpack without the fear of losing it.

6. A Global Needle

Although it’s a basic feature, you must not undermine it. Make sure that the survival compass that you are buying has a global needle such that even when you travel across different hemispheres, the compass can tell you the right direction.

Failing to have a global needle will make you keep on adjusting the compass as per places. This is not only time taking, but can also make you lose your track. Hence, while buying a survival compass, make sure you check that it has a global needle.

7. Robustness

You must agree to the fact that when you are in the jungle, then you need a compass, which is sturdy and long-lasting. It doesn’t get affected by wear and tear, rough use, and also lasts longer without failing to show the right direction.

There is a greater probability that you may drop small objects or get stuck in the rain or travel through uneven terrain; in such a case, you would not want the compass to stop functioning. Hence, it’s best to invest in a compass that is sturdy and long-lasting.

8. Clear Markings

If you are planning to buy a survival compass and are considering various features, then one of the things that you should not miss is the marking on the compass. It should be clear and visible. We have already mentioned that you need to choose a luminescent compass that is visible at night.

Along with this feature, you must also choose a compass that offers clear engraving so that you can read the compass carefully.

9. Basic Features

Besides, the features mentioned above, some of the basic features that you must not miss in a compass are.

  • Rotating bezel: This is called an azimuth ring, which is marked from 0° to 360°. It encircles the outer edge of the needle capsule. You must know that the smaller is the interval of degrees, the easier it is to navigate. Hence, this feature adds to the precision of direction.
  • Baseplate: This is the transparent base and has various navigational marketing on it. It also has a ruler to measure map distances.
  • Orienting arrows and lines: These are the marking inside the needle house and on the baseplate. It is used for different navigational tasks.
  • Magnifying lens: A few survival compasses in the market have a magnifying lens set into the baseplate to provide a better reading.

10. Don’t Buy An Accessory

Many people tend to get confused between the survival compass and their lookalikes that are there. You would have often seen keyrings, watch bands having a compass. These are not the compasses that you are looking for. If you want some serious work with your navigational tool, then you need to invest in the best quality compass and not its lookalike.

11. Advanced Feature

By now, you know about the basic feature that you should be looking for in a survival compass. But, these compasses have evolved over a period of time, and now you have the compasses that come with more advanced features. Here are a few of them :

  • Sighting mirror- This mirror will help you aim precisely. Precision is something that you cannot compromise.
  • Clinometer- It helps you measure the vertical angle of a slope, thus helping you assess any kind of hazard like avalanche or height of the objects.
  • Different scales- look for a compass that has two different scales, like imperial and metric scales. It will help in better calibration.
  • Works at different temperature range- Yes, you must not miss this factor, you must choose a survival compass that can work well at high and low temperature. The temperature must not impact the calibration.

12. Check The Review

By now, you will know about the various features that you need to consider while buying a compass. Another way to help you find the best compass is to see the products. There are various brands selling survival compass, and each of them claims to provide the best product.

But, comparing the product reviews and the brand will help you find the best compass for survival for your need. With all these features, you will be able to find the best survival compass for your needs.

FAQs on Survival Compass

1. Is Survival Compass Reliable?

If you have invested in a good quality survival compass, then you are surely reliable. These compasses have been designed for professional use and are highly robust.

2. Can Cheap Compasses Be Accurate?

You can get a decent compass of some brands, but if you settle down with a cheaper product, then it is not a professional one, and hence, you will not get the right result. Hence, it’s always important that you must invest in good quality professional compasses for your survival kit.

3. Can Metallic Objects Disrupt The Reading Of Survival Compass?

You must keep your compass away from your car or any other metallic or electric objects, as it can impact the compass’s reading. The iron levels in lava can also impact the reading of the compass. Even the magnetic or electric field can affect the accuracy of the compass. Make sure that you don’t place your compass near your smartphone. So keep these points into consideration while storing survival compass.

4. Is Global Needle A Must In A Compass?

Well, this feature is not mandatory, but if you travel a lot and that too to different parts of the world, then global needliness is a feature that is going to help you a lot. Compass with normal needles tends to get deflected by the geographical areas, which is not the case with the global needle.

5. How To Take Care Of Your Compass?

It’s good that you have invested in a good quality compass, but you also need to take good care of the same. Here are certain tips that will help you take the best care of your survival compass:

Don’t keep the compass in your backpack, rather use a lanyard. It will keep your compass safe. Also, you need to keep your compass away from metal tools or electronic gadgets, impacting the compass’s calibration.

Keep on testing the compass alignment. There is a probability that the polarity of the needle may deteriorate. If you notice such a thing, then you need to restore the needle’s magnetic field, or else you need to purchase a new one.

You must keep your compass clean. Make sure that at the end of the day, you clean any sand or dust particles that stick around the compass, especially on the baseplate and sighting mirror.

See if there are any bubbles around the needle. Sometimes the bubble can also impact the needle’s movement. In case you notice any such problem, consider replacing the compass with a new one.

6. Why Should You Buy A Survival Compass?

When you are traveling outdoors, then you need to have products that are sturdy and long-lasting. As far as compasses are concerned, you need to buy the one that gives you the right direction and minimal deflection.

Reasons Why You Must Invest In The Best Compass For Survival

Guides you right- the best compass for survival will help guide you in the right direction. When you are out there in the wilds or hiking or trekking, there is a greater probability that you might lose your way or get stranded in a lonely place. In such a situation, a survival compass will help you find the way out.

  • Lets you know the height – If you are a trekking lover or the one who loves mountaineering activity, then a survival compass can let you know about the height. This will be extremely helpful, especially if you are hiking. Some of the advanced survival compasses come with this advanced feature.
  • Saves you time- In case of emergency, when you are stuck somewhere, you cannot waste time looking for the right direction. You need an instant solution, and here comes the role of survival compass. It helps you find the right direction. It will guide you to move in the correct direction if you have the best compass

Best Compasses – Final Thoughts

A quality compass is something that you must not ignore. Don’t miss to check the factors mentioned above and features before making a purchase. If you love going outdoors and exploring the wilderness, you need to have the right tools with you. Survival compasses are something that you must not miss.

These compasses are designed for robust usage. We have brought together 15 different brands along with the features that you must look for while buying compasses. With these tips, you can find the best compass for survival in the market.