Best Survival Bracelets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Core Survival 2. X-Plore Gear 3. Holtzman’s Gorilla
Core Survival Best Survival Bracelet  X-Plore Gear Paracord Holtzman’s Gorilla

In spite of having different definitions of survival, all of us are just trying to survive in our own ways. It may surprise you that there are fashion accessories that can help you survive.

The best survival bracelets can serve as a multipurpose survival gears, and help you emerge out of your adventure unscathed.


The military has been using paracord survival bracelets for a long time, but they have recently gained popularity among civilians as well. Some bracelets are simple and serve the basic survival needs, while some of them find use in different survival situations.

In order to help you decide on the right survival bracelet available in the market today, we have compiled this list of products along with their pros and cons.

Top 15 Best Survival Bracelets 2021

1. Core Survival Paracord

Core Survival Best Survival BraceletThis survival bracelet is a great addition to the survival gear of men and women. It is a multipurpose tool that has a rock climbing rope as one of its features. Other features include a whistle for self-defense, a magnesium fire starter, and a compass. The compass also serves the purpose of securing the buckle.

You can extend this paracord for up to 10 feet, which makes it longer than the other survival bracelets in the market. This feature makes it ideal for people with bigger wrists. This is a durable survival bracelet that can withstand a maximum weight of 550 lbs, so you can rest easy knowing your paracord will keep you safe.

What makes this paracord bracelet stands out is the magnesium fire starter which can help you start a fire in any weather. With this bracelet, you can start your adventure knowing you have one of the best survival tools at your disposal. In order to start a fire, you need to add the magnesium shards to dried leaves and start a fire using the flint rod and striker provided.

It’s an all-in-one paracord bracelet which can be a perfect addition to your survival kit.


  • Makes a great fashion statement
  • Reliable fire starter
  • Ideal for large wrists


  • Does not come with a knife

2.  X-Plore Gear Paracord

 X-Plore Gear ParacordMany users consider this to be the best paracord survival bracelet because of its sheer versatility. It serves as a miniature survival kit that you can take along with you whether you are fishing, camping, hiking, or just spending some time outdoors.

This bracelet features a scraper that also functions as a knife, a fire starter, a compass, and a whistle. Furthermore, this device allows you to set snare traps for catching small animals in the wild for food.

This bracelet is quite stylish and features a blade that Is well-secured and doesn’t get caught anywhere. You can use this bracelet in a wide number of survival situations while you’re outdoors.

This product is available in three different sizes and lasts for years. It is very comfortable to wear, and you can also stick it to your bag. With different color combinations and survival tools, you will never have to worry about survival again, because you can find your way using the compass, start a fire, set a trap, and also use it as a rope.


  • Features 4 great survival tools
  • You can attach it to your backpack
  • Scraper can be used as a knife


  • Difficult to wear for people with smaller wrists
  • The compass might not be 100% accurate

3. Holtzman’s Gorilla

Holtzman’s GorillaThis highly durable and portable survival bracelet has a weight of 0.15 lb, which allows you to carry it around with you anywhere. This bracelet is strong enough to withstand a load of 550 lbs, and with this versatile tool, you can make sure you are prepared for any survival situation.

While venturing outdoors, it is advisable that you keep our luggage to a bare minimum. And this tool is extremely lightweight. It comes in attractive colors that will match up to your style quotient. So you can wear it as a fashionable accessory while being prepared for dangerous situations at the same time.

The special feature of this product is surely the multipurpose buck. This has a compass, a flint, a knife, a scrapping tool, and a whistle for alerting people.

With so many tools at your disposal, you can carry this product along with you during hiking, fishing, trekking, mountaineering, camping, and other activities. If you in a tough situation and can’t get out, you can signal for help using the whistle.


  • Multipurpose buck containing a great many survival tools
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Made of durable material


  • The compass might be a bit inaccurate
  • It might take some effort to lengthen the bracelet

4. LeMotech Paracord

LeMotech ParacordIf you are looking for one of the best survival bracelets, then this product should be on your radar. This is probably because of the fact that it has more survival tools included in it than the other bracelets.

These tools include a flint fire starter, an SOS LED light, a tool card, a whistle, and a compass. It is important that you use the compass after taking out the metal tool card, as the accuracy of the compass might be affected by it.

The SOS LED light allows you to find your way in the dark, and you can also use it as a flasher to attract attention. It runs on a battery that lasts up to 70 hours, which makes it ideal for outdoor survival situations. This bracelet also features a whistle that is loud and can be heard from far away, allowing you to signal for help.

This paracord survival bracelet can take a maximum weight of 250 lbs. You can extend the paracord for up to 10 feet and use it as a strong rope. Thus, it becomes a good investment if you are looking for a multifunctional paracord.


  • Adjustable size that fits large and small wrists
  • Strong and durable paracord
  • Handy metal tool card


  • Might change color when wet
  • The temperature gauge is in Celcius

5. A2S Protection LedWay Paracord

A2S Protection LedWay ParacordThis bracelet is a complete survival tool that includes features like LED SOS flashlight, emergency knife, fire starter, scraper, and compass. The whistle is extremely loud and can reach 110 decibels. So you can use it to reach out to faraway people for help when you’re in trouble and can’t get out.

This product also comes with a leaflet which contains survival ideas and tips. Furthermore, it has an adjustable size that can fit small and large wrists. With the military-grade parachute cord, you can make a shelter, set a trap, and secure your belongings. It has fine inner strands that can be used as a sewing string or a fishing line.

This handy survival tool comes with magnesium rods that can be used to ignite the fire. You can also find your way out of a tricky situation using the compass. This lightweight survival belt will serve you during your hiking, camping, and fishing trips, and it will last you for years to come.


  • 6 useful survival tools
  • Adjustable size and attractive design
  • Allows you to light a fire under all weather conditions


  • Clasping mechanism is not so good
  • A bit hard to find the razor

6. A2S Protection Psk Paracord

A2S Protection Psk ParacordThis is a strong and durable paracord bracelet capable of carrying weights of up to 550 lbs. You can use this 12-foot paracord bracelet for several purposes. You can use it as a fishing hook, a glass breaker, a fire starter, a knife, a whistle, a compass, and a mirror for signaling people during an emergency.

The manufacturer gives you 8 choices of colors with this product, and it makes a great fashion statement for both men and women. The bracelet weighs only 1.7 ounces, so you can easily wear it on your wrist, and the adjustable band makes it suitable for any wrist size.

Furthermore, there is a tiny storage hatch where you can keep small tools. This long length of the cord makes it ideal for multiple survival situations when you are outdoors.

This is the best survival bracelets for you if you are looking for a versatile device that you can use for multiple purposes. The 12-feet paracord can function as a rope, and there are fine inner strands that you can use as a sewing string, a fishing line, or as tinder for lighting a fire.


  • Can be used for fishing
  • Emergency mirror for distress signaling
  • Glass breaker for emergency situations


  • The knife doesn’t have a safety cap
  • Small-sized fishing hook

7. Werewolves Paracord

Werewolves ParacordThis quality product from WEREWOLVES has all the tools you need to survive in the wilderness. It is an all-in-one survival bracelet that has a fire starter, compass, a scraper and a whistle. This bracelet is made using parachute rope, which makes it extremely sturdy.

So it is a reliable tool that can be used for making snare traps, climbing trees, building tents, and as a tourniquet to stop bleeding.

This paracord bracelet has a trendy design and is extremely lightweight, so you can wear it comfortably on your wrist or just attach it to your backpack while traveling. It also has an adjustable band, and can fit different wrist sizes. The military-grade compass is another great feature that always shows the correct direction and is waterproof as well.

With this device, you can easily start a fire under any conditions. You just need to rub the magnesium rods with the steel scraper until you see sparks. You can also use the scraper to cut ropes and meat. So, if you are looking for a stylish and highly functional paracord bracelet, then you must buy this paracord bracelet by Warewolves.


  • The compass is pretty accurate
  • A loud emergency whistle that can be heard for up to 500 meters
  • A sturdy rope that doesn’t break


  • May not be suitable for individuals with larger wrists

8. Hnyyzl Paracord

Hnyyzl ParacordIf you are looking for a device that is comfortable to wear and which contains multiple survival tools as well, then this is the right bracelet. It comes in a pack of 4, and this lightweight survival bracelets have all the necessary tools to help you survive outdoors.

The survival accessories provided with this bracelet include an LED light, a compass, a whistle, a pin for ejecting SIM cards from phones, a flint for starting a fire, and a rope.

This product comes in 4 different colors, so you can select your favorite color and show off your style. The LED light is an extremely useful feature that has 3 modes, namely flashing modes flashlight mode, and long off mode.

You can use this LED light in the flashing mode for up to 72 hours. It is waterproof as well, so you can use it in wet weather conditions, and also while showering and swimming.

You can use this bracelet as a portable alternative to a heavy toolbox. This decorative bracelet is compact yet offers a wide number of features making it a perfect survival tool.


  • Long-lasting LED light has 3 modes
  • 20 different accessories
  • Waterproof


  • The compass is not that accurate

9. Werewolves Paracord Knife Bracelet

Werewolves Paracord Knife BraceletThis paracord survival bracelet not only has a wide number of survival tools, but it can also be used for self-defense. While many survival bracelets feel heavy on the wrist, this one is actually comfortable, and you can easily carry it, while you’re out on an adventure.

Apart from having a sleek design, this paracord bracelet has practical value as it can be used for hunting, fishing, hiking. Those who love outdoor adventures and camping will absolutely love this bracelet. You can use the knife provided with this device for opening bottles, slicing food, and even while cooking.

The knife is extremely sharp and durable and will come handy in a situation like a mugging where you might need to use it for self-defense. The paracord is made from parachute rope, which makes it extremely sturdy and resistant to stress.

If your wrist size is between 6.8 and 8.5 inches, you can comfortably wear this bracelet. For those with bigger arms, the adjustable band is available.


  • Made from seven-core parachute rope which makes the paracord extremely durable
  • Loud emergency whistle
  • Military-grade compass


  • The knife doesn’t remain locked in place
  • The latch is not so reliable

10. Outdoor Edge ParaClaw

Outdoor Edge ParaClawThe ParaClaw bracelet from Outdoor Edge chiefly works as a multipurpose knife that can be used for self-defense purposes. The 1.5-inch long blade is made from high-quality stainless steel, and it is a concealed weapon that can save your life in tricky situations. By unwinding this bracelet, you can get 8-9 feet of paracord that can withstand a weight of 550 lbs.

While the paracord isn’t the longest, it can serve the purpose of making a shelter and securing your belongings. If self-defense is your priority and you want a sharp cutting tool with your device, then this is the best survival bracelets for you. The knife also comes with a guard that keeps it secure while you’re wearing the bracelet on your wrist.

The knife handle features finger grooves that give you a better grip and a sheath that allows you to keep the knife safe and take it out swiftly in emergency situations. This bracelet is available in three different sizes and colors, so you can choose the design that suits you best.


  • Extra whistles and bells not present
  • Sharp blade made of quality stainless steel
  • Durable paracord


  • Takes a bit of effort to extract the knife from the sheath
  • Paracord is not that long

11. Werewolves Paracord

Werewolves ParacordThis device acts as a multipurpose survival tool with features like an emergency whistle, knife, fire starter, flashlight, etc. The paracord is made out of parachute cord which makes it durable. It can withstand heavy weights and can act as a climbing rope, a snare trap, and can be used for building shelters out of tarp.

The compass provided with this device has a bigger dial and displays accurate directions, so you can find your way back home if you are lost in the wilderness. Moreover, the emergency whistle is really loud and can reach a high noise level of 110 decibels.

The SOS LED light can help you find your way and it can function in 3 different modes. So you can use the flashlight mode for seeing in the dark, and the flashing mode for distress signaling.

The battery provided with the LED light can last for up to 72 hours, making it perfect for outdoor survival. If your wrist size is between 6.8 and 8.5 inches, you can comfortably wear this bracelet. It comes in trendy designs suitable for both women, men, and kids.


  • Durable paracord suitable for multiple purposes
  • Magnesium rod for starting a fire
  • Accurate compass


  • The paracord is only 3.3 meters in length
  • A bit difficult to access the magnesium rods

12. Wejie Bracelet Watch

Wejie Bracelet WatchIf you are looking for a survival bracelet, then this survival bracelet by wejie is a good choice. Apart from the digital watch, this bracelet also has features like a scraper for starting fire, whistle, compass, paracord, and alarm clock. This device also comes with a waterproof ring that also protects the buttons and the back covers, making sure the water doesn’t enter through any gap.

The wrist strap of this watch is highly adjustable so you can find the right fit for your wrist. Furthermore, it features an extremely durable paracord made from parachute cord which you can extend to a 1.6 meters long rope, and it can be used in an emergency situation. This device also has a knife that is sharp enough to cut ropes, and you can also start a fire with it.

The digital watch is certainly the best thing about this bracelet, and it shows you the dates and weeks as well. It also functions as an alarm clock with a snooze feature, a stopwatch, complete with a backlight for convenience.


  • User-friendly product
  • Paracord resistant to corrosion
  • Sharp knife


  • The backlight is a bit weak
  • A bit expensive

13. Paracord Planet Military Bracelet

Paracord Planet Military BraceletThis product offers great value for money, and it is the best survival bracelets you can get under $10. Many cheap survival bracelets do not have a good fitting and lack durability, but this device comes with an adjustable band that can fit writ sizes between 7 and 9 inches and is also long-lasting.

Although it looks a bit rough, when it comes to functionality, then it’s unparalleled. This paracord is extremely durable and much longer than the other products that are available.

Some of the best features of this device include the eye knife and the fire starter. In order to build a fire, you need to strike the flint rod with the serrated edge of the knife.

The knife, however, has no cover for protection, so you need to be wary while wearing this device on your wrist. It takes some experience to operate this device, and it might not be suitable for those with small wrists.


  • Extremely sturdy and long paracord
  • Shackle can be adjusted
  • Efficient fire starter


  • The blade has no protective covering
  • Not suitable for women and those with small wrists

14. The Friendly Swede Paracord

The Friendly Swede ParacordThis reliable and durable survival bracelet is built to handle rough conditions. This is a multipurpose paracord bracelet that will serve you well in outdoor emergencies.

Being able to hold a weight of 550 pounds, you can rest easy knowing this device will never give up on you. In spite of having so many survival tools at its disposal, you easily travel outdoors while wearing this device on your wrist.

The company uses polyester to manufacture this device, which makes this device less durable than the pure nylon products, but this is a well-built bracelet that should last you a few years.

Furthermore, it is a waterproof device that, when unraveled, gives you a 13.1 ft long paracord that you can use in multiple survival situations. This bracelet comes in two different sizes of 6-7” and 7-8” , thus you can find the best match.

What’s more, this device comes with a lifetime warranty, and you can get help from the customer service team anytime. This device is perfect for you if you want a strong and reliable paracord without all the extra survival tools weighing the bracelet down.


  • Extremely strong paracord
  • Highly adjustable size
  • Comes with an extra pin


  • Does not have additional tools
  • Takes some effort to lock-in

15. The Friendly Swede Fish Tail Paracord

The Friendly Swede Fish Tail ParacordThis colorful and stylish bracelet from The Friendly Swede will highlight your unique style. These bracelets are available in sets of 2, so it ideal for couples and best friends. This comes in a sleek design, and both men and women can flaunt it.

The metal clasp allows you to adjust the size of the bracelet according to your wrist, and you can easily wear this if your bracelet is between 7 and 8 inches long.

Once you unravel the bracelet, you’ll get a 5.25-feet long paracord, capable of withstanding weights of up to 350 lbs, which you can use for tying up your belongings, repair work, etc. Furthermore, this product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Styling and colorful
  • Sturdy paracord
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Paracord is not too long
  • Takes some effort to put on

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Survival Bracelets

While you’re looking for the best paracord survival bracelet, it is not enough to know about the different products in the market. There are certain factors you need to keep in mind before you visit a shop or browse products online. Knowing about these factors will help you select the best product based on your specific needs. Here are some of the buying factors for you to consider:

1. Sizing

One of the first things that you should look for is the size of the bracelet; it should fit you perfectly. There are paracord bracelets which are adjustable. You can adjust the size of some bracelets, but for others, you got to make do with what you got.

Before buying a survival bracelet, you should measure your wrist circumference and buy a bracelet that matches your size. While buying a survival bracelet, you should look for one that will fit you well, because you will be using the device for outdoor purposes, and you don’t want in to slip off your hand or fit you so tightly that your wrist aches.

2. Length Of Cord

While buying a survival bracelet, you want as much paracord as possible. Different bracelets have different paracord lengths, and they usually range between 5 and 13 feet.

A longer paracord enhances the utility of a bracelet, and it allows you to use the device for rock climbing and other purposes. So you should always gather information about the length of the paracord before buying a product. If you are not able to find any information, the average cord length is somewhere between 7 and 10 feet.

3. Usage

You should definitely consider for what purpose you plan to use the paracord. If your purpose is to build a survival kit, then you should go for a strong and durable paracord without all the fancy little tools.

Suppose you are an avid camper, then you want the basic tools like knives, scrapes, fire starters, flashlights, etc. If you’re planning to bring the device for your hiking trip, you should consider getting a shackle and a rope.

4. Clasp

Most bracelets come with a metal or a plastic clasp. The metal locking system is a bit more difficult to close and open, but it provides a more reliable hold than the plastic clasp. Ideally, your paracord bracelet should fit your wrist, and the clasping mechanism should be such that you can attach it to your backpack. For this purpose, it is better for a meta locking mechanism.

5. Price

Price is an obvious factor that you need to consider while buying any product. If you’re low on funds, you can always go for those bracelet pairs that you can get for $15 or so.

Also, depending on your needs, you can choose a device that costs less and provides the basic features, rather than getting one with all the fancy tools. The price usually increases with the increasing length of the paracord so you should figure out how much of it you need.

6. Color And Design

Design and color both are subjective, and everyone has their own preferences. While some products come in only a single color, others are available in 3 or 4 different colors. The design also varies from product to product, and while some have a bulkier build, some are compact and sleek.

FAQs on Survival Bracelets

1. Why Is A 550 Cord Called 550 Cord?

If you read somewhere on a product description that a survival bracelet has a 550 cord, it means that it is able to withstand a maximum weight of 550 pounds. However, you shouldn’t hang a 550-pound weight to the paracord in order to check its performance, as it might break.

2. Can Paracord Get Wet?

Paracords are usually waterproof, but the first time it gets wet, it will shrink in size by about a quarter of an inch. This shrinking will not happen every time the paracord comes in touch with water.

3. Will 550 Paracord Hold A Hammock?

You cannot use a paracord survival bracelet for holding a hammock, for a paracord is meant to hold static load only. Besides, it is too thin, and a thicker suspension is required for balancing a hammock. So using a paracord for holding a hammock will leave it unstable.

4. What Is Inside Paracord?

A paracord consists of two parts, the core, and the sheath. The core consists of 7 strands, each of which consists of 3 smaller strands. The nylon sheath usually consists of 32 strands woven together.

5. Is Paracord Washable?

Yes, you can wash a paracord, but you should be careful not to use boiling waters and strong chemicals. You may clean it using dish soap or baking soda, or simply throw it in the washing machine.

Get Yourself Trendy Survival Bracelet Today

Being prepared for an emergency means having the necessary tools at your disposal that will help you survive in extreme circumstances. It is a challenge to find a balance between what you can expect and what you can do to prepare yourself.

Survival bracelets will give you the edge you need, but you should only buy a product that suits your lifestyle. The information that we have shared with you here will help you find the best survival bracelet for your need. Make sure that you settle with a quality and durable bracelet.