Best Paracord Projects 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Bear Grylls Blade 2. Tlo Gun Sling 3. ParaClaw Bracelet
Bear Grylls Best Paracord Project Tlo Outdoor Paracord Gun Sling ParaClaw Paracord Survival Bracelet

A paracord project will stir up great enthusiasm if you are an adventurist. Paracord or parachute chords are life-saving strings attached to the parachute of paramilitary officials.

Owing to the strength, it displays and the reliability it shows, paracords can be used for other life-saving projects too, especially when you identify yourself as adventure-lover who love venture out on challenging hiking or rock-climbing missions.


Although this survival gear are available online, you might still want to try your hands on designing some of the projects on your own. Here, we will list out the best paracord projects. So, you can either pick the best paracord ideas from them or buy them directly from the sites that have linked.

Top 15 Best Paracord Projects 2021

1. Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade

Bear Grylls Best Paracord ProjectThis product is specifically designed as part of a survival kit because of its durability, strength, and flexibility. This 6-feet paracord is entwined on the compact and sturdy full tang knife, allowing a firm grip without wounding the palm. The paracord wrap is removable and is customizable, depending on the convenience of the handler.

The knife has multiple functionalities that include ripping, cutting, skinning or even mincing. You will find it sharp and flexible, covered with a reversible sheath. It allows the hunting knife to be carried with the tip pointing upward, sideways, and downward.

The paracord is made from nylon. The fixed-blade of the knife is 3.25 inches long, measuring 7.75 inches on an overall. It weighs close to 3.5 ounces, apart from the sheath, which weighs 2.25 ounces more. The knife consists of premium quality 5Cr15MoV stainless steel.


  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Lightweight


  • The sheath needs a better way to secure the knife

2. Tlo Outdoor Paracord Gun Sling

Tlo Outdoor Paracord Gun SlingTLO Outdoors has been the first preference of adventure lovers because of its quality products. No doubt, this product worth its price, owing to its color variation.

Perfect for guns including rifles, shotguns and more, which can be as accurate as crossbow sling or crossbow strap. The sling is wide and does not dig into the skin when slung on the shoulders. It is easy to release with the press of a button.

The paracord used for making the sling is available in various colors. Each sling boasts of 17 inches of high-quality, premium weaved paracord.

The product has been prepared with 550-rated paracord, which means it has the strength to carry a weight of 550 lbs. It is accompanied by adjustable metal buckles that get easily attach to the rifle, crossbow, and shotgun.


  • Fits all weapons with standard swivel stud
  • Fully adjustable
  • Immense strength


  • Connectors on the strap might be short
  • Lacks swivel

3. ParaClaw Paracord Survival Bracelet

ParaClaw Paracord Survival BraceletWhenever you go on adventure trips, you have to minimalize your packing. In such cases, every inch of the bag that you carry counts. The outdoor edge ParaClaw Paracord certainly cannot be one of your cool paracord projects because it needs an expert’s eye for detail and the science of survival kit.

This product is a gadget, which is strong, trendy, and durable, yet fits around your wrist. This 550lb heavy-duty paracord has a tight grip wherever you land the 1.5-inch knife. Made of premium 8CR13MoV stainless steel, the knife is razor sharp and cuts through almost anything.

The blade is integrally molded into a glass/nylon guard that ties firmly into the knife. Available in various sizes, the user should opt for the right size because a loose band will be of no use. The sheath system, once deployed, locks the knife immediately and the paracord band forms the handle.


  • Razor-sharp knife
  • Swift to deploy
  • Hi-end technology


  • The sheath sometimes fails to deploy fast

4. Bartact Taoghupbn Paracord Grab Handle

Bartact Taoghupbn Paracord Grab HandleIf you are looking for strength and stability, look no further. This product will not let you down. This grab handle neither budges nor squishes in its position. It holds just at the place you have placed it in your handlebar. 100% 550Lb material, the paracord takes the jerk, the push, and the screech with equal tenacity.

It may weigh less than 2 pounds, might be small in its 2X5X11 inches dimensions, but the power and the grip cannot be understated. The product is a universal fit, which can be used on padded and non-padded roll bars.

The center strap, which is held by the paracord keeps the unit from collapsing, unlike other competitors made from inferior quality plastic.

It is easy to install and does not require any special equipment to do so. Fit the handle to the desired and the comfortable length and hit the roads on your jeep. You can choose from a variety of colors to match the interiors of the vehicle.


  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Matching sets for different interiors
  • Made from 550Lb material


  • Adjustments to the length of the bar handle need to be done

5. Last Man Survival Kit Bracelet

Last Man Survival Kit BraceletImagine you were isolated in an isolated spot alone, this bracelet could be your best buddy. It has all the survival kits necessary to weather the storm and the rain, without going hungry. This paracord bracelet accommodates over 16 individual pieces of survival kit: 1 x Snelled 3/0 offset kale hook with 20″ leader line, 1 x 12′ length of nylon paracord cordage, and 2 x 1 1/8-inch line swivels.

Not to mention, 1 x 30 ft length 10lb test fishing line, 1 x Snelled #2 offset kale hook with 20″ leader line, and a ferrocerium fire starter rod. You will also get 1 x 2-inch diameter serrated fire striker, 2 x 1/2-inch foam bobbers, 2 x 3/8 inch egg sinkers, 1 x Dried grass tinder bundle, 2 x 1 3/4 inch safety pins, 1 x Compass (select models) Instructions.

Top-quality products, the kit is undoubtedly the “last man” you would look forward to saving you from cold and hungry. What is interesting is the size of the bracelet and the number of things it can accommodate in itself.

The large size fits a wrist of 7-8.5 inches, and the small one fits the 6-7.5 inches wrist comfortably. A complete package of looks, comfort, and functionality, the bracelet has several reasons to be in your bug-out-bag list.


  • Trendy
  • Functional
  • Made from premium products


  • Could be challenging to use for first-timers
  • Could be a little bulky for smaller people

6. EarlyBirdSavings Meshy Rope Hammock Sleeping Net

EarlyBirdSavings Meshy Rope Hammock Sleeping NetHave you ever wondered how hammock stood the pressure of anyone’s weight? Well, thanks to the strength of paracords. Made of high capacity paracords of nylon rope, it can carry the weight of a 110 pounds individual.

Lightweight as compared to the power it promises, this product is a must-have in a hiker’s or an adventurist’s list of things to carry. Suitable for camping, hiking, travelling, biking, the hammock is both fun and fantastic. This hammock is adorned with olive green color camouflaging with the scenic beauty you may wish to enjoy.


  • Sturdy
  • Flexible
  • Light


  • Could snag under extreme pressure
  • Handling could be difficult

7. Paracord Keychain Lanyard Tactical Bushcraft

Paracord Keychain Lanyard Tactical BushcraftEver imagined you could face the rain and storm with a keychain? Well, that is possible with the paracord keychain lanyard. The product consists of military-grade 550 paracords for maximum strength, and the keychain forms a protective shell around the 16-piece survival kit.

The survival kit includes a fishing set, which contains 2 x fishing hooks, 2 x fishing swivels, 4 x fishing weights and fishing line.

You do not have to look for rocks to light a fire, no more bulky fishing net, and yet you will feel safe from extreme weather. The paracord keychain is ideal for hunters, campers, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and bag packers.

Designed by Holtzman’s, a pioneer in the survival kit manufacturing industry, a couple of this kit could be your last resort to safety for you and your family.

The company is known for its fire starter kit, which is simple to use and has never reported having failed its user. With just a Ferro rod, flint scraper, and a cotton ball, you could make a fire for your meal or just to stay warm in a cold climate.

You will get all those mentioned above without even stuffing your bag. Dangle the keychain with its waterproof ring from your pocket.


  • Trendy
  • Sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Available in military green and black colour


  • Could be challenging to handle if you are a first-timer

8. Prep2go Paracord Grenadelbs

Prep2go Paracord GrenadelbsIf life throws lemons at you, you make lemonade out of it. A challenging situation can pop up anytime when you are out camping with your family and friends or during a hiking trail. No fear will touch you if you have this survival grenade.

This power-packed product can accommodate up to 36 items, all necessary for surviving hunger and bad weather. The paracord is of military-grade type IIII category and can endure up to 552lbs, 2lbs more than the standard strength.

Accompanied by sturdy snap carabiner clip, this paracord can pull out two people from a deep ditch. The paracord is 80 feet in length and comes with 2 ft of Bungee rubber surgical type tubing, straw, and binding wounds, apart from alcohol, cotton balls, rubber band, needle.

You will also get a kit, which includes 4-acquatubs water purification capsules, fire steel scraper, a loud whistle, and an upgraded fishing kit. Also, you will get two hooks, two swivels, two floats, one sinker, 30-foot line, phosphorescent shrimp lure, and extra 12×12″ cooking foil.


  • Compact
  • strong
  • Trendy


  • Handling could be difficult for newbies

9. Magnesium Fire Starter Survival Kit

Magnesium Fire Starter Survival KitDo you tend to forget matches or a lighter to light a campfire or a bonfire? No need to worry when you have this survival kit. This kit is not just lightweight but is also easily accessible. The paracord joining the Ferro rod and the metal knife rod is robust and ensures that you do not have to fumble for either of them when you need them the most.

Designed to keep the comfort and the ease-of-use of the customers in mind, it is ideal for campers, hunters, scouts, and hikers. You will be impressed with the military green color, which is trendy and durable. It does not get dirty quickly because of its dark color.

You can cut slices from the rod and make a pile and then add a spark. The best part of magnesium is that it always remains dry. You can soak it in water and yet start a campfire. Magnesium makes great emergency tinder for lighting fires and can also help light fire when the wood is wet or damp.


  • Easy to use
  • Does not dampen


  • Could be difficult for newbies

10. Gear Aid 550 Paracord

Gear Aid 550 ParacordGear Aid, the manufacturer of the product, is known for its design expertise and quality of products. From outdoor camping to hiking, this gear is an essential part of every bug out bag.

The product boasts of 100% nylon, which can be used as a clothesline to secure your tents and tarps or used as a fishing line, thread, floss or a fire starter. You can hang whatever you desire, owing to the strength of the paracord.

Available in various striking colors, this gear can be spotted anywhere outdoors, it is lightweight. It can be used as a survival bracelet, paracord dog collar, handle wrap or a knife lanyard. The cord is not just strong. It is multi-purpose, field-tested, and high-visibility.


  • Multi-purpose
  • High visibility
  • Field-tested


  • It will lose its strength of cut into pieces

11. Paracord Survival Lanyark Neck Strap

Paracord Survival Lanyark Neck StrapCrafted with the best quality paracord, Paracord Planet has proved its mettle in the survival kit domain yet again. The product consists of 550-pound tensile strength paracord, and the strap can hold almost anything you want, including your cell phone. The best part is you just have to customize it accordingly.

The swivel trigger snap attached at the end of the 7-strand inner core paracord allows easy deployment in the time of emergency. The utility does not end here.

You can use the inner strands to store needles, sewing thread, fishing line, and dental floss. You can also use the strand for making a stringer for catching fish, assisting in making fire, and much more.

It is unfair to underestimate the functionalities of a neck strap because it holds your essential IDs, your keychain, a whistle (a critical part of your survival kit). It certainly deserves the strength to hold on and not strap out because if it does, it will take down a whole lot of things with itself.


  • Can double up as a fishing string
  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Water-resistant


  • Could be challenging to use for newbies

12. Foxtrot 4 Colors 550lb Survival Belt

Foxtrot 4 Colors 550lb Survival BeltEver realized your belt could hold on to a lot more other than your trousers? Well, this one does. This 7-stranded belt made of top quality 550 paracord is not just durable but flexible and smooth to touch.

The waterproof material can preserve the things you stock up inside the braids from a clothesline to threads for sewing, fishing net and line, and more. It can also be used in raft lashing, towing, hanging items or wild animals after hunting. The cobra weave is specially designed for these functionalities.

The product also comes with a matching bracelet with similar functionalities. So, it is a 2-in-1 advantage because you can save up double the space in your emergency bag.


  • Wide
  • Fits almost all sizes
  • Adjustable
  • Worth the price


  • Could be challenging to use for newbies
  • People may have to check their waist size before buying

13. 2 Pack Firestarter Paracord Survival Keychain

2 Pack Firestarter Paracord Survival KeychainThis product is laced with an integrated Firestarter; all you have to pack is a sharp knife and cotton ball. You should not be surprised if we suggested that you could accommodate them within the durable weaves of the paracord keychain.

Hand it with the belt loop of your jean or just store it in your car’s cabinet, just ensure that you have easy access to the product whenever you are stranded and have to keep warm.

You will notice a military-grade clip attached at the end of the paracord chain can hold almost everything. It is lightweight and fashionable and looks good with any outfit.


  • Can hang food items on a high tree if you are camping
  • 550 strength
  • Waterproof
  • Can store items in the weave


  • It may take some time to start the fire as a beginner

14. Paracord Rifle Strap

Paracord Rifle StrapAvailable in 5 colors, this product shot to fame among hunters. The product consists of seven strand 550 test paracord from a certified military supplier. It worth all the money because each of the straps meant for weaving is made from one intact 70-100 feet long paracord.

The strap can be unwound should the user needs the paracord for any other purpose. All you have to do is pull the tab. You can build a shelter, tie a splint or rig a pulley. The strap is extremely comfortable and is also adjustable from 28 inches to 60 inches.


  • Can hold up life-saving survival kits
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Very strong


  • You need a unique tactic to unwind the braids of the strap

15. Paracord Survival Grenade Keychain Survival Kit

Paracord Survival Grenade Keychain Survival KitSurvival Frog has created a benchmark for its competitors in the emergency survival gear industry. This product has gained equal popularity like its other products. Small, compact, and cute, this key chain is made of 9 feet of 550-pound paracord.

It encompasses a durable carabiner, two knives (one scalpel blade & one three-sided ring knife), a fire starter, fishing gear, fishing hook, fishing weights, bobbers, swivel, piece of tin foil, and tinder.

You can easily clip it with your jacket, vest, carabiner, bug out bag, and more. You will be glad to know the paracord outer covering is waterproof and sturdy and can survive muddy terrains.


  • Compact
  • Has survival kits
  • Robust


  • One has to learn how to use it first

Top Reasons To Buy The Best Paracord Product

Of course, you will notice many reasons for choosing the best quality paracord products. It provides the strength of the sustainability gear. The gear that you carry for your safety should be strong and sturdy to protect you from the wind and the storm. So, if the paracord strands are weak, they cannot be used as protective gears.

It would not give away at the nick of the moment. Imagine a situation when you need the gear badly, and it just gives away in front of your eyes.

Your money and your time both gone down the drain. It saves money, guaranteeing life-long durability because you may have to spend more on high-quality products, but they promise of durability for a lifetime.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Paracord Product

In the following section, we will be discussing some major ‘how-to’ questions and FAQs that can help the user to gauge the quality of the products they are buying.

If you are looking for paracord products or are checking out ‘things to make with paracord’ on Google, you might be preparing yourself for an emergency. It is natural to look for the best-quality paracord for anything that you buy or do at home. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Mi-Sec Paracord

These are military-grade paracords that promise you of the 550 lb strength and durability. It is better to buy the product of a reputed brand that deals with authentic stuff alone. It must be remembered that commercial paracord is an inferior product, which may not stand the test of time.

2. Colored Manufacturing Strand

The US military assigned several colors to different manufacturers to help customers identify the mil-spec quality of paracords. These marks authenticate the strength of the product and vouch for its quality.

3. Twisted Strands

Check if the inner strands are twisted because if they are not, then they are not mil-sec. These intertwined strands make up for the strength of the outer paracord line.

4. 7,8, 9 Strands

Having the 7,8 or 9 inner strands is a pre-requisite for Mil-spec type III paracord. You should check for the numbers before placing an order.

FAQs on Paracord Projects

1. Are Paracords Waterproof?

It depends on the material of the paracord, which is usually waterproof. You should look for military-grade type III material.

2. For What Purpose Can The Paracord Be Used?

It can be used for several purposes including clothesline, fishing line, for setting up tents, protecting the other survival kits.

3. What Items Are Required For A Paracord Project At Home?

You would need a paracord jig, cutting board, scissors, lighter, knife, clips and buckles.

4. What Are Some Of The Best Paracord Projects?

We have provided you with the list of 15 top paracord projects. In this list, you will find various types of survival kits that make the right choice.

Best Paracord Projects – Conclusion

If you are a new user or trying your hands on paracord DIY, the FAQs will answer all your questions. In the end, we hope you have understood the various functionalities of the product and would also be intrigued to know more.

You will come across innumerable things to make with paracord. You may have gathered a few paracord ideas from the list as mentioned earlier too. However, whatever you do, buy it online or make cool paracord projects at home.

Remember that the strength of the product is of prime importance because without that the survival kit you are trying to make does not serve its purpose. Keep the guidelines provided above in mind and start with the paracord projects of your choice.