Best Non Lethal Weapons 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Vipertek Stun Gun 2. Sabre Pepper Gel 3. Vipertek Aluminum
Vipertek Stun Gun Best Non Lethal Weapon Sabre Red Pepper Gel Vipertek Aluminum Series

Carrying around a lethal weapon in your bag can be dangerous and illegal. Your purpose may not be to hurt anyone, but if it is lethal, it can end up hurting you, your family or anyone you come across.

Non lethal weapon is the one that can protect us during an emergency or attack, but does not take life of the assailant. So, a best non lethal weapons are something that we need.


Here, we’ve gathered some of the best non lethal weapons you can procure today for home use or personal protection. While you go out to buy such a weapon, we have also described a few factors that you must consider before you make a selection of survival gears.

So, how about going over the top 15 less than lethal weapons to keep yourself, your friends and family safe.

Top 15 Best Non Lethal Weapons 2021

1. Vipertek Stun Gun

Vipertek Stun Gun Best Non Lethal WeaponThe VIPERTEK VTS 989 stun gun is an amazing immobilizer in terms of security. It truly sneaks up suddenly! Simply firing this unit into the air is enough to stop an assailant. But if that’s not enough, it can give an electric shock to the assailant if he or she tries to snatch it from you.

As the splendid electric flow throbs between the test prongs, the device makes a scaring electrical sound, which can stop any aggressor from moving towards you. But if he or she doesn’t stop there, a shock from this immobilizer will cut an assailant down!

After receiving the electric shock, the assailant’s brain will stop working, his muscles will lose control and balance, he will become confused and disoriented, and he will not be in a condition to cause you any harm.

This is a heavy duty stun gun that is rechargeable with the help of a cord that comes with it. It also has a flashlight that can show you direction in the darkness. It does not look like a gun, but it looks like any other normal flashlight, however it is different in action.


  • Portable
  • Splendid electrical flow
  • Handy and mobile
  • Has a flashlight too
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Anti-slip rubber coating
  • Can penetrate through thick clothes too
  • Comes with lifetime warranty


  • Shipping is restricted

2. Sabre Red Pepper Gel

Sabre Red Pepper GelSaber’s MK 3 Pepper Gel ensures your wellbeing with its 18 feet range. The canister of this gel is a similar in size that is utilized by US Marshalls and police departments of New York and Chicago. Since the product does not allow the gel to spread into the air, it just influences the targeted person whom it directly contacts.

The gel substance adheres to your objective and keeps the client or onlookers from being influenced. Gel is perfect for both indoor and open air use, as it forestalls wind blow back and makes indoor cleaning a lot simpler. Ensure yourself and your family’s safety with this Pepper Gel.

The product contains 18 bursts of pepper spray at a distance of 18 feet. You can keep the product always with you with the help of a belt holster that it comes with. The flip flop safety prevents any unintentional discharge, and it can stay as a defense system for you with its 4 years of shelf life.


  • Improved safety
  • 18 bursts
  • 18 feet range
  • Suitable for indoor use also
  • Customary automatic pepper splash
  • Excellent stopping power
  • Flip flop safety
  • Long shelf life
  • Free holster included
  • Effectively accessible against threats


  • Amount of gel is a little less

3. Vipertek Aluminum Series

Vipertek Aluminum SeriesThe VIPERTEK VTS T03 is an efficient immobilizer that can stop your assailant midway. First try to stop him by firing it in the air and producing an electric sound. But if he is still brave enough to approach you, touch this stun gun with his body and he will receive a strong electric shock that will make him out of his senses. No matter how thick is clothes are, the shock would be strong enough to bewilder him.

The aircraft grade aluminum body and pink color of the stun gun make it an ideal gadget for ladies. It includes a flashlight as well, with a bulb that can light for as long as 100,000 hours. Only 6.75 inches in size, it is easy to carry in your pocket, purse or bag.


  • Hard core Stun Gun with 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
  • Type III airplane grade aluminum compound body
  • Easy to carry around
  • Beautiful design to show off
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Lifetime warranty


  • There are no projectiles
  • You need to touch the person through this stun gun to run them off

4. Umarex Caliber Gun Air Pistol

Umarex Caliber Gun Air PistolThe RWS Umarex TDP 45 Air Pistol is fueled by a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, has a 19 BB limit, and a removable, drop free magazine that shoots BBs at 410 feet for each second. Self loader fixed back and front sights joined with the weapon and its ergonomic shape makes easy shooting.

This is a double action pistol that shoots fast with high accuracy and excellent power. It also has a flashlight and a laser light integrated in its design.


  • 19 shots
  • .177 bore BB air gun
  • Contains a 12 gram CO2 cartridge
  • Includes optics and lights
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy polymer
  • Easy to acquire targets


  • Pretty expensive
  • It is a little risky to keep at home

5. Vigilant Personal Alarm

Vigilant Personal AlarmPersonal alarms prove to be lifesavers in times of emergencies or attacks. This is one of the loudest personal alarms available in the market, and the best thing is that it also has a backup whistle, which means that it can solve your purpose even when it goes out of battery.

The 130 dB alarm gets activated with a push of a button, and the hidden OFF button will prevent the attacker from turning it off. It comes with a purse, key ring or bag clip, so that you can always carry it around attached with your purse, keys or bag.

The LR44 watch batteries preloaded in this alarm give a standby time of one year. The batteries are easily available at any nearby store, and you can easily replace them on your own.


  • Loud 130 dB alarm to bring attention to your attacker
  • Backup whistle that works without battery too
  • Hidden OFF button
  • Easy to carry
  • Easily replaceable batteries
  • Battery life of one year
  • Full one year warranty
  • Available in three attractive colors
  • Available in packs of 2 and 4 also


  • The backup whistle is not that loud

6. Maze Pepper Spray Gun

Maze Pepper Spray GunThis is a long-range pepper spray gun that can shoot 7 bursts of pepper spray up to the range of 20 feet. Weighing only 28 grams, it is easy to carry around in your bag. The integrated dual mode LED light allows you to aim easily.

You can even carry this pepper spray during your air travel in your checked baggage, as it is completely compliant to FAA and TSA. When you shoot this spray on your attackers, they start coughing, become blind, their skin burns and breathing becomes difficult for them for a few minutes. This gives you enough time to escape. But that doesn’t mean that your attackers will also flee. The gun leaves a UV dye on their body, which lasts long and becomes an evidence during identification and investigation.

Easy to load, hold and aim, this is an effective way of keeping attackers away. It comes with a water cartridge too for practice.


  • Made with natural peppers
  • Light weight
  • Long range protection up to 20 feet
  • Gives out 7 blasts
  • LED light to aim
  • Easy to load, hold and aim
  • Effective
  • FAA/TSA approved, so airline friendly
  • Leaves UV dye on attackers for easy identification
  • Practice with a water cartridge that comes with it
  • Available in 2 colors


  • Sometimes gets jammed

7. Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty Black Mini Bat

Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty Black Mini BatMade up of high quality polypropylene, these mini bats are much stronger and more durable than most conventional bats. These bats are rot, crack, fade and splinter resistant, due to which you can easily clean them in soap and water. Whether you are planning to use them for your school games or for self defense, they will serve their purpose very well.

This is an imported quality bat that is 20 inches in length, 1 1/8 inches thick on the handle, and 2 3/16 inches on the tip.


  • Ideal for students to carry
  • Accurate infusion
  • Heavy quality
  • Durable
  • High quality material
  • Ideal size to give a good grip
  • Resistant to wear
  • Also available in packs of 2 and 4


  • Pretty expensive

8. Kimber Red Pepper Blaster

Kimber Red Pepper BlasterThis pepper blaster is an ergonomically designed shooter that can shoot pepper spray on your attacker at 90 mph and cripple him for as long as 45 minutes. The single handed grip of the gun gives you a good grip and allows you to aim at your attacker with more precision.


  • Well equipped
  • Can weaken the opponent for 45 minutes
  • Shoots at 90mph
  • Affordable


  • The unit is not reusable after 2 shots

9. Sabre Red Pepper Gel

Sabre Red Pepper GelThis is an ideal home security system for your property, as when an intruder attacks your house, you can shoot pepper spray onto him and cripple him for several minutes. The best thing is that it can shoot 32 bursts of spray from a distance of 25 feet, without any wind blowback. It also does not leave any air borne particles in the air, which means that it affects only the one who has been aimed with it.

Tested in Sabre’s HPLC laboratory, it has minimum failure rate. When shot, it also leaves UV dye on the suspects, which makes it easier during the investigation and identification process. Trusted even by US Marshals, County Sheriffs and many police departments, this is one of the most reliable pepper spray systems available out there.

With 4 years of shelf life and a wall-mount bracket, you can keep this canister in your home within easy reach. The pistol-grip makes it easy to aim and shoot. When you buy this pepper gel spray, you also get a free training video which explains how to shoot and use this product for your safety.


  • Excellent stopping power
  • UV dye helps in identifying the suspect
  • Long reach of 25 feet
  • Minimum failure rate
  • No air borne particles
  • No wind blowback
  • Trusted by police
  • 4 years shelf life
  • Comes with a wall mount bracket
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a free training video


  • Doesn’t ship internationally
  • Not airline compatible

10. Streetwise Stun Stick Lightning Rod

Streetwise Stun Stick Lightning RodThis is a highly power stun stick that repels your attackers with an electric shock. It also creates an electric sound that is usually enough to scare your assailant away. It comes with a recharge cord with which you can recharge the stick, which means you are saved from replacing the batteries every now and then.

The 18 inches length of this stick allows you to stun your attacker from a distance. If you are passing through a dark road, it also works as a bright LED flashlight. The rubber armor coating gives you a good grip on the stick, and the holster that comes with it makes it easy to carry.


  • Brilliant electric flow
  • Stuns the assailant from a safe distance
  • 18 inches long
  • Easy to carry
  • Rechargeable
  • Works as LED flashlight too


  • Needs physical contact to give a shock

11. Aftco FBAT2B Fish Bat

Aftco FBAT2B Fish BatThis fish bat from the house of AFTCO is strong and solid enough to break bones. Ergonomically designed handle gives you a good grip during attack. It has a curved hook on the rod’s end that you can use to grip and pull things.

It also comes with a braided lanyard attached, which can keep the bat secured with your hand or bag. In times of need, you can untie the lanyard and use it for some other purpose. Measuring 1.3 pounds in weight and 19 inches long, it can float in water, and is corrosion resistant too.


  • Exceptionally sturdy and durable
  • Non slip hold
  • Braided safety cord attached
  • Hook on one end
  • Can be hung with the hook or lanyard
  • Can float in water


  • Your attacker may overpower you during attack with this bat

12. Fury Tactical Keychain

Fury Tactical KeychainThe Fury self protection key chain, also known as SDK mini, is a lightweight, aluminum key chain with finger grooves and pressure tip. It is easy to hold and control, and keeps a handy weapon ready in your hands. When an attacker approaches you, you can punch the pressure tip on his or her body. The tip is sharp enough to cause a non-lethal injury to your attackers and shoo them away.

This product looks like an ordinary key chain, but it has the power to stab your enemy/attacker. Made up of aircraft aluminum, it is light in weight and only 5 inches long. Even when you are not using it for an attack, it becomes a beautiful keychain to keep your keys in place.


  • Made from lightweight airplane aluminum
  • Finger grooves for better control
  • Measures 5 inches and just 1 ounce weight
  • Sharp pressure tip to attack an assailant


  • You need to be in close contact with your attacker to use this

13. Pepper Enforcement Splatter

Pepper Enforcement SplatterThis high quality pepper spray formula is lab tested and is successful in debilitating an eventual assailant. A splash of pepper into the eyes and nose of the attacker will cause trouble in breathing, serious eye irritation and transitory visual impairment.

The impacts last from 30 to 45 minutes, giving you enough time to escape and contact the police. The long-lasting UV dye splashed on the assailant eases identification during police investigation.

High quality law enforcement grade pepper spray is ideal for self-protection during crisis. The powerful recipe of 10% OC, 2 Million SHUS, and 1.33% Capsaicinoids will promptly cripple your aggressors. The flip top security system prevents any unintentional pepper shower release.

The side edges give a better grip over the canister, and you can keep it safe in the belt cut holster that comes with it. It is also nonflammable and safe to use with tasers. Available in various sizes like 2 oz. (net weight 43 grams) and 4 oz. (net weight 85 grams), they are available in Splatter Stream and Foam shower varieties, that you can choose as per individual security needs.


  • Excellent quality
  • Gives enough time to escape from the risk
  • UV dye holds on to the enemy for a long time
  • Available in various sizes
  • Excellent pepper shower
  • 4 years shelf life


  • Limited shipping locations

14. Shomer Tec Prison Pen

Shomer Tec Prison PenThe Shomer Tec Ball Point Flexible Writing Pen is made with a delicate rubbery material that can bend on pressure, due to which it becomes a non lethal weapon that can cause significant harm to your assailant without stabbing him or her.

It remains straight when utilized as a writing instrument, but bends if you attempt to utilize it as a weapon to hurt someone.


  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Affordable
  • A combination of pen and a non lethal weapon
  • Available in packs of 5, 25 and 50


  • Not easy to write

15. Survival Choke Attack Weapon Bracelet

Survival Choke Attack Weapon BraceletDesigned by professional Jiu Jitsu Martial Artists, this Paracord Self Defense Bracelet makes it simple to escape in times of need. It proves to be a basic self protection tool that enables you to restrict your assailant’s attacks.

The paracord bracelet is attractive to look, and has a wrong rope that you can use to choke your attacker or bind his or her hands. However, using this weapon needs some level of martial art skills and good physical power to overpower your attacker.


  • Assault Defense
  • A good way to distract your attacker and restrict his or her moves
  • Attractive to look
  • Can be worn everyday
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Need some fighting skills to use it
  • Should have come with a training video

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Non Lethal Weapons

1. Usability

Best non lethal weapons are meant to be less than lethal weapons that are non destructive, yet capable of causing potential harm to the attackers. The weapon should have simple usage instructions, so that every person with any physical capability can use it during an emergency.

The weapon should be easy to use and should give a good grip so that it does not fall or trip off during a combat.

2. Level Of Self Protection

The aim of keeping a non lethal weapon is basically self-defense, and is seldom used with an intention to harm or kill the attacker. Even if the attacker is stunned or crippled, it happens only for a few minutes, so that you can get some time to escape. So, the level of self-protection offered by the weapon is of utmost importance.

3. Effectiveness

Since these weapons are primarily meant for self protection only, they are effective to cause minor injury to the attacker only, and are not sharp enough to kill them. For instance, the pepper shower spray have effects for a limited time only, so that you can run away from your enemy.

It is just about creating a gap between the attacker and the sufferer. so that the one in danger gets sufficient time to escape while the attacker is coping up with the slight injuries caused to him or her.

4. Legal Aspect

If the weapon is used in full compliance with the international human rights law and standards, then there won’t be any legal issues that may arise. If they are used solely for self defense and not any intention to harm anyone willingly, you will legally stay safe and even help in identifying a criminal. This is the reason why pepper sprays are even legal to be carried in air planes.

5. Shelf Life

Since attacks are made to a person only rarely, the weapon you carry should have a long shelf life. It would be of no use if you need to replace it with a new one every year without using it even once.

6. Quality

A self-defense non lethal weapon should be of high quality and lab tested. A weapon that fails to work when needed would be useless and may pose great risk to your security.

FAQs on Non Lethal Weapons

1. Is Pepper Shower Spray Helpful?

Yes, the pepper shower spray is extremely useful and helpful during an attack. It can spray numerous times and can be used again and again.

The pepper shower is very strong and leaves the enemy/thief without any vision for more than 45 minutes. This gives you enough time to escape. Find the one that is easy to keep in your bag or purse, or you can even carry it in your pocket.

2. Why It Is Important To Carry A Non Lethal Weapon With You All The Time?

Less lethal weapons are important for our safety. Because we cannot keep arms and ammunitions for safety, it is legal to keep and use these weapons. These include stun baton sticks, pepper sprays, key chain stun beams, and many others. The best thing is that these are non deadly and are easy to use.

3. Could A Non Lethal Weapon Ever Be Deadly?

For a non lethal weapon to get deadly, you will have to use it multiple times with extra force and power. But usually, during an attack, you don’t have this much time. A single, small attack of such a weapon would be enough to restrict the attacker’s movement for a few minutes, and you will get sufficient time to flee from the scene until you are safe.

4. Can A Pepper Spray Make Your Attacker Permanently Blind?

No. Pepper spray is strong enough to cause irritation in the eyes, and it can cause visually impairment for as long as 45 minutes. But the best non lethal weapons is lab tested to contain safe ingredients only, and the amount sprayed is too small to cause any serious damage. The attacker will be able to see again clearly within an hour.

Get Well Equipped With The Best Non Lethal Weapons For Every Situation

If you are serious about getting the best non lethal weapon for your safety, then this article will solve every issue you must be facing regarding choosing the one that can stand up for you during times of need. Here, we have listed some of the factors that you must consider while choosing such a weapon, as it must be efficient enough to cause damage to the attacker without killing him or her.

The best weapon would be the one that can cripple an attacker for a few minutes, so that you can get sufficient time to flee. It should be compact in size and light in weight, so that you can easily carry it around in your bag. Make sure that the weapon you are choosing has all these factors, along with the fact that it should be easy to use as per your physical prowess.