Best Gas Masks 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. 3M 6200 2. 3M 7503 3. Erb 6900
3M Respirator 6200 Best Gas Mask 3M Large Half Facepiece Respirator 7503 Erb Full Face Respirator 6900

Some individuals work in high-risk environments, and for them, protection is a priority. If you are working in a polluted environment, gas masks can protect you from several health hazards. Gas masks can protect you against respiratory irritants and dangerous fumes.

Many people use surgical masks and bandanas for protecting themselves, but these do not offer adequate protection gears, and you should look for the best gas mask so that you don’t face any health issues.


Due to works in colliery, or in those sectors where harmful gas and chemicals are used, people need to wear gas masks to protect themselves.

Apart from barring the inhalation of toxic gases, these gas masks also help to block dust particles and the other suspended particles in air. Gas masks protect them from NBC and CBRN agents and other pollutants.

The best gas masks are respirators and they stop harmful materials from entering your respiratory system. Surgical masks and bandanas are not ideal in emergency situations because they are not respirators.

However, while shopping for the best gas mask you may face a little confused as there are a large number of products available in the market.

Along with the constituent of the gas masks, it is also important to choose the comfort quotient when it comes to the usability and functionality of the gas masks. For emergency respirators and those who work in extremely hazardous conditions, the grade and quality should be of a high level.

Top 16 Best Gas Masks 2021

1. 3M Half Facepiece Respirator 6200

3M Respirator 6200 Best Gas MaskIn an environment that contains harmful particles, vapors, gases, along with particulates such as ammonia, hydrogen fluoride, mercury, etc, it is important that you get clean air to breathe. This respirator from 3M is one of the most compact and lightweight respirators you’ll find in the market.

The thermoplastic elastomer is not dangerous and it does not inhibit proper breathing. PAPR usage and high quality filtration is made possible when you wear this mask, as it not just filters but supplies air through dual air line application.

You can use this respirator along with your safety glasses, for your eyes need protection too from smog and dust. This ergonomically designed respirator allows you to maintain good vision, unlike some other products which do not accommodate safety glasses.

The adjustments points that are located on and around the mask for compatibility help you to breathe properly.

The best thing about this respirator is how convenient it is to use it. It offers you great value for money, and you can wash and reuse it multiple times.

Furthermore, the head straps can be easily adjusted, and the cartridges that filter pollutants are designed in such a way that they do not affect the balance and allows normal breathing. This makes it especially useful for chipping and material handling projects.

You can also use this product with other personal protection equipment, as is often required by medical personnel in the event of a pandemic. The facepiece of this respirator has adjustment points that allow it to be compatible with other protective equipment.

It features only NIOSH-approved filters and cartridges so it can purify negative pressure air and reduce your exposure to harmful vapors, gases, and particulates. Welding, construction and general manufacturing industry use this facility.

Also, since sanding and sawing industry also use multiple machines, these gas masks are an inevitable option when it comes to the working sectors.

This respirator also lets you use it in the dual airline mode, where the air is supplied to both sides of the facepiece. This allows for balanced and comfortable respiration. Also, you can use this product with 3M 2200 or 2000 filters or 3M 6000 cartridges.

This product is available with back and front-mounted breathing tubes, allowing for greater flexibility in different applications. Also, you can use this device with low and high-pressure air systems. In order to switch from a supplied-air system to air purifying mode, you just need to disconnect the airline.

This face mask is ideal for a variety of applications including grinding, cleaning, chiseling, chipping, handling chemicals, sawing, painting, masonry, maintenance and manufacturing work, and construction work.

The breathing tubes provided with this respirator are easy to operate, and you can decontaminate it with a disinfectant after your work is done.

This device offers you protection against a wide number of pollutants and gases which include organic vapors, formaldehyde, chlorine gas, mercury vapor, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, methylamine, acid gas, ammonia, etc. In order to use the particulate filters, you just need to put your thumbs over the filter center and gently inhale.

Using the cartridges follows the same principle, except you need to use your palms instead of your thumbs and after you begin inhaling, the facepiece collapses a bit.


  • Offers superior visibility and balance
  • Lightweight and soft, head straps can be easily adjusted for safety and comfort
  • Comes with a storage bag that can be resealed
  • Drop-down feature and compatible with 3M air flow system


  • Does not come with a filter
  • The plastic tab might get flattened from pressure

2. 3M Large Half Facepiece Respirator 7503

3M Large Half Facepiece Respirator 7503The 3M 7000 respirator series has three types of gas masks based on size, and the 3M 7503 is the large variant. The chief requirement of a respirator is that it must create a seal around your nose and mouth, which is airtight. For this, the size of the respirator must be compatible with the size of your head. This mask can easily be adjusted as narrated in the user manual.

First, let us talk about the harness. This respirator has dual straps that hold it in place. One of the straps is connected to the plastic ring that sits on your head, while the other one is placed at the back of the neck.

The plastic ring effectively supports the weight of the cartridges and the respirator, distributing it over a wide area, which makes it comfortable and secure. Any type of misuse may lead to injury so you should read the instructions well, before you start wearing the mask.

The strap that goes behind the neck prevents the lower half of the respirator from leaning forward, and at the same time, it does not put much pressure on the neck. Many respirators hang from the ear, and this can make you extremely uncomfortable, especially during prolonged usage.

Hence, you can easily wear earmuffs with this respirator, and it also accommodates safety goggles. Tight sealing of the face masks and covering the face and the neck with all possible means are some of the aspects that keep the dirt and suspended particles from entering into our nose.

Also, when you buy the gas masks, you should check whether the mask is soft on the nostrils, which you essentially find in this product.

Next, we should discuss the seal. For a respirator to work properly, the seal needs to be perfect, and the 3M 7503 gives you just the perfection you need.

The seal area is protected by the respirator edges which fold over it. The easy flap does not inhibit air pressure but on the contrary, this can be worn to regulate air pressure and swiftness of air.

The area of the flap that sits on the skin is made with a special rubber that feels comfortable, so it does not cause any irritation during prolonged use. You can check how good this respirator is by plugging the exhaust and breathing normally.

We should talk about breathing experience while wearing this respirator. Without a filter, you can breathe through this device effortlessly. You feel even forget you’re wearing a gas mask, after some time.

More often than not, respirators cannot handle spare exhalations, because the filter cannot handle a large amount of air passing through it, so the respirator can lift off your face.

But this respirator solves this issue using the long flap that lies around the area of the seal. Of course, if you exhale sharply, the respirator will lift off your face, however, with this device, the seal holds for a longer period of time due to the straps provided.

So respirator remains in suspension in front of your face for some time. Soon the air manages to escape via the filter and the gas mask returns to its original position. This is an ideal mask for people who work in environments that release silicate dust and concrete particles also.

This respirator is built to adapt to different situations, which is why it receives such great reviews.

Furthermore, the exhaust valve of this device points downwards, so you don’t disturb the area in front of your face. This mask is manufactured as per government safety standards, and it reduces exposure to all major contaminants.


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Straps do not interfere with ear muffs
  • No toxic gas in the product and enhanced comfort and visibility features
  • Ideal for painting, welding and chemical industry


  • Takes a bit of assistance to wear the mask
  • Does not come with filters

3. Erb Full Face Respirator 6900

Erb Full Face Respirator 6900To declare this quality product from ERB as the best gas mask won’t be a stretch since it is one of the most comfortable models available. With this respirator, you don’t need separate eye gear as it covers your entire face. It has a large lens that allows for great visibility with its wide field of vision.

You can use it with vapor/gas cartridges, and particulate filters. It also finds use in a wide number of a number of applications including construction, agriculture, laboratory work, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, etc.

This lightweight gas mask will allow you to work without the device weighing your face down. With its adjustable head straps, it sits comfortably on your face and manages to stay airtight in tough conditions.

It is large enough to fit on the largest heads and provides optimum protection from pollutants. This is ideal for low-maintenance working zones, and especially if you have been working in a dust and dirt-ridden environment.

While many high-end respirator models have great features, they do not provide filters along with their devices, which means you have to splash some extra money to buy cartridges and filters.

The droplets and the particles that can affect one’s lungs and the entire respiratory system are stopped by the mask. You can keep the mask clean by keeping it inside a ziplock bag.

This respirator model has been approved by the Federal body NIOSH, hence it is completely safe to use, and you don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful substances while using this.

The facepiece is compatible with 3M filters 2071, 2078, 2076HF, 2097/07184, 2091/07000, 2096, 2296, 2291, 2297, 7093C/37173, 7093, 603, 5P71/07194, 5N11, 502, and 501. It also works with the 6000 series of 3M cartridges, specifically, 6002, 6001, 6003, 6005, 6004, 6009, 6006, 60922, 60921, 60924, 60923, 60926, 60925, 60925 and 60928.

Breathing in vapors, gases, and hazardous particles may lead to serious health complications. This full-face respirator from ERB reduces the exposure you face to all these harmful substances.

This product is designed for your comfort, and its silicone face seal is proof of that. It manages to keep the gas mask airtight, while also sitting comfortably on your skin.

But with this product, you can keep working for long hours without feeling like you should take the thing off. There are different sizes that you get for this gas mask, and the lens protector helps in enhanced visibility as you do not have to face difficulty while finding things.

The versatility of this respirator lies in the fact that you can use it two modes- supplied-air respirator and air purifying.

The air purifying mode runs the air through the filters, so you get to breathe relatively clean air. The supplied air respirator mode should be used when the air surrounding you is so polluted that it is impossible to filter it.


  • Relatively cheap and comes with filters
  • Durable seal that is easy on the skin
  • Easy to clean
  • There is less droplet and air condensation in the mouthpiece


  • Takes a bit of time to get used to the latches
  • Cartridge takes some effort to lock in

4. Diskin Full Face Military Spec Gas Mask

Diskin Full Face Military Spec Gas MaskThis gas mask is designed by an American patriot who served in the Israeli Defence Forces(IDF). He designed this mask in the USA itself and so you can expect to see the expertise of a soldier and an intelligence officer on this full-face respirator by DISKIN.

It comes is a free size that can fit just about any head size, with its long adjustable straps. The mask was made after following the types that were generally worn by Israeli warriors and also by Intelligence officers, so the defense outlook is intact there, and so is the methodology to use the mask.

This gas mask will protect you from toxic vapors and chemicals, so you can use it during a chemical disaster, an epidemic, or while spraying pesticides.

With its dual N95 filters it always keeps you safe against pollution and harmful chemicals. You can go for proper storage of this mask and also use and keep this mask dry from the droplets.

You can use this device with any 3M filter cartridges. While working in critical situations, you want your vision to be always clear, and this gas mask offers crystal clear vision for this purpose.

Additionally, this is one of the most durable gas masks around, and due to its shock-resistance capabilities, many people consider this to be the best gas mask.

You never know what challenges critical situations might bring, and for that, you need your gas mask to be sturdy so that the slightest impact would not shatter it.

There is better air circulation and also you can wear the mask to use it as a self-defense wear for riot-control gases. Have you ever tried talking with someone while you’re both wearing gas masks? It’s practically a shouting match.

So that you can rest your vocal cords, this product comes with a speaking diaphragm that allows your voice to come out clear and audible. What’s more, this also comes with a money-back guarantee. It is highly compatible with 40MM gas mask filters.

Individuals with larger heads will find this product ideal as it has 6 straps for different size adjustments, so you can comfortably wear this device no matter how large your head is.


  • Speech diaphragm provided so you can easily have a conversation with other people while wearing it
  • No fog accumulates on the facial lens
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Compatible with all 40 mm filters
  • The polycarbonate face shield is extremely hardy and durable


  • The facial lens is a bit prone to developing scratches on its surface

5. 3M 8293 Disposable Particulate Cup Respirator

3M 8293 Disposable Particulate Cup RespiratorThis product from 3M Personal Protective equipment belongs to the P100 respirator filter class. This means that this respirator is qualified to protect you from harmful particles and oily mist. With a filtration efficiency of 99.7%, this is one of the best respirators available in the market which is also NIOSH certified.

This gas mask remains effective even after multiple uses, and as long as it is kept in a dry condition, it should last you years. If you plan to use this gas mask for protection against some disease, then it is strongly recommended that you keep it dry.

This compact and lightweight respirator is for those who want superior filtration efficiency. This is an ideal mask that reduces any type of fogging and allows an ideal sealing and fitting also.

The filter media of this gas mask is charged electrostatically, which allows you to breathe through it easily. Moreover, the exhaustion valve uses Cool Flow technology, which doesn’t allow heat to accumulate inside the gas mask and keeps you from sweating profusely during prolonged usage. The filtering face piece respirator is an ideal one to breathe and the exhalation valve is also extremely useful.

Its straps are fully adjustable, and furthermore, it has a foam face seal, which means it is wearable for individuals with larger heads.It is especially effective against contaminants like cadmium, arsenic, MDA, and lead.

The valve keeps the wearer cool. This is also the factor that you take into consideration when you wear them during the conditions of extreme climatic conditions.

Apart from providing you with superior protection, this gas mask also accommodates other safety equipment such as safety glasses and earmuffs. There is also an adjustable nose clip present which not only improves the sealing and fitting but also prevents your eyewear from turning foggy.


  • Cool Flow technology keeps your face cool and prevents sweating
  • Can be used with a wide number of ear and eye protection devices
  • The seal is tight enough, yet provides great comfort
  • The foam face seal has adjustable straps and enhances comfortability and wearibility


  • Those with facial hair may face difficulties wearing this gas mask
  • You might have to make occasional readjustments to keep the mask sealed
  • There might be a problem in initial adjustment for people with big heads and face
  • Those who suffer from asthma might face a problem while wearing this mask for a long time

6. 3M 7501 Half Face Reusable Respirator

3M 7501 Half Face Reusable RespiratorThe 3M 7000 respirator series has three types of gas masks based on size, and the 3M 7503 is the small variant. This gas mask uses a silicone trip to provide you with greater comfort, rather than the rubber many gas masks are made of, which often emits a foul smell and can be pretty uncomfortable.

With this mask, since you will have proper air circulation, you can go around with. The exhaust outlet of this gas mask points downwards. This is a blessing because if you are habituated to wear safety glasses during work, then it does not allow fog to accumulate on it.

The straps sit comfortably on the top of your head, and you can easily wear earmuffs with these respirators. You can easily flip down the flaps and take off the mask when needed. The anti-bacterial filter doesn’t let any foul smell get in, and you don’t suffer from any smell as long as you allow the mask to dry for some time after using it.

The advanced silicone material helps not in creating any discomfiture for the wearer but n the contrary, helps in proper breathing. It allows for an overall idea when it comes to getting accustomed to wearing the right workplace mask.

This is certainly the best respirator under $50, and it provides great value for money. It also comes with a couple of particulate filters and a pair of cartridges that filter organic vapor.

The filters come with plastic holders and the cartridges come in a pack which is vacuum sealed for protection. You can easily store the mask and the filters with minimum maintenance and the mask and the filters are not susceptible to mold and fungus.

There are ports on either side of the mask body that resemble bayonets and the filters attach to these. You can use this mask kind all the 3M filters with bayonet configurations.

Breathing is made easy with this gas mask, due to the large-sized exhaust vent diaphragm. There are different color codes for the identification of the size, and you can buy accordingly.

The part of the respirator in contact with your face is made of silicone rubber, which does not irritate your skin, and at the same time, it effectively makes the device airtight.

The elastic straps can be adjusted to fit any head shape and size and it distributes the weight considerably well. For any kind of assistance, you can consult the onsite safety professionals and also the industrial hygiene expert.

The exhalation valve of this gas mask is fitted with Cool Flow technology, and You can use it with any 3M cartridges and filters belonging to series 6000, 5000, 2000, and 7093.

You can use this gas mask for applications like cleaning, chiseling, painting, masonry, sawing, sanding, chipping, and welding. Finally, this product meets all the safety standards issued by the US government. This respirator is NIOSH approved, and they have tested this product with the 3M series of supplied air systems, cartridges, and filters.


  • Free size with adjustable straps for perfect fit and comfort
  • Comes with two cartridge and two filters
  • Enhanced comfort and visibility
  • Made with superior silicone material


  • The filter attachment is a bit flimsy
  • The straps are a bit fragile

7. 3M Full Facepiece Respirator 6700

3M Full Facepiece Respirator 6700If you are working in a hazardous environment with chemical gases and dust, then this is the best gas mask for you. If you don’t want to face any problems during work, then this gas mask will be beneficial for you, as it will cover your entire face.

This lightweight reusable respirator offers great protection against fumes, dust, and mold, and is ideal for medical and industrial applications.

Many people have to wear these devices for long periods of time, and for them, comfort is essential. This well-balanced respirator has a face seal made of silicone that is durable and provides great comfort.

The exhaust valves are fitted with the Cool Flow technology, which keeps the interiors of the mask cool and reduces moisture accumulation that can turn the face glass foggy.

This respirator also has strategically-placed center adapters which direct the moisture and breath downwards, making it easy to wear this gas mask for a longer period of time. It is lightweight and extremely well-balanced. The lens is quite large to allow better visibility.

It is extremely easy to clean this device because it has a smooth surface, and you can clean it quickly using soap and water.

The manufacturers have considered optical distortion and have fitted the face glass with a correction limit so that you can turn your head left and right without your vision getting distorted. The filters do a wonderful work, as they block all particulates and chemicals from entering your nose and lungs.

The 3M 6700 is built for utility and comfort, and it satisfies ANSI Z87.1 – 2010 which means it can withstand impacts. The federal agency NIOSH, responsible for regulating protective equipment, has approved this device after testing it with supplied air systems, PAPR, filters, and cartridges to check if it offers protection against airborne contaminants.

So it is safe to do use for a number of applications including painting, masonry, sanding, casting, grinding, etc. Gas, acid and chemical industries procure a large number of these masks.


  • Superior durability and comfort
  • No chances of leakage due to efficient sealing
  • The broad field of vision makes it convenient to wear
  • The unique center adapter helps in exhaling and pushing the moisture downward


  • If you wear glasses, you may face some discomfort with this device
  • The size is not ideal for everyone
  • There can be a size problem and fitting problem in some cases

8. Honeywell North 7700

Honeywell North 7700Many users rate this high-quality face mask from Honeywell quite highly, because it is one of the most durable and comfortable gas masks available.

Comfort is a chief concern for any users and the soft silicone seal made of nonallergenic material provides superior comfort while effectively making the device airtight so that you’re always protected against vapors, particulate matters, and harmful gases.

This half-mask respirator has the cradle suspension system due to which the facepiece is able to lie on the face evenly without creating excess pressure. This quality makes it ideal for prolonged usage, due to which many customers consider this to be the best gas mask.

Since it is a half mask, you might night to use these with protective eye gear, and the gas mask’s low profile lets it accommodate such devices. This makes breathing easier and stops industrial workers from getting tired after wearing this gas mask for a long period of time.

The facepiece material is high-quality silicone, which adjusts to your facial features. Durability is one of the chief reasons why many people prefer this product, and it doesn’t get hard after a few years of usage, as is the case with many gas mask models.

The presence of the respirator helps in direct breathing and you can also clean the cartridge filters very easily. Also, it is easy to disassemble this device and clean it using soap and water. It is resistant to impact, which is common in heavy industries and emergency situations.

Your facial nerves have pressure points and if the parts of a gas mask press too hard on your face, you may experience discomfort and pain. But this gas mask has the cradle suspension system and sealing flange with contours which reduces discomfort and allows one to wear it for longer.

For this, the dead air space in this device has been made minimal, so you can always breathe in fresh and clean air. You can go for online stores and buy these masks.

The seal runs directly from cartridge to the facepiece, so you spend less time buying replacement parts and doing maintenance work on your gas mask.

For greater comfort, this device has more flexibility on the bridge of the nose, so you don’t bump your nose against the respirator surface, which may happen if you have a large nose. The best part is that, since the filtration works in high capacity mode, you will not find any dust or coarse grain coming through the filter and settling in your mouth.

Often, gas masks do not fit people, especially those who have particularly large heads. But this device has dual elastic head straps, which allows for custom fitting. The silicone material used in this mask is free from allergens, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick while wearing this mask.


  • Free from latex, so no chances of an allergic reaction
  • The device is tested for performance and approved by the federal regulatory body NIOSH
  • Built from medical grade silicone which makes the device extremely durable


  • Filters are not included with this device
  • Compatible with all kinds of accessories and filters

9. Muhubaih Full Face Large Respirator

Muhubaih Full Face Large RespiratorThis quality product from Mihubaih comes with its own set of filters and cartridges so you don’t have to spend extra money to buy them separately. It has a pair of rubber straps that are highly elastic and provides you with an optimum level of comfort.

You can work with this device while wearing helmets of protective eye gear at the same time. You get some of the filters along with this mask set, when you buy. This gas mask can block volatile vapor and is especially useful for those working in medical departments during a pandemic.

The product is designed for comfort and you won’t sweat a lot during prolonged usage, which is a blessing. The cartridges provided with this device are interchangeable, so the filter cotton and different cartridges can be interchanged based on the environment you’re working in.

The nose mask is close to the face and has a decent, tight-fitting, and it emits no fouls smell. Also, the elastic strap sits comfortably on top of your head, making it possible for individuals with large heads to use this device without any issues.

You can use this gas mask for a variety of purposes, including welding, painting, polishing, and for doing any industrial work. It has a size of 20cm * 23cm and comes with two 6001 carbon filters and filter covers. It also comes with side filter cartridges and cotton filters.

The best thing about this gas mask is that it a vast field of view so you can maintain clear vision while working in critical environments. Since the internal mask is easy to clean and maintain only with plain soap and water, you can use it all round the year.

The filters fit into the mask following the bayonet connection, but it takes some effort to replace the filters. In spite of being an affordable product, the mask is designed with a lot of care.

Its build quality is up to the mark, and it the manufacturers do not compromise on comfort and safety, in spite of being cheaper than some of the other products in the market. It has a fully reusable faceplate and a 4-point harness system.

The faceplate is made up of thermoplastic elastomer which makes it extremely flexible and resistant to shock at the same time.


  • The straps are easy to fasten and are highly adjustable
  • Offers better visibilityCompact and lightweight design


  • Puts a bit of pressure on the nose bridge
  • Takes some effort to seal in the filters

10. Aidier Cycling Mask

Aidier Cycling MaskThe anti-pollution cycling mask with an aluminium sheet from AIDIER has a universal size and it is compatible with all kinds of facial structures. This product is designed for comfort and it allows for enough space in front of your nose so that you can breathe comfortably without experiencing any discomfort.

Non-woven fabric material is used to make this mask, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear, and it also contains activated carbon, which prevents outside smells from entering the mask. It also protects you against dust and strong winds.

To ensure the mask does not fall off, it is fitted with an adjustable loop and hook, so it always sits comfortably on your face and fits snugly under a helmet.

The adjustable hook and loop makes the wearer easy to use the mask even if he or she is travelling or working in a factory.

Bikers are totally exposed to pollution while they are own the road, and wearing this mask will protect you from harmful gases released from automobile exhausts. Any particulates, pollen, and gases will not be allowed to enter the mask and you can safely cycle wearing this device.

You can use this mask for a number of different applications including cycling, skiing, biking, snowboarding, hiking, riding, etc.

The filter should last you about 30 days or so, but if you use this mask too frequently, the filter may turn black, and that should be the indication of you get a new one. You can shield yourself from gases, pollen, particulates and smells when you wear this mask.


  • Activated charcoal filter
  • Value for money
  • Good fitting and does not slip from the face


  • Slight smell of turpentine might be present
  • Might not fit those with large heads/faces

11. Prollipop Full Face Bio Gas Respirator

Prollipop Full Face Bio Gas RespiratorAmong all the types of gas masks available, full-face respirators are preferred by many due to the complete protection they provide. With such a device, you don’t have to buy separate eye gear, since it protects your entire face.

The full face biogas respirator from Prollipop stands out because it is extremely sturdy and resistant to impact.

For a device to be impact-resistant, it has to follow some strict standards and undergo several tests. This respirator adheres to all those standards and it is extremely useful in several industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, technology, pesticide control, construction, etc.

This product has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of the wearer, and its interiors are well-cushioned so that you don’t feel uncomfortable when you are wearing it for a long time. The exteriors of a gas mask come in contact with harmful materials and are constructed of tough materials that do not corrode.

Moreover, the silicone nose cup is another great feature that prevents you from hurting your nose in case you are travelling along a bumpy road, and it keeps your nose safe.

This device does not compromise with safety, as it is the primary requirement of a gas mask. The silicone face seal manages to achieve perfect airtightness while sitting comfortably on your skin. The silicone gaskets are bonded and built in the device, so you don’t have to worry about the gaskets getting loose and falling off.

With this device, you have a comfortable and secure fit, as the facepiece is designed in a way to fit all kinds of face shapes. Furthermore, this respirator has 5 straps that manage to wrap comfortably around your head.

This means you don’t have to readjust and shift the respirator during your work, which can be quite a bother. The respirator doesn’t shift and sits in its place firmly, which means you always get the protection you deserve.

This brand also uses the cool flow technology, which allows for more air circulation and prevents your face from getting sweaty. Your face remains cool and no fog accumulates on the lens.

This device offers you optimum protection against carbon dioxide, dust, gasoline, nitrobenzene, chloroform, anilines, chloropicrin, chlorine benzene, and other pollutants.

You can even use this in foggy weather without moisture accumulating on the surface of the facepiece. With its portable and lightweight design, you can carry it around anywhere.

This device finds use in a wide number of applications, including epidemic prevention, production, laboratory, mold remediation, protection against pesticides, metallurgy, mining, painting, and filtering toxic vapors.

The activated carbon filters ensure you are always kept safe no matter how hazardous the environment is, where you’re working. The company provides a money-back guarantee with this product, so you get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with its performance.

You can also use it while doing asbestos removal and you can just insert a thin ball of cotton to get the best security for inhibiting the dirt and asbestos particles.


  • Highly resistant to impact, enhanced protection
  • The straps can easily be adjusted
  • A versatile device that can be used for multiple industrial purposes
  • Cushioned areas that might be in touch with harmful materials


  • A bit expensive
  • Filters might not be included
  • Does not protect against excessively harmful virus or chemical weapons

12. Ultra Elite Msa Full Face Gas Mask

Ultra Elite Msa Full Face Gas MaskThe Ultra Elite CBRN gas mask is designed to protect your respiratory system from radiological, biological, nuclear, and chemical agents as those used by terrorists during an attack. The federal agency NIOSH has live-tested and approved this device for safety.

With its minimalistic design, it offers reliability and safety for law enforcement agencies and emergency workers responding to any accidents and threats. It is easy to use, and it is harmless on the skin and also does not lead to sweat deposition. The chlorobutyl rubber enhances the quality and the strength of the mask to a large extent.

This gas mask can also be used during situations like firefighting, controlling riots, removing asbestos, sanding, welding, space operations, counter-terrorism, and rescue missions. The facepiece is made up of silicone or Hycar rubber which makes it extremely durable to wear and tear.

This gas mask offers a wide field of vision and has a voice diaphragm that lets you communicate freely while you’re wearing the device. Hence, you can work with this device, without worrying about your vision turning foggy or distorted when you turn your head.

When you buy this product online, you are actually buying this from a reputed brand manufacturer.

It is easy to find spare parts for this device in the market and the product comes with simple instructions in regards to maintenance. The modular design allows it to be compatible with all the standard filters and cartridges, filtration systems, and supplied-air systems.

Moreover, the five-point harness provided with this device allows for greater adjustability. The bests thing about this respirator is the fact that it is extremely versatile, so much so that you can use it with 41 different accessories including cover lenses, spectacle kits, inner masks, and voice amplifiers.

The material of the visor is polyurethane, which bonds to the mask surface via an advanced resin. However, you just need to store, maintain, and disinfect the mask at required times. You can also use this mask during any civil unrest.

While talking about the product, we must discuss the voice amplifier system in detail. This system, known as ESP-II, attaches itself to the voice emitter of the gas mask. As a result, the user’s voice comes out amplified.

This is a great solution for people working in noisy environments where the wearer’s voice is muffled and the other person cannot hear them clearly. Some consumers and gas mask users have a query whether the masks can be used for nuclear radiation.

You can surely add a gas mask to your preparation if you live in one of the gas and nuclear-prone areas. This useful feature makes this gas mask ideal for industrial applications where heavy machinery is used.

What’s more, the voice amplifier system is resistant to water and runs on a couple of AAA batteries which lasts you more than 15 hours.


  • Advanced voice diaphragm for crystal clear speech
  • A flexible lens with a broad field of view
  • Threaded respirator connection for enhanced breathability
  • The mask comes at an affordable price for the users who can use all throughout the year


  • A bit expensive
  • It is hard to find a replacement for the lens

13. Avon Protection FM53 Gas Mask

Avon Protection FM53 Gas MaskMilitary and security personnel all over the world swear by the FM53, as it has both negative and positive pressure capabilities. This means it can work with hybrid, PAPR, SCBA, and APR systems.

You don’t need to change the components to reap the benefits of all these capabilities, as Avon Protection offers you this entire in one platform. However, when you buy this you do not get the valves along with it, as they must be bought.

This gas mask has been specially designed for use during critical situations where the wearer needs to respond swiftly to changing conditions. It is one of the finest military grade respirators that you get.

It accepts RD40 filters and it can be hooked into SCBA and PAPR systems. This gas mask protects them against toxic materials, bio-warfare agents, and harmful chemicals.

The visor consists of a single lens with a wide field of view, so the wearers are able to clearly observe their surroundings without any optical distortions. Many gas masks have a single fit that doesn’t suit all individuals, but this product comes with 4 different facepiece sizes, so you can choose one according to your face size.

The material used for making this mask is a silicone blend and chlorobutyl rubber which is sturdy and resistant to impact and at the same time being easy and comfortable on your skin.

There are no chances of foul smell from the interiors and it has a low profile design that makes it easier to work under any circumstance in any commercial or industrial area.

While wearing a gas mask, you might sometimes need to communicate with other individuals, which is not possible if your voice is muffled by the facepiece. This device has an integrated communication port that allows for radio communication and voice projection.

The Voice Processing Unit(VPU) allows you to easily communicate with others while wearing this device. It can be stored easily across all seasons, and you can also carry it in places where you go, apart from your workplace.

You can use this device with CBRN protective gear and helmets and NFPA suits. Its exhalation level with variable resistance lets you switch between negative and positive pressure. Also, it has a skull cap with six points for head harness, which lets the device sit comfortably on your head without slipping.

This device is also compatible with a voice projection unit. This lets you install a voice communication system with a built-in microphone for voice projection and radio communication purposes.

It can protect you against harmful agents such as Sarin, Soman, Mustard, and VX for over 36 hours. This mask also manages to reduce the amount of CO2 you re-breathe to a mere 0.8%, so you get the cleanest air possible to breathe.

The device has been approved by the federal regulatory body NIOSH for CBRN, riot agents, and ST53 SSCBA.


  • The visor is optically corrected for distortion-free vision
  • Made of silicone and chlorobutyl rubber for enhanced durability
  • Advanced communications port with the option to install a voice projection unit
  • It does not emit any foul smell
  • It is easy to wear and can be worn under any climatic conditions


  • A slight smell may be present
  • VPU is not provided with this device always

14. Mira Safety Cbrn Nbc CM-6M Gas Mask

Mira Safety Cbrn Nbc CM-6M Gas MaskBy utilizing a breathing apparatus and a gas filter, this high-quality gas mask protects your internal organs and your face from the adverse effects of CBRN agents and harmful chemicals.

This device provides you with optimum protection from radioactive dust, aerosol, vapor, and gas-based toxic materials.

This product has a long shelf life of 20 years, and for this reason, many people consider this to be the best gas mask. it is highly chemical-resistant and even if you wear it for long hours, it does not lead to any face, skin, or nose rashes, even there will be no sweat deposition.

The facepiece is constructed out of bromobutyl rubber which makes it extremely durable and resistant against toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents.

The device interiors consist of special hypoallergenic material which prevents the exhaled air from fogging up the visor. It also maintains the tightness while protecting you from harmful allergens.

Breathing through this gas mask is easy it does not allow much CO2 to accumulate inside the mask, which allows you to maintain a healthy rate of exhalation and inhalation.

Furthermore, this gas mask features a speech diaphragm, a useful device that lets your voice come out clearly while wearing this device. With its head harness made out of highly elastic rubber textile, and the five point harness allows for greater adjustability.

However, this gas mask is available only in one size, and for the mask to function properly, you need to make sure that you have a smooth face sans any facial hair. This is vital because too much facial hair can interfere with the sealing gasket, and some toxic materials might leak into the device, which can be disastrous.

Along with the mask you also get the required cartridges, water bottle canteen, and the installed drinking system that allows you to breathe properly and also helps to keep your lungs and diaphragm in proper condition.

The upper part of the facepiece has a rubber slip where you can insert safety glasses to be used while working with this mask.. In order to fit filters to the mask, you have to screw them to the inhalation chambers. It is easy to maintain a good vision with this gas mask since it has a panoramic visor that is optically corrected for your convenience.

If you are not using an inhalation chamber to fit in a filter, you can always sell it using a plug. In order to use this gas mask properly, you also need to make sure that breathing apparatus thread matches that of the inhalation chamber. This gas mask uses an Rd 40×1/7″ thread for the inhalation chamber.

Depending on the concentration and type of toxic agent you are being exposed to, you need to select suitable filters for the purpose. In the case of lower oxygen content, you must use a breathing apparatus in place of a filter.

You should store this device in a cool, dark place which is free from dust. The storage area should be well-ventilated with ambient temperature lying between 50 to 77 degrees.

One of the major advantages of buying this gas mask is that you can get 2 filters at a discounted rate. So you can save some money this way, rather than buying the filters separately.


  • Canteen and hydration system provided
  • Long shelf life of 20 years
  • Advanced speech diaphragm for crystal clear speech


  • Instructions provided with the product are not so good
  • Not possible to wear with facial hair

15. Mira Safety CM-2M Child Gas Mask

Mira Safety CM-2M Child Gas MaskDuring an emergency situation, you would want to protect your young ones first. But most of the gas masks in the market are designed for adults, and there are very few models actually designed for children.

The Mira Safety CM-2M is a full-face gas mask specially designed for children, to protect them from nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical agents.

This children’s gas mask is available in two sizes, the first one meant for 1.5 to 6 years old children, and the other is meant for bigger kids between 6 to 15 years of age. This device uses 40mm threaded filters approved by NATO, similar to the gas masks built for adults.

The CBRN defense helps your child to survive in odd, humid and gas-struck conditions. You can buy these masks as per different age groups for the children, one from 1.5 to 6 years and another from 6 to 15 years.

Most respirators and gas masks are manufactured for the purpose of cleaning up disasters and military purposes.

But these masks are specially designed with children in mind, and it has a backpack and hose system that reduces the bulk of the mask, and also allows a child to breathe smoothly without facing much resistance. This is especially the case if you want to save your child from biological aerosols and radioactive dusts and poisonous substances.

The anti-fogging film helps to create a high quality layer for visibility even after prolonged period of use. The material used for constructing this mask is sturdy PMK-S rubber used for making military-grade gas masks, so they always provide your children with the protection they need. This product is based on sophisticated gas mask designs from Russia, and it undergoes multiple safety and quality control tests.

You can use this device to protect your children in the event of a fire, gas leaks, natural disasters, industrial accidents, etc. Furthermore, the adjustable allows this device to fit small and slightly larger heads.

It has a 10 year shelf life due to high quality manufacturing and it is the same type that is used in military masks. To make sure your child is able to see clearly while wearing this device, an anti-fogging film is provided which prevents fog from accumulating on the interiors.


  • Made up of durable material that lasts for years
  • Is suitable for a child as young as 18 months
  • Protects your child from all kinds of CBRN contaminants


  • May take some time to adjust the fit
  • Filters are sold separately

16. Mira Safety CM-7M Military Gas Mask

Mira Safety CM-7M Military Gas MaskPolice, military, and civilian contractors all over the USA consider this device as the best gas mask because it provides them with reliable protection against chemical, nuclear, biological, and radiological agents. The individuals in charge of MIRA Safety have extensive training dealing with hazardous environments.

This mask is constructed using durable bromobutyl rubber, which can protect you against industrial chemicals, nerve agents, and radiation.It also provides optimum resistance against airborne viruses and biological contaminants, so you can use it for medical purposes as well.

What sets this gas mask apart from the other products in the market is that it is designed for your comfort, which is a rare quality in a full-face gas mask.

It is easy to put on the mask, and the adjustments can be done easily without taking the help of another person. In case of any gas emergency or if any worker gets stuck in a coal mine and in gas-prone areas, then this mask can be of paramount importance.

The interiors of the mask feature a hypoallergenic material that brings down the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled by you and has an advanced airflow regulation system that prevents fog from building up on the visor, allowing you to see clearly.

You can use the hose and backpack system if you travel somewhere and include the mask as part of your carrying package. For filter attachment, you have to use the inhalation chambers which are located near the lower jaw.

You can use NATO-compatible filters with this device and use an Rd 40×1/7″ thread with the inhalation chambers. Another great feature of this gas mask is the speech diaphragm through which your voice comes out amplified, so you can easily carry out a conversation with another person while wearing it.

Cutting-edge filter technology helps in using the mask to the most compatible and these are designed for the best forms of child-friendly performance. Moreover, this product also comes with a bottle from which you can drink in a hazardous environment, without taking off the mask.

It has a dual-lens configuration which improves depth perception. It has a long shelf life of 20 years, given you take good care of it and store it in a cool, dark place protected from dust. It comes in three different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about getting a mask that doesn’t fit you.


  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Military-grade mask that lasts up to 20 years
  • Allows for fog-free easy breathing
  • Emergency situations and accident management system
  • It saves from industrial accidents


  • Does not come with a storage bag
  • Parts for lens and outserts are not available

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Gas Mask

Browsing through a list of products is not sufficient when you’re planning to buy a gas mask for protection. These devices can make the difference between life and death, so you should choose them with utmost care.

For this, there are a number of factors you should consider before buying a product. Some of the buying factors for gas masks are as follows.

1. Durability

A gas mask is a long-term investment and you want to buy a product that can stand the test of time. You will only need to use a gas mask in extreme situations so your device needs to be durable so it can come out of the fire unscathed and ready for another round.

You really want to avoid those products that you can use just one time and then have to throw it away.

While considering the sturdiness of a gas mask, the main thing you need to pay attention to is the materials that are used for making it.

All the high-end military-grade gas masks are made of silicone and butyl rubber. The main structure uses such material for durability and protection against harmful materials.

2. Comfort

It is likely that in an emergency situation, you’ll need to wear a gas mask for long hours. This is because the hazardous substances that gas mask protects you from don’t go away on their own.

Because you need to wear a gas mask for an extended period of time, you want to buy a device that feels comfortable. You should also see that the mask outlet should be managed carefully as the carbon dioxide that you breathe out should go out from that outlet.

While on the lookout for the best gas mask, there are a few features you should consider in regards to comfort. The first one among these features is the nose cup of the gas mask.

This area protects your nose and your mouth, and if the gas ask doesn’t fit you properly, it’ll often press against your nose and cheeks with too much pressure which can get really uncomfortable.

The straps are another feature to consider for comfort. These straps are used to fasten the mask tightly to your head and you should always make sure the straps are fastened tight enough for the mask to offer you enough protection.

You should buy a product that has adjustable straps so you can trydifferent settings in order to find the perfect fit for you.

3. Filtration System

All gas masks come with respirators, but what type of respirator you choose depends on the purpose for which you’re using the device. The affordable among the respirator types is the air-purifying system. These gas masks create an air-tight system using filter canisters that filter the bad air outside..

This system is reliable, but your safety depends on the seal between your face and the gas mask. A good seal will stop outside contaminants from entering your system, but if by chance, the seal is breached, the toxins will enter your mouth and your respiratory system. So in case of a leakage, this system is of no use.

Another type of filtration system is the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus system. These are more reliable and effective that the air-purifying type, but also more expensive.

The filtration needs to be stronger when you deal with radioactive particles. You can avoid any adverse effect on health if you have the right filtration system.

This system not only filters the air but has a separate oxygen tank from which you can breathe fresh air. However, using this system means you always have to carry an oxygen tank with you, which makes it inconvenient for general purposes. This system is used only when there is a dire need of it, and the environment is too toxic to take any risks.

4. Rating

Government agencies set rating systems to make sure that the makers maintain certain standards when it comes to gas masks.

The most common rating is the one given by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, also known as NIOSHthat sets the standards for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents, and other hazardous substances.

The NIOSH rating is applied to both the filter and the mask. If you are not wearing a NIOSH-approved gas mask and you meet with an accident, you may not be able to get insurance coverage.

Another rating you’ll find for gas masks is the NATO rating, which means that the specifications for the filters are issued by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO).

5. Visibility

When it comes to emergency situations, a broad field of vision is highly appreciated because you need to be wary of your surroundings. This holds true especially for those working as firefighters or in law enforcement, or those who are part of the military.

This becomes essentially important in cases where you might be driving through a foggy area, or you are in a gas-prone or an accident-prone area.

To achieve the best visual clarity and to make sure there are little or no obstructions to your vision, you should go for a gas mask with a singular lens. Some gas masks are goggle-type, and they provide you with the freedom you need to adequately survey the outside world.

A good quality gas mask should not obstruct your peripheral vision by more than one inch. Additionally, you should buy a gas mask where the visor is made up of heat-resistant material.

6. Communication And Hydration

While you’re in the market for gas masks, you would want to buy a mode that will let you communicate freely with others, and also allow you to stay hydrated. Some gas masks do not even consider these features, as they are thought to be secondary.

But in case you have to wear your mask for a long period of time, you will feel thirsty, and for this reason, a gas mask that allows you to drink in a hazardous environment is a real plus.

Some gas masks have a drinking tube through which you can hydrate yourself without taking off your mask. While you speak, even if there are particles or droplets released into the air, a high quality mask always stops that from spreading.

This can be an extremely important feature depending on what purpose you intend to use the gas mask for. Voice amplifiers let your voice come out clear and loud and are useful in situations where communication is the key to survival.

Working Principle Of Gas Mask Filters

Because a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA) requires you to carry an oxygen tank around, most gas masks you will find in the market will have a filter that is used to purify the air surrounding you, so you always breathe clean air. But have you wondered how the filter eliminates hazardous chemicals and bacteria found in the air?

Gas masks usually use one of three techniques in order to achieve this. The foremost and simplest technique is known as particle filtration.

You can create a simple particulate filter yourself by holding a handkerchief or a cloth to cover your mouth, protecting it against dust.

In the event of a biological threat, your gas mask should have a fine particulate filter. The airborne viruses that are present in the atmosphere during a biological threat are often extremely small in size, say about one micron.

Particulate filters are able to filter out tiny particles up to 0.3 microns. Particulate filters must be replaced after heavy use since they get clogged, and it is difficult to breathe through a clogged filter.

In case of clogging, you need to clear the filters fast to allow effective breathing solution. In addition, you can check out the types of mask availability and then if they can be equipped with adjustable filters.

In the event of a chemical threat, these type of filters cannot protect you, because chemicals are often in the form ofvapors and mists which cannot be filtered by particulate filters. So in order to filter out chemical substances such as nerve toxin and paint fumes, you need to make use of a filter that has activated charcoal.

Charcoal is nothing but carbon, and activated charcoal is created by treating the charcoal with oxygen to open up numerous little pores in between the atoms of carbon.

Activated charcoal is highly porous, due to the advanced manufacturing techniques, and these are used to adsorb liquids and gases. The surface of activated charcoal has many bonding sites that attract certain chemicals and trap them.

You can use an activated charcoal filter to protect yourself against impurities based on carbon and other chemicals such as chlorine. Activated charcoal filters only manage to filter out the substances that are attracted to carbon.

Some chemicals are allowed to pass through while others are attached to the surface of the activated carbon. You need to replace this filter once all the bonding sites are full and the filter stops working.

It is possible to treat the activated charcoal filter with certain chemicals that allows it to adsorb a specific toxic material. The third and final technique used by gas masks to filter impurities is the chemical reaction technique.

Sometimes you are exposed to specific chemicals that need special filters designed to protect you against that chemical. For example, sodium thiosulfate can be used to protect against chlorine, and hexamethylenetetramine can be used to remove phosgene.

There are industrial respirators available, which offer you filters designed to protect you against specific chemicals.

Types Of Gas Masks

In terms of how much area the gas mask covers, there are two types, namely half-mask and full-face gas masks. Half masks cover only the mouth and the nose. But in an extremely toxic environment, your eyes need protection as well as they are quite sensitive.

For this reason, you might need full-face respirators that protect your lungs as well as your eyes, providing you with clear vision at the same time. In terms of technique, however, there are roughly three types of gas masks.

1. Air-Purifying Type

This type of respirator is preferred by many because they are simple and inexpensive. They have filters that don’t allow certain small particles to enter, thus giving you clean air to breathe. The problem with this type of gas mask is that in case of a leak, the device becomes totally ineffective. This leak might be created due to poor fitting, or due to a crack on the surface of the mask.

2. Supplied-Air Type

This type of gas masks use the same type of filter used by the air-purifying types, the filter is not placed on the mask directly, but is attached to a canister that is battery-operated. The canister has a fan that forces the outside air to pass through the filter and supplies the clean air to the mask via a hose.

Thus, the incoming air has positive pressure, and in the event of a leak, the clean air escapes from the canister, and the contaminated air outside does not get inside the mask. But the disadvantage of this system is that it runs on batteries, and if they die, you are in big trouble.

Also, air flows constantly through the filter, so it gets clogged quickly. The rating and the variation depends on the type of contamination and gas disorder that the mask can stop.

3. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

This makes use of an oxygen tank to which the respirator is connected. While using this device, you breathe the air directly from the tank. This is useful in a situation where the environment contains an unknown number of harmful gases.

However, the oxygen tank only contains about 30-60 minutes of breathable air. The types can be used by fire fighters and also people who work with asbestos.

Moreover, the tanks are heavy and not possible to carry around for too long. The tanks need to refilled using a special technique, and it is quite expensive to maintain this entire system.

FAQs on Gas Masks

1. Do Gas Masks Filter Viruses?

N95 filters in the USA are able to filter 95% of airborne particulate matters and are also useful in filtering out viruses and bacteria. If you are looking to buy a gas mask to protect yourself against a virus, you should buy one with an N95 filter.

2. How Long Does A Gas Mask Filter Last?

In the event of a nuclear hazard, a combined gas mask filter will last you for approximately 8 hours. Filters designed to keep our specific chemicals can last for up to 20 hours.

3. Can You Smell Through A Gas Mask?

If your gas mask is properly sealed and has no cracks, you shouldn’t be able to smell anything from the outside due to the filters. You can only smell the interiors of the mask, which often has a typical odor of rubber. It is suggested to check whether you are allergic to any material. Cotton is good and safe, but polyurethane, plastic, rubber all have their own advantages.

4. Can A Gas Mask Protect You From Radiation?

Wearing a gas mask alone cannot protect you from the harmful effects of radiation and for this purpose, you have to wear additional protective gear.

However, it can stop you from breathing in the harmful particles produced by radiation. Ultra-super and serious forms of radiation, however can take a toll on your breathing system and lungs and so you need to buy specific masks in this case.

Protect Yourself From Harmful Substances By Getting A Gas Mask

Gas masks are your first line of defense against harmful chemicals, gases, and viruses in the atmosphere. After going through the above buying guide, you know about the different gas mask models that are available in the market and what purposes they are best used for. You need to carefully consider the features of each product before buying one for your protection.