Best Emergency Blankets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Go Time Gear Life 2. Swiss Safe Mylar 3. Primacare HB-10
Go Time Gear Life Bivy Best Emergency Blanket Swiss Safe Mylar Thermal Blankets Primacare HB-10

Ever wondered what you would do if you got stuck in emergencies such as bad weather or hiking or on a road trip gone bad? You can prepare for life’s unexpected events by owning a much-required survival gear.

The best emergency blanket would protect you from harsh weather conditions. It can easily be used as a blanket, sleeping bag, shelter tent, emergency signaling, ground trail marking, waterproof barrier,or a backpack or rucksack cover.


We’ve curated a list of the best emergency blankets available in the market. Waste no time in getting one for yourself, even more so because of the times we currently live in.

Go ahead and get your emergency blanket, before stepping out on your new adventure!

Top 9 Best Emergency Blankets 2021

1. Go Time Gear Life Bivy Sleeping Bag

Go Time Gear Life Bivy Best Emergency BlanketThis survival pack by Go Time Gear is built for survival featuring a small, lightweight build with highly robust materials. Detach it from the box and easily use it as an inexpensive emergency shelter tent or even a sleeping bag.

The emergency sleeping bag is the only product that includes the brand’s patent-pending Para-Synch technology, paracord drawstring utility rope. The rope is made of a 550lb nylon core and can be used to tie down the bag or even repair gear. Also, the inner strands can be used as a fire starter.

With a reliable range of 120-decibels, the survival whistle connected to the end of the drawstring can help you call for assistance when you are trapped and out of reach. The whistle slices through wind and trees and can alert rescuers up to a mile away.

Furthermore, the emergency sleeping bag’s reflective interior saves you from the risk of developing hypothermia and holds you warm by transferring 90% of your body heat back to you.

The product is ultralight and weighs only 4.1oz, and comes wrapped inside a lightweight stuff sack, which makes it portable. Since it’s easy to store and transport, you can easily pack it in your backpack or glove box for easy access.

The emergency bag is waterproof as well as windproof. It can withstand any condition that mother nature throws your way, as it is constructed with a 26μm extra-thick mylar material layer. Mylar is tear and puncture-resistant, making it an ideal choice for your camping rendezvous.

Rough weather is no match for the Go Time Gear Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag, whether it’s a thunderstorm or unrelenting snow. It is designed to protect you against the harsh weather conditions while keeping you warm and dry at the same time.

More than its product features, the brand is known for its exceptional customer service, which enhances the buying experience and makes it wholesome.

All in all, the Life Bivy blanket is a durable, pocket-friendly investment and the best emergency blanket that could help save your life.


2. Swiss Safe Mylar Thermal Blankets

Swiss Safe Mylar Thermal BlanketsThe Swiss safe emergency mylar thermal blankets come in a variety of colors, all equipped with increased visibility range. The product covers all the essential features and guarantees you a safe adventure.

The blankets are designed with 12μm military-grade, aluminized, NASA approved polyethylene mylar. Like all standard features of mylar, this product also retains and reflects up to 90% of your body heat.

Mylar is an ideal choice of material since it’s equipped to protect users from hypothermia and shock during emergencies. However, mylar blankets fail to top the list on comfort levels.

Another advantage is its lightweight feature. Each blanket weighs 2oz, hence, it is easy to move and store them during emergencies. They are impermeable to wind and water, and can be used for any weather conditions. When completely opened, it measures a full 82” in length and 52” in width, ideal for tall and short users alike.

Additional features include a gold-colored space blanket is included as a bonus. The sheets are individually packed to provide ease of use. The product can easily be used as an emergency shelter, backpack cover, water collector, sleeping bag liner, trail marker, and a ground cover.

It is incredibly durable and reliable; however, at only 12μm thickness, it can rip off under very high pressure. This does not take away from the fact that this blanket is wind, water, and moisture resistant and can withstand up to 5,500°F burn temperature, making it ideal for harsh weather conditions.

The brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee, making your purchase risk free.

If you’re looking for emergency blankets that offer high-end features at a reasonable price, then the emergency mylar thermal blankets by Swiss Safe will be the best choice for you.


3. Primacare HB-10

Primacare HB-10The HB-10 package from Primacare features ten high-quality mylar foil blankets that will protect you through specific nature emergencies. Each sheet is 52” long and 84” wide, making it large enough to be used as an ideal protection cover.

The blankets mainly consist of a durable mylar insert for insulation and a foil cover that can absorb and transmit heat, depending on the type of use and condition. They are designed to keep out wind and water and are hence, incredibly resilient to harsh weather conditions.

In addition to being insulative, the Primacare HB-10 blanket can be used as an emergency signal over long distances due to its reflective nature. Since it can deflect heat during the daytime, it is also an excellent option for a shelter tent.

Each blanket weighs just 0.75lbs. Hence, it is exceptionally lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around without adding extra bulk to your trunk, rucksack, or any other storage place.

If we brush aside the downside that they provide minimal protection throughout the winter weather, the mylar blanket by Primacare HB-10 is one of the world’s most preferred backpacker options.

This blanket keeps your body temperature warm by holding up to 90% of your body heat.

The brand is highly credited for the reliability, protection, and warmth it’s blankets offer. They are also suitable for use by kids aged six years and older.

If you’re looking for an efficient survival blanket that is budget-friendly and can be purchased in packs, then the Primacare HB-10 is an ideal choice. This blanket will enable you to make the most of your journey without a shred of regret.


4. Arcturus Survival Blanket

Arcturus Survival BlanketAs the name suggests, this is a product that can withstand extreme weather conditions with ease. Well, the Arcturus Survival Blanket does just that. The Arcturus’ emergency blanket is incredibly durable and is a must-have product for climbers, campers and adventurers alike.

This lightweight blanket is structured with two layers of polypropylene, doubled with an inside lining of a reflective sheet of mylar, making it durable and easier to use more than once.

While this product is a heavy-duty survival blanket, it weighs less than a pound and comes with its storage bag and, thus, is a lightweight addition to your rucksack. When completely installed, it is measured at 60” x 82”.

The mylar side of the blanket can reflect up to 90% heat and can be used as a signal for help during emergencies. The other side is made of a durable polypropylene material that allows you to use the blanket as a shelter tent or ground tarp while camping, boating, or hunting.

Additionally, the blanket is waterproof and weatherproof, enabling it to be adaptive to all weather conditions. Moreover, the thermal barrier blocks infrared signature.

All four corners of this blanket have reinforced grommets that can be used to tie the blanket to the ground, for heat deflection; or strung up as an overhead shelter to build a waterproof barrier.

The downside is that the blanket is small in size when compared to other options in the market, and the corners particularly, can tear off under extra force, due to the grommets.

Even so, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty survival blanket that comes with a sleek and stylish design in addition to being durable, the heavy-duty survival blanket by Arcturus is just the choice for you.


5. S.O.L Survive Outdoors Blanket

S.O.L Survive Outdoors BlanketThe blankets designed by S.O.L survive outdoors are amongst the best choices available in the market. It is considered to be the most advanced and innovative blanket manufactured, specially built never to disappoint you while you have your life counting on it.

The product weighs just 2.5oz and is sized at 54” x 84” when deployed. Its lightweight and compact nature allows you to efficiently utilize it during emergencies as they’re easy to carry and store.

The blanket is structured with vacuum-metalized polyethylene heat sheets, which is considerably more robust than mylar. It can easily be unfolded, and unlike a mylar fabric cover, won’t shred easily even if it’s punctured or nicked. However, if that does occur, the blanket can be easily repaired.

The blanket is resistant to crinkling and rumpling even during strong winds and doesn’t make rustling noises while protecting you from extreme weather conditions.

The blanket is wind and waterproof and capable of reflecting up to 90% body heat back to you. Its orange-colored exterior allows rescuers to spot you from afar.

The outstanding aspect of an S.O.L blanket is its durability. Most survival blankets can either be used once in the event of a major storm or are fragile and delicate in nature. However, the blankets by S.O.L are thick layered, sturdy, and resistant to wear and tear.

This blanket is incredibly budget-friendly and can fit up to two individuals. Also, essential survival tips and techniques are printed on the blankets for easy access to information that might save you from an emergency.

If you’re looking for an ultra-light, multifunction protection tool that can also serve as a ground cover, shelter tent, first aid blanket, and more, then the survival blanket by S.O.L is an ideal option.


6. Anmeilu Survival Blanket

Anmeilu Survival BlanketWhether you’re out camping, hiking, or fishing, the ANMEILU emergency survival blanket provides excellent warmth and protection under all weather conditions.

Each package consists of 4 reusable blanket sets, which all feature a limitless survival application design. Coming at an affordable price, the blanket is ideal for cold and hot weather conditions alike.

Moreover, the blankets are ultralight in nature, and due to their compact foldable size, they can be easily stored in your rucksack, first aid kit, or even with your camping equipment.

The high-quality blanket is dual-sided and structured with advanced aluminized mylar foil, which helps to reflect up to 90% of body heat to protect you from developing hypothermia and shock.

In addition to being reflective, the blanket also deflects heat from the sun whenever necessary. Furthermore, it has been built to keep out wind, moisture, and water and hence keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Since the blankets are reusable and made with a non-toxic fabric, they can safely be used repeatedly without the risk of quick wear and tear. Also, each sheet comes with its own Ziplock bag, which can be used over and over again, a guaranteed secure storage.

Due to their limitless application feature, the blanket is multifunctional, each blanket can be used as an emergency shelter tent, shade, rain barrier, water collector, emergency signal, fishing lure, sleeping bag liner, and more.

The mylar foil, however, can prove to be a noisy material, and the blanket may fail to provide the coverage required for a tall person. Even so, the thermal blankets by ANMEILU are durable, reliable, and a value for money purchase.


7. Titan Survival Blankets

Titan Survival BlanketsThe emergency survival blankets manufactured by Titan Survival are extremely popular amongst campers, hikers, and even regular travel enthusiasts who want a reliable thermal blanket on their hands for any “just in case” situations.

These blankets were initially designed for space exploration, hence are of superior quality. Therefore, the advanced dual-sided survival blanket is an ideal choice for emergencies and indeed the best survival blanket available.

Featuring their patent-pending woodland camo design on one side and the classic silver mylar with increased reflectivity on the other side, these emergency thermal blankets are reliable, lightweight, and designed to block rain, wind, and moisture.

The mylar lining can reflect up to 90% of your body heat back to you, which is excellent for preventing hypothermia or shock when stranded in winter weather or dealing with cold rain.

The blanket comes in four colors, woodland camo and olive drab can be used for camouflage purposes; while the safety-orange color and the fluorescent pink designs are essential in emergency situations, since these colors have a higher visibility range and can thus alert rescuers.

The blanket’s versatile nature permits you, the user, to use them for various purposes ranging from signaling, providing shade, or even helping with insulation to keep you warm and dry. These features are essential in keeping you safe.

However, these blankets are extremely thin and can tear off easily and are a bit smaller in size.

Even so, the Titan blanket is an ideal choice for backpackers, mountaineers, and fishers as well. It is budget-friendly and comes in a package of 5 blankets which are each individually folded and sealed for ease of storage and portability.

Lastly, Titan is a high-quality, veteran-owned brand, and its products come with a lifetime guarantee, thus enriching the buying and user experience.


8. Don’t Die In The Woods Blankets

Don’t Die In The Woods BlanketsUndoubtedly, one of the strongest and most durable, the Don’t Die in the Woods emergency blanket is an ideal buy for all your adventures. Featuring modern packaging and a unique design, this blanket looks more enticing than the average mylar blanket.

Manufactured to be used by hikers, gear preppers, and even the occasional travelers, these blankets are equipped to absorb and reflect up to 90% of your body heat, which helps to prevent hypothermia and other illnesses caused by extreme weather conditions.

Featuring a NASA approved design, the blanket is waterproof, windproof as well as light reflective, allowing you to survive with ease during rainy, windy, or snowy weather conditions.

Each package comes with four extra large blankets, all of which are dual-sided, which is a must for survival scenarios. Also, each blanket comes with its own nylon storage bag, making it easier to store and transport them.

Weighing around 2.2oz each, not only are these blankets durable against harsh conditions, they are also compact and ultralight. Being a perfect combination of portable and reliable, these blankets can easily fit in your backpacks and keep you safe during your adventure.

Lastly, the unique selling point of these blankets is the fact that they’re 23% larger in size than the standard survival blankets available in the market. Sized at 84” x 60” when completely deployed, they not only offer full coverage but can also double up as a shelter tent or a sleeping bag with the help of duct tape and some paracord.

Thus, the blankets by Don’t Die in the Woods are made from high-quality materials and can be used repeatedly with ease. If you’re looking for a product that is cost-efficient and will protect you during the worst of weather, then this is the right blanket for you.


9. Rescue Guard Emergency Blanket

Rescue Guard Emergency BlanketKeeping your safety in mind, the thermal blanket designed by Rescue Guard offers all the essential features expected of a survival blanket at a budget-friendly price.

The blanket is made with a dual-sided aluminized mylar layer, which helps retain your body heat and keeps you warm and dry. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Since the blanket is waterproof and windproof, it keeps out rain, snow, wind, and moisture.

Featuring a military-grade 12μm foil polyethylene mylar, the blanket is ultralight, weighing just 2oz. Sized at 52” x 82”, the blanket is large enough to provide coverage to a medium-height person.

The blanket is reflective and comes in silver color. It makes you visible to rescuers from a wide visibility range, thus proving to be essential in crisis or emergency situations.

Thus, this blanket will protect you from any unforeseeable elements of nature and will provide you with a warm night’s sleep.

With each package coming with 5 blankets, this is indeed a value for money purchase and is one of the best survival blankets.


Thus, emergency winter blankets are a popular and essential addition to your survival gear, whether you’re looking for some classic old school, heavy-duty designs that can deliver some amount of protection and warmth in survival situations, or the lighter, newer, multifunctional versions that work better as a versatile piece of emergency equipment.

Knowing what these blankets can and can’t do is vital to ensuring that you get the best equipment for your needs and safety. So take a look at factors listed below to help you decide which emergency is best for you, should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing An Best Emergency Blanket

1. Material

The majority of the survival blankets available in the market are made of mylar, which is indeed a great material but also has a few shortcomings.

Mylar does an excellent job of retaining and reflecting your body heat. Since it is a lightweight material, it also helps to ease storage and transport issues.

Mylar however, tends to fade and thin out with repeated use. It can also be torn easily under extra pressure. Since the best emergency blankets are made to be used under rough conditions, mylar isn’t highly suitable, but it comes at a low price.

Though other options such as nylon and polymesh are slightly more cumbersome and expensive, they can provide you with extra comfort, which Mylar fails to give.

2. Length

The standard size of a survival blanket you should be looking to purchase should measure at least 82″ to 84″ long by 52″ to 54″ wide. This is the ideal size required to cover individuals with an average build and a height of up to 6ft.

However, there are also a couple of extra large-sized blankets available that can comfortably fit two individuals if the need arises and can thus be a great buy as well.

The key is to be aware of the space you would eventually want your blanket to cover. It should ideally wrap you completely, while sparing a few inches for you to move around.

3. Weight

Since mylar is a lightweight material, blankets made with mylar weigh a maximum of 2.5oz, which allows you to carry as many blankets per convenience. Other types of blankets such as wool or fleece are comparatively heavier, but are more effective and efficient than mylar blankets.

Thus, the perfect choice would be to have both mylar and wool survival blankets at your disposal, for use based on the situation.

4. Durability

Most thermal blankets aren’t made to be reusable. With an average thickness of 12μm, they are prone to tear and rip off after a couple of uses.

If you’re an occasional traveler, then a mylar blanket would be the right choice for you. However, if you’re someone who always needs a survival blanket, then opt for a wool blanket that would last for decades, given the proper care.

Be it tiny or huge, any form of investment asks you to thoroughly analyse the pros and cons of the product. Buying something as essential as a survival blanket, you should opt for one that offers increased durability and longevity.

5. Grommets

If you’re looking to use your blanket as a shelter tent or a ground cover, then just any other blanket wouldn’t work. You would need to buy a product that comes with grommets in the corners that you can skate into the ground to build a secure standing structure.

6. Waterproof

The best emergency blanket should be waterproof because cold isn’t the only weather condition you’ll be tackling. 90% of the blankets available are waterproof; however, you might need to examine the product thoroughly to rule out its chances of being fake.

Mylar is an excellent and cheap material that guarantees protection from water.

7. Reflection Of Heat

The standard survival blankets retain and reflect up to 90% of your body heat back to you. However, if you intend to use the blanket in colder conditions, make sure to purchase one that reflects at least 95% heat.

8. Windproof

Since the primary problem, you’ll be hoping to cover with a blanket is the chances of developing hypothermia, which is why it is essential for blankets to be 100% windproof. In order to keep the user warm and dry, the blocking of wind is as crucial as retaining heat.

Make sure you opt for a windproof blanket to create an effective barrier against the cold winds.

9. Budget

While most of the blankets are extremely pocket-friendly, coming under $20 on average, make sure to look at their features before their prices.

If you’re looking to buy larger quantities at affordable prices, then check out brands that offer 6 to 10 sets in a single package.

However, if you intend to use the product under harsh weather conditions, then invest in a quality guaranteed survival blanket that would keep you safe at all times.

Thus, as the article suggests, there are one too many reasons why an emergency blanket is an excellent piece of equipment necessary for a survival kit that helps you prepare for a wide range of possible situations.

Whether you’re aiming to purchase heavy-duty options designed for emergencies or ultralight designs consisting of versatility and strength, there are several top-notch options available in the market to choose from.

Emergency Blankets Materials

The best survival blanket based on your needs should protect you from developing hypothermia cases, while being sufficiently lightweight.

All of the best emergency blankets work in different ways. So, before you make a decision about which blanket to invest in, read ahead to learn what you actually need to stay safe in the environment you’re looking to use the product.

1. Mylar Blankets

Also known as space, solar, or survival blankets, NASA is behind the original mylar blanket technology (and brands are quick enough to mention that fact).

In reality though, mylar blankets aren’t really “blankets” per se. Mylar is a material made out of vaporized aluminum, layered on a thin plastic sheet. The aluminum is reflective in nature, prevents heat loss due to radiation, and thus helps reflect 90% of your body heat back to you—it is also incredibly lightweight.

An important fact to know is that these blankets are handed out to athletes once they finish marathons. Why? Because once they stop running, their body heat takes a massive fall, and mylar helps to reflect the runner’s body heat quickly.

However, mylar blankets can’t be expected to provide all the warmth your body needs, so it’s usually paired with another material or an insulating layer, which gives the extra comfort required.

Some characteristics of mylar include its reflective nature. In addition to being reflective, and its ability to prevent heat loss by evaporation, due to being waterproof. In addition, mylar blankets are relatively cheap and durable, and impermeable to wind and rain.

2. Wool Blankets

Even though wool blankets are heavier, they can weigh up to 6 pounds and can’t be folded into a compact size, making it difficult to move and store them. However, they are a lot more useful and versatile than mylar blankets.

You can easily cut up a hole and use the blanket as a poncho or fold it and use it as a ground cover. Moreover, wool naturally repels water and keeps you dry in light rains, but a heavy rainfall would saturate the blanket, and drying a wool blanket is quite difficult.

The highlighting aspect of a wool blanket is its ability to insulate even while it’s wet. Even though a dry blanket would serve much better, a wet wool blanket would still offer you better protection than any other material when wet.

Wool is also flame retardant and highly wear and tear resistant. A wool blanket is extremely durable in nature and would protect you over a decade worth of adventures.

Even though a mylar blanket would block more wind, a wool blanket would help slow down the heat loss from convection.

However, wool blankets are difficult to maintain, take forever to dry, and can turn itchy after a couple of uses. Although, you can invest in a high quality wool blanket that would be void of all downsides.

3. Polar Fleece Blankets

Just like wool, polar fleece is another material that prevents heat loss by providing insulation. However, both fleece and wool have different characteristics. While wool is excellent for outdoor use, fleece is ideal for indoor use.

When compared to wool and mylar, fleece is soft and doesn’t irritate your skin as much. If you’re looking to buy a blanket for children, then fleece is an ideal choice of material.

Like mylar, fleece can be easily folded into a compact size and is lightweight in nature. However, fleece isn’t water repellant. It easily absorbs water and gets soaked quickly, which is why it isn’t ideal for outdoor purposes. Also, it gets punctured easily, and melts even from the tiniest spark of fire.

Lastly, due to its fluffiness, fleece isn’t windproof. Therefore, fleece is often making it more useful as an inner lining, rather than an outer one.

Therefore, before you buy a blanket, make sure you thoroughly study each material’s pros and cons. While the best option would be to purchase a dual-sided blanket, some situations would call for specific materials.


Although regular blankets can be seen in every traveler’s backpack, a majority of them fail to realize the significance of an emergency blanket. Due to the unforeseeable nature, it is essential that you travel with a survival blanket that would keep your body warm and dry.

When you’re stranded in a survival situation, the tools, and skills you’re equipped with mark the line between life and death. Finding some space in your backpack for a thermal blanket would save you from most of the troubles that unruly elements may bring your way to offer.

This survival tool is incredibly versatile and comes at an affordable price. Not to mention, it is ideal to be prepared for unlikely situations by keeping a survival bag in your car’s glove box or trunk and a few at your home as well.

Therefore, make safety your primary concern and to buy the best survival blanket based on your needs before planning your next adventure.

FAQs on Emergency Blankets

1. What Is An Emergency Blanket?

An emergency or survival blanket is made of a lightweight fabric designed to retain body heat to provide the user with warmth. The best emergency blanket should block wind, water, and moisture in order to provide protection and help you survive in situations of natural emergencies or disasters.

2. Are Emergency Blankets Reusable?

The reusability factor depends on the type of blanket you choose to buy. Blankets made with thin layers of mylar would wear off quickly and aren’t primarily designed for more than a single use.

However, specific heavy-duty blankets are made with other materials such as nylon or wool with a mylar lining to allow it to be used over and over again.

3. How Can I Find An Inexpensive Thermal Blanket?

Most mylar blankets come at affordable prices. If you’re looking to use it occasionally, then there are several options available just under $10 that offer multiple single use sets in a package.

4. Are Mylar Blankets Reliable?

Mylar blankets are extremely cost effective and lightweight. They are designed to retain up to 90% of your body heat and are also wind and waterproof, thus making them an ideal solution to use during harsh weather conditions.

Like standard materials, mylar wears off after constant use. However, it is a value for money material and covers all the essential factors required out of a survival blanket.